The Cruel Joke Known as the Budget Deal

They must think we’re stupid. The new budget deal presented by Paul Ryan is a joke. A serious, solemn, straight-faced joke. Obama likes it—mostly. Democrats like it—mostly. Republicans like it—mostly. You know who doesn’t like this budget deal at all? I don’t. When will our civil government realize that we don’t have any money? I know all sorts of Keynesians say that the civil government must operate in the opposite way as a household—that we should save while the government spends. But that’s stupid. And anyone with half a gumption and a partly functioning ganglial bundle would see that. You can’t spend what you ain’t got. Or you shouldn’t anyway.

So our civil government is currently stroking itself over $23 billion dollars cut from the budget over ten years. Let’s put that in perspective. That is 2.3 billion every year. The 2012 budget had 3.803 trillion dollars in outlays and 2.902 trillion in receipts for a deficit of almost a trillion dollars. Do you understand how miniscule 2.3 billion dollars is compared to that? Let’s put it in terms of your household spending.

Let’s say you make $50,000 a year. That will be your receipts. If you were the civil government, you would have spent all of that $50,000, plus an additional $15,523.78. Your wife comes in and says, “This is bad. We already owe a lot of money. So we need to cut our budget in some places.” You lock horns. You don’t want to cut back on beer and cigarettes. She wants to keep buying Pokemon cards. But after a huge ordeal, you finally come to some agreement, and with a grimace, you authorize a budget deal. You decide you are willing to cut… $39.63 from the budget for that year. In fact, you are willing to cut that amount every year for the next ten years. That’s a whopping $396.28 in total! With such drastic austerity measures, how will you survive?

I don’t know whether to laugh maniacally or ball my eyes out or gouge my skull with an ice pick. This is so ridiculous, it’s insulting. And this was approved by the so-called “fiscal conservative” we were so relieved to have as our Vice Presidential candidate. Sure, he made Romney look like the socialist he obviously is. But don’t you see? They are all foaming-at-the-mouth out of their minds. Not a single one of them deserves to be in a position of any authority. I wouldn’t trust them to babysit a corpse, much less run a government. Seriously, when are we going to wake up?

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  1. If only teabaggers would realize a government budget is NOTHING like a household budget for a number of reasons (we can print money, the world is lining up to buy our debt, there’s never a day of reckoning to name a few) we could pass a budget & move forward

  2. The entire District of Corruption have shamelessly sold America out. I’m certain all the crystal ball readers will now see our collapse as inevitable.

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        • EVERYBODY in town is sodomizing you teabaggers! 1st is was the American people, then Obama, then the GOP & NOW it’s teabaggers themselves! Half of House Republicans who identify themselves as teabaggers swung over to vote with the majority of their colleagues!! I suppose it’s tough to teabag when you’re hands are grabbing your ankles!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  3. So what do you propose – shut down the government again? Both sides gave a little and we keep the focus on the end game which is winning back the Senate and keeping the House. Let’s not give the D’s and the media any more fuel to dislike fiscal conservatives

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  5. It may not be what America needs right now under this Dictator, but at least Paul Ryan is getting off his butt, working long hours, and trying. Republicans and Democrats have got to work together, and get some numbers to agree on instead of shutting the Government down again. I am severely disabled and need my Social Security check, and medicare to pay for my $1000.00 a Month in meds to keep me alive for my family. Where’s Obama, taking funny pictures at a hero’s funeral and golfing in Hawaii for 2 weeks. Let’s give Mr. Ryan a chance, He’s a heck of a lot better than Hillary or McCain. This Country needs a ton of prayer. I still like Mr. Ryan’ s mathematical brain for 2016. Merry Christmas my friends.

  6. Ryan comes out in favor of amnesty. Now he’s telling us that this budget is a good deal. Yeah, a good deal for Housefrau Patti Murray.

  7. There will be no changes as long as they keep making promises to the new brain-dead majority. They will believe what they are told and take what is offered and will be grateful enough to give their vote in return.

  8. Everything Washington does anymore is a cruel joke!! The federal government can’t get over itself long enough to think about the rest of us. The blatant arrogance of the elites that think they have the right to take away our freedoms, make our decisions for us and dictate how we live our lives is ruining America and they don’t care!!!!

  9. We are awake! Now We just have to eradicate those who are controlling ALL of the politicians! Starting with George Soros, the puppetmaster! As the old saying goes; “cut off the head and the body will wither & DIE”!!!

  10. Vote them all out in 2014 and 2016! Make out own term limits. The corruption is caused by special interest groups in the form of lobbyists. This has to be stopped. What has to happen is 2/3 of the states form a convention and amend the Constitution. Three states have already signed up. Contact your reps to get involved in the convention. The Founding Fathers gave us a way out and this is it.

  11. $17.2 Trillion in debt with $126.9 Trillion of unfunded liabilities. The Federal Reserve monetizing the debt with $85 Billion per month / $1.02 Trillion per year. Nope, no problem here. GREAT fiscal condition.
    The Dollar will soon reside with the Roman Denarius in the dustbin of history and hundreds of years from now, schools will teach what a great nation America was until the government devalued the Dollar (1965 and 1971) and started giving to the lazy, worthless citizens more and more of what working citizens earned.
    We are well past the “tipping point”. Buy silver, gold, ammo – Lock and Load!

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