Climate Change “Experts” Kill Ming, the World’s Oldest Animal

In an attempt to ascertain the age of a really old clam named Ming, environmental scientists killed it in 2006. At that time, the climate change “experts” cracking it open thought it was 405 years old. More recent analysis indicates it was actually 507 years old on the day of its ill-fated run-in with nature-loving scientists.

So, that means that everything from carbon emissions to volcanic eruptions to climate change to the industrial revolution to unbridled capitalism left old Ming totally unfazed. But a crack-team of treehuggers killed him off in three seconds with one flick of a shucking knife. I wonder if they ate his ancient flesh for good measure.

In a baffling paragraph, ocean scientist Paul Butler, from the  same Bangor University that funded the clam’s execution, explained why Ming’s currently posited age of 507 is certain:

We got it wrong the first time and maybe we were a bit hasty publishing our findings back then. But we are absolutely certain that we’ve got the right age now. The nice thing about these shells is that they have distinct annual growth lines, so we can accurately date the shell material. That’s just the same as what archaeologists do when they use tree rings in dead wood to work out the dates of old buildings.

Huh? What do old buildings have to do with it? If the clam had growth-rings like a tree, you would just count the rings, right? Am I missing something? And I think what Butler meant was, “We were a bit hasty when we cracked open the world’s oldest animal and freaking killed it.” Maybe Ming should be renamed “Schrödinger’s Clam,” so he can serve as a lesson to future environmental “scientists.”

In other news, a team from Bungler, I mean Bangor, University will be visiting the Redwood Forest to ascertain the age of the Washington Monument by cutting down all the old-growth sequoias.

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  1. It sickens me what the “do-gooder environmentalists” do to try to prove a point, such as the “WEATHER IS GETTING HOTTER AND HOTTER. If even one tree in the sequoias is cut down, a great dis-service has been done to humanity and the environment. How does destroying living organisms (to include flora and trees) provide for the future to enjoy these items. Nuts is what I say.

    • Yep, and they’re causing all the climate mayhem and then trying to fix it, all the while making people look the other way (there’s nothing to see here). You’ve probably seen some of their work in a sky near you. See geoengineeringwatch dot org

      • You misunderstand. To create a problem, then have a ready fix is entrepreneurism at it’s finest. Create a problem that doesn’t exist, then create a solution to the non-existent problem that fixes something that wasn’t broken to begin with. Sheer genius.

          • If that is the best you have, Oh wonderful one, knock yourself out. You knew exactly what I meant in my post. I do realize it is my responsibility to “spell check” what I write, however it really is great to know that we have nitpicker word and grammar police, such as yourself, watching every word and move we make. You get a gold star and a KUDOs from me. With nothing to add to a conversation, other than “spell check”, you must be proud of yourself.

        • Christians were the 1st to figure that out when they invented the imaginary disease (sin) in order to sell an imaginary cure (salvation)!

          • Hi bobby, I was wondering just when you would show up. You don’t really want to over exert yourself. No body will be angry or put out in any way, if you go back to your room before your mom finds out. Oh, and don’t forget to take your meds.

          • Odd. They invented something to give away for free. And why would they all die for it if they knew it was a lie? You do not meet many people that make up a lie that are willing to die for it. Typically they make up a lie and want someone else to die for it. I can think of lots of examples like that.
            I cannot think of many that knowingly made up a lie and were willing to die for it. It’s actually a good test to see if they really believed it… take Joseph Smith for example, he was not willing to die for his religion, he fought back, shot back actually. But they still killed him anyway. Have you ever heard of a martyr that shot back?

          • Give it away for free??? HA! Who has more money then the church!!! Muslims are willing to die for what they believe in much more then Christians these days. Does that mean they are right too?

          • Oh, yes and Bob is not a sinner, he is the perfect man? Well then of course you do not need a savior. Jesus came to save sinners. So just go on thinking yourself above God.

          • Way to argue against your own beliefs….

