Cop Sentenced to Death for Shooting Pregnant Woman

A police officer came into a restaurant, started arguing with its owners, and eventually opened fire on them, shooting and killing a pregnant mother and her unborn child. The father, who sustained injuries from the attack, filed a report. The police officer was then found guilty of murder, and has been sentenced to death after paying damages to the victim from his own money.

Sounds strange doesn’t it? It seems like the police never face consequences for their actions, so why would this case be different? Well, this case is different in more ways than one. First, it’s from China, actually. And it is virtually unheard of in the States:

You know that in the United States [police are] found “not guilty” even when they’re caught on video beating innocent Americans to death.

You know they get away with it even when they’re caught on video Tasing handcuffed girls to death.

You know that in the United States, when victims are compensated with money for crimes committed by cops, it’s stolen from your paycheck — the taxpayer — not the cops individually. . . .

The officer, Hu Ping, killed the woman in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

He is paying 73,324 yuan to the victim’s family before he is extinguished in accordance with the decision of Chinese citizens.

If a cop did this in America, do you think he’d be punished for it?

That answer should be obvious. No, he wouldn’t be. Is it sad to anyone else that China—you know, Communist China—is acting like a more free country than the original land of the free? I knew already that we have a higher incarceration rate than China, but this story also indicates that China is doing a better job of holding police officers accountable for their injustices. Which is just really, soul-crushingly sad.

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