            It is the anti-creationists who believe that something came from nothing. You believe in … magic. Yes, magic. Even the Big Bang, which suggests that there was some chemical reaction that led to the creation of everything, cannot explain where those chemicals originated. At some, point, there was either nothing that somehow, magically became something (Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat!), or there was only God, and He spoke everything else into existence.

            Yours suggest not only a magic trick, but a trick without a magician to perform it. That’s just…just…just…


          • Oh, so something has always existed, eh? With no origin, no architect, and no beginning or end?

            We Christians believe that as well. We call Him God.

          • We’re supposed to believe that there can be no God or anyone who created us; no, it all just happened, like the one about giving a bunch of monkeys typewriters and eventually one of them will happen to type the works of Shakespeare. In pig latin probably too. Sure.

          • Yes, those so-called enlightened evolutionists/Big Bangers all believe that everything magically sprang from nothingness. They hate the thought of God so much that they’ve convinced themselves that the impossible somehow occurred. They’re so delusional that they don’t even understand that it takes more faith to believe what they believe than to simply accept God’s account of how He did it.

            And they call us anti-science. What a bunch of maroons…

          • When considering the truth of a proposition, one is either engaged in an honest appraisal of the evidence and logical arguments, or one isn’t. Religion is one area of our lives where people imagine that some other standard of intellectual integrity applies.

          • Actually, religious thought does begin with the most honest appraisal of available evidence and logical assumptions based on that evidence. For instance, we see creation and recognize that it required a Creator to come into being. Your side simply takes it on faith that the origin of everything somehow magically occurred without a Prime Mover. You believe in magic without a magician. Wholly, irrationally illogical.

            You see, the main problem with your premise is that you view this as a science vs religion argument. It is not. Science and religion are not incompatible in most areas of life. It is only when science seeks to explain the impossible (the creation of all things from nothing, for example) that it runs into trouble. Your side has created its own religion, and one that doesn’t even have the good sense to explain that first moment when everything sprang into being. Talk about a lack of intellectual integrity.

          • Funny how many people who reject that imaginary cure end up on drugs, or divorced, or giving birth to unwanted children.

        • Yeah, now just show me the math and the equation that you are using to prove the earth is 4.5 billion years old, do not assume equilibrium, as you cannot prove it, and make sure you add in the gravitational effect on time, consider the viewpoint from both the center of the universe (God) and our point of view (earth) and show me how you worked out the stretching factor, etc., etc. and then I will consider that you might have some idea of what you are talking about.
          Oh, and be sure to explain how short lived Carbon isotopes are found in diamonds. While your at it, explain how with the gravitation effect on time and the stretching out of the universe, how the speed of light (distance over time) is constant when the distance or the time is constant. That one always bugs me.

          • One can NEVER underestimate how ignorant, misinformed and stupid people can be. Especially those that believe in things like gods.If the universe is less than 10,000 years old, then: all of geology and biology are wrong; the speed of light has been wrongly calculated, so Einsteinian physics is wrong;the distance and speed of other galaxies has been wrongly calculated, meaning that all of astronomy and therefore Newtonian physics are also wrong. to debunk the whole of science on the back of a story passed down by some Iron Age goat-herders is just self-delusion

          • With your great grasp of reality how is it that you learned how to use this magical metallic brain thingy that you are writing on? Where did you get these ideas, Fox news? Sponge Bob? Enlargement adds?
            You are a real hot tub of ignorance. Wowie, wow, wow. Everybody! Here an example of what too much alcohol in high school leads to.
            Do you know how they measure a tree’s age, well the ice cap’ s age is measured the same way. The deepest drill core cut through a million years of Earth’s history. Explain that against your example of a single map.
            As for 4,000 year one deserts, one in South America may be over a 1,000,000…
            You have a bad case of low head pressure. Google science subjects before you puke your swill of ignorance. I take it you aren’t a doctor or a CEO…

          • I
            have been developing software since I was 11 years old when I bought my first
            Commodare64 computer in 1983. I’ve been
            working full time as a software engineer since I turned 18-years old in 1991,
            getting my start writing LISP software for an engineering company. That is how I learned, how did you?

            regards to education, I have degrees Marine and Environment Biology, as well as
            Computer Science. I have completed well
            over 300+ hours of college credit. How
            about you?

            regards to holding a PhD or being a CEO, well no I didn’t continue in school to
            get a PhD, but I did consider it. Did
            you? I just did the math and decided
            that since I was already making $35K writing software when I started college and
            since I was making over $60K by the time I finished college, taking on a PhD
            and working in Biology making $25K to $35K a year, would be a major step back. I never entered the field after school, as I
            stuck with software. But in regards to
            being a CEO, I never called myself that.
            But I have owned a security company with 35+ employees, a marketing
            company with 12 employees, and a print shop with about 5 employees. So technically… but I tend to leave those
            titles to larger companies with more employees.

            regardless of my 300+ hours of college coursework in undergraduate and graduate
            studies, which you obviously have much more education and experience, you still
            didn’t answer any of my questions.

            the way, I have actual done dendrology studies and I have held cores in my hand
            studying microfossils. Needless to say, that were academic
            but none the less, I have done them. I have also gathered otoliths
            from Osteichthyes species, which is VERY similar to dendrology. Have you? Do you even understand what the rings are
            made from in regards to trees, drill cores, ice cores, otoliths, turtle shells,
            etc., etc. the rings are not annual, they are growth rings. The assumption is
            that the growth patterns are annual, when we know they are not. If they are annual, please explain the WWII
            airplanes being under thousands of layers of ice? If we date those based on your methods, you’d
            end up somewhere before the time of Christ. If you do not like that example,
            explain to me the drought in Texas and how that is going to affect growth
            rings? How many rings would you have in
            3-years if you have major spring rains followed by summer droughts followed by
            major fall rains and a mild winter with a major drought? We’ve had that going on in Texas for 3+ years

            posting was a baited question to get a response in regards to simple
            points that people like you cannot answer nor can you even propose a valid
            possibility of an answer.

            problem is simple that you think you are smarter than you really are. But I suspect that what you believe was
            taught to you by someone else and that you have not practical experience. If you do, then you are just so caught up in your
            bias that you cannot see it.

            you are so wise, just explain how to calculate the time for the universe to
            expand to its present state based on being at its center and being at its
            edge. The different is based on the
            gravitational forces, which in the beginning would have nearly brought time to
            a standstill. But on the edge, as the
            universe expanded, time would have begun to speed up. So do the math and give me the numbers. From the point of view of the center of the
            universe, how old is it? From the point
            of view of the edge of the universe, how old is it? I’ll give you a hint… they would not be the
            same. If a potassium-argon study is done
            on a rock sitting in a black-whole, the time is nearly stopped. How old is the
            rock? However, if a million years has
            passed outside of the black-whole, how old is the rock? If that is too hard,
            just explain to me how the equilibrium that was held before the Big Bang,
            stopped being in equilibrium? What

            how is it that you know how old the universe is? You cannot even do the simple math to
            understand the difference between two points of view. Your problem is that gravity is not a
            constant and you have made the mistake of assuming that it is. Most of your age calculations will use the
            speed of light as a constant, but if time and distance is not a constant, there
            goes your speed of light constant. So
            you cannot depend on the speed of light, gravity, or time. So what do you have? Just how sure are you of the age? If you
            cannot answer these questions but still believe you know the age, then you are
            just sold on that age by faith, not valid verifiable and testable science.

            The next thing you know,
            you are going to claim that the Cambrian Explosion was a real event that supports
            microevolutionary theory. How is it that
            you know there was a Cambrian Explosion again?

          • If what you say is true bring it on! Fame, fortune & a Nobel prize await a person like you (with 300+ hours of college credit) to prove ALL of science wrong!

        • Actually, I do believe the Earth has warmed, perhaps more than media can admit. It is not from CO2, though. CO2 is natural and is taken care of by trees and plankton (making oxygen). Pretty nifty system. Please see geoengineeringwatch dot org for what’s really happening. Spend at least 1/2 hour there, although you could spend months with all that info and videos.

    • Calif land of fruits and nuts or otherwise called the granola bowl. Just think of Pelosi and Feinstein, that is all you need to know….

    • Remember when the US Forest Service caused that massive fire in New Mexico a few years back because they attempted a “controlled burn” on a windy day? They justified it by proclaiming they “were experts, and you’re not!”

      • I agree with you about the windy day thing. Mistakes are made but how many major fires were prevented. Peer review would have been good there.

        • We have had more major fires because instead of controlled logging to create firebreaks in the forest areas, nothing is allowed to be cut or even cleared up (fallen trees etc.). So a fire breaks out and nothing is going to be able to stop it.

          • Very well said, but now these environmentalists won’t be doing that again. If it weren’t for environmentalists like Teddy Roosevelt there wouldn’t be any national parks to burn. Smokey the Bear was wrong… partly…

    • Even NOAA was involved in the bogus ‘hotter and hotter’ numbers. They had temperature sensing stations installed where blacktop parking lots got built which got parked full of cars on hot summer days. Gee, guess what, the temperatures went up there! One temperature sensing station was built a few feet away from the hot air exhaust of an air conditioning unit. One sensing station was put inside a box with a large light bulb creating heat and raising the temperature. These are just a few of the ways the government figures are BS.

    • 97% of climate scientist disagree with you about the changing planet. The typhoon in the Philippines is the worst in history as was Hurricane Sandy. Your “brilliant” right-wing-nuts like Texas Teddy, leader of one of the worst run and most polluted states Is in the very pockets of mega-oil and the chemical industry who directly benefit from you ignorance. They are the people that own your party and who are lying to you about the science that is becoming more and more evident.

      • Please drink you some more kool-aid, cause Al Gore loves you baby!
        It depends on from who and how much money these climate scientist get to push this B.S agenda! They are bought and paid for just like the welfare leaches, and you zag are part of the problem!

        • In teabag logic it’s the 3% of the scientists that work for oil companies that are the honest ones & the 97% all over the planet are being paid of to lie.

          • What a total little sap-head you are Mrs Bob … see you’re back sitting naked in the basement in front of your mommy’s computer …

          • I see when you can’t argue you fact you resort to defamation and name calling, typical of “your” type. Ignorant and proud of it aren’t you?

          • Why do you loons always pull the 97% figure out your ass? Does that sound convincing to you … do you think that bogus number adds validation to your made-up illogic? You’re a liberal and everyone knows that is a mental disorder, but you can still try to think outside the box of left wing-nut indoctrination.

          • You remind me of that other latent homo, chris Matthews, who gets horny just thinking about a black man with power …
            keep following the rest of the left wing-nuts – they need ‘useful idiots’ like yourself.

          • Because I believe in climate science doesn’t mean I support Obama moron, just that I can think rationally about science

          • See when you don’t know that we’ve been engaged in an on going dialogue and you dip in you just look stupid. Try reading the ENTIRE exchange before typing next time and maybe, just freaking maybe, you wouldn’t show yourself to be another brain dead lacky of the Tea Party

          • I read enough of your mud slinging, slanderous garbage talk to know you are a fool with dog crap for brains. You don’t know how to talk to someone decently. You are the reason for abortions, nyup.

          • Wow I’m the reason for abortions? Amazing logic. So at the age of 12 I was already on the Supreme Court and was the turning point vote on Roe V Wade. Here I thought i was your average middle class kid playing pick up baseball and street hockey but somehow I influenced a court decision from my suburban neighborhood.
            If anything you’re the poster child for why we should actually make the law retroactive. If yo’re this stupid by adulthood with a double digit IQ who is as useless to society as you are then your parents should have the right to recognize their mistake and abort you.

        • Noah even believed in climate change, bucko…

          THE EARTH IS ROUND and we landed on the Moon and the Earth is more than 6,000 years, old Glenny boy..

          For 97% of these scientist to be bought and payed for, you would need as much money as the oil industry has.
          Since that is not the case then the only reasonable explanation is that the oil companies must be trying to stack the deck in their favor and you bought it, hook, line and sinker, oh, army of the ignorant…

          You do realize that the machine you are now using was designed by scientist including Dr. Einstein who help discover the physics that the whole electronic world revolves. These same techniques of discover are use to discern the sciences of climate.

          I would rather believe their interpenetration of the Universe then that of blinded lemmings trusting in the mythology foisted upon them by of the biggest polluters and rapers of the Earths resources.

          Al Gore is only one voice. The biggest voice is that of natures churning climate.

          • Noah a fictional story for sure where is the proof of such a flood, the remains of the ark and explain how they were able to bring just two of each animal on board what did they feed them? What did Noah and his family eat?
            actually the earth is not round but the shape of the earth approximates an oblate spheroid, a sphere
            flattened along the axis from pole to pole such that there is a bulge
            around the equator. so it is not round.
            Dr Einstein was a theoretical physicists, physics have been around for a very long time ask Newton, Copernicus, Galileo.
            “computers also have bee around a lot longer than Einstein: the Sumerian abacus, designed around 2500 BC[5] of which a descendant won a speed competition against a contemporary desk calculating machine in Japan in 1946,[6] the slide rules, invented in the 1620s, which were carried on five Apollo space missions, including to the moon[7] and arguably the astrolabe and the Antikythera mechanism, an ancient astronomical analog computer built by the Greeks around 80 BC.[8] The Greek mathematician Hero of Alexandria
            (c. 10–70 AD) built a mechanical theater which performed a play lasting
            10 minutes and was operated by a complex system of ropes and drums that
            might be considered to be a means of deciding which parts of the
            mechanism performed which actions and when.[9] This is the essence of programmability.”
            And Al Gore is a profiteer out to make money on a scam just like his political career, ManBearPig,has no true value to the world of science than a pocket book.

          • Since you, Joshua, have no faith in God and his powers, it makes little sense for anyone to answer your questions such as what the animals or people had to eat, or where the ark is. It is a faith thing, just as your faith says your ancestors were apes. We still have apes, but some humans got a round trip ticket.

          • actually my faith is in God only.
            The bible was written by man and women after the events occurred. “the first five books of the Bible (Pentateuch/Torah),including Genesis, were collated during the 5th century BC from four
            main sources, which themselves date from no earlier than the 10th century BC. Two of these, the Jahwist, composed in the 10th century BC, and the Priestly source,from the late 7th century BC, make up the chapters of Genesis which concern Noah. The attempt by the 5th century editor to accommodate two independent and sometimes conflicting sources accounts for the confusion over such matters as how many pairs of animals Noah took, and how long the flood lasted”
            some stores have Noah taking five of every clean beast and only two of each unclean.
            “The Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh,composed about 2500 BC, contains a flood story almost exactly the same as the Noah story in the Pentateuch, with a few variations such as the number of days of the deluge, the order of the birds, and the name of the mountain on which the ark rests. Andrew R. George
            submits that the flood story in Genesis 6–8 matches the Gilgamesh flood myth so closely, “few doubt” that it derives from a Mesopotamian account.[8] What is particularly noticeable is the way the Genesis flood story
            follows the Gilgamesh flood tale “point by point and in the same order”,even when the story permits other alternatives.[9]”
            As a native American I do not follow the euro-centric ideology of God as you do.

          • You deny God has the power and will to protect his “Holy Scriptures”? I can counter most of your research statements by simply stating SOLA SCRIPTURA. All of the so called wise and learned people in the world can make any kind of statements they wish, but unless it is supported by the Bible, there can be little truth in it. And unless we are both using the same book of reference, there will never be agreement.

          • I guess it depends on which bible your using.

            “Sola Scriptura is one of the five solas, considered by some Protestant groups to be the theological pillars of the Reformation”
            God has the power but does not make mistakes.
            I follow the understanding that God is. that all we see hear and know is of God. that God is infallible and does not make mistakes.
            you on the other hand place your faith in man, those that wrote the books of which were combined to make the bible along political lines fit the religious beliefs of those in charge at the time. but go ahead it is good to believe

          • Who were these men that you refer to? Could they possibly be men of God whom were prophets that were divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit to write the Holy Scriptures, or were they just men with great imagination out to make a buck? Maybe you can tell me what their motives were.

          • well if you know biblical history and the churches involved It was actually not until 367 AD that the church
            father Athanasius first provided the complete listing
            of the 66 books belonging to the canon. then the councils eliminated some “The Council of Hippo (A.D. 393) and the Council of Carthage (A.D. 397) also affirmed the same 27 books as authoritative.”
            those men that also made it imposable for a female to be a priest of the church until after the reformation
            “The Reformation began as an attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church,by priests who opposed what they perceived as false doctrines and ecclesiastic malpractice—especially the teaching and the sale of
            indulgences or the abuses thereof, and simony, the selling and buying of clerical offices—that the reformers saw as evidence of the systemic corruption of the Church’s Roman Catholic Church hierarchy, which included the Pope.”
            these men and again if God is infallible why were there so many books and why were they not included as well? Man!

          • Let’s start with your referal to the 300 AD dates. If I remember correctly, the one who was the emperor at that time was Constantine and leader of the church of Rome. In the year of about 334 AD he changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. The reason being obvious, to win over the sun worshippers and to have them join the Roman Church. Now the Catholic Church takes the honor of creation away from God and places it under the authority of a decree that the pope is Jesus on earth. Now let me ask you, which Bible do you want to use so we can get on the same page? It makes no sense to me to be talking apples and oranges.

          • the torah and the old testament would be alright as far as I am concerned. as I stated I am not of the Christian religion, nor a Jew as others have tried to say we have no written religious document.

            To me Christians are a construct to meat the social necessitates of the day, politically expedient, of those in charge like Constantine was in charge then and they did far more than change things to bring in the heathens, they decided which books were to be included in the bible who’s “first hand accounts” were to be included from 66 books to 27 as “Authoritative”.

          • Joshua, you have a clever way of talking down to people while trying to impress everyone of your vast expanse of religious knowledge. You have been indoctrinated by some evil source of which I have been careful not to inquire about. Please seek professional help while there is still time.

          • I am not talking down to any one. I am far from an expert in anything but my private beliefs.
            I am just an adherent to the freedom of religion that my native American heritage has shown me.
            Do you remember Rick O’shay and the charter Hipshot, and how he celebrated Sundays?

          • Do you even understand what the words Sola Scriptura means? Let me try to educate you . The word Sola is the latin for “Only”. The word Scriptura is the latin for “Scripture. And you can spin it all you want to. It still says “Only the Scripture” You see, my God makes it very plain in the Holy Bible, to have a loving and close, relationship with Jesus Christ. He said “If you love me you will keep my commands” . There is no other way to the Father.except through His Son. Thank you for this discussion.

          • “Sola Scriptura is not a denial of other authorities governing
            Christian life and devotion. Rather, it simply demands that all other
            authorities are subordinate to, and are to be corrected by, the written
            word of God. Sola Scriptura was a foundational doctrinal principle of the Protestant Reformation held by the Reformers and is a formal principle of Protestantism today.”
            Sola scriptura (“by Scripture alone”)
            Sola fide (“by faith alone”)
            Sola gratia (“by grace alone”)
            and my favorite
            Solus Christus or Solo Christo (“Christ alone” or “through Christ alone”)
            but then they say
            Soli Deo gloria (“glory to God alone”)
            Unfortunately I was raised catholic and learned Latin.
            your scriptures were written and debated on excluding some as mentioned in the post about the reformation
            and still the bible is not the same one that was first used and the reformation just changed the sources of revenue to tithing from selling dispensations.
            either way they are still the products of man and not God as they would have you think.
            My God makes it very clear that he is the only one there is no other, that to place another at his level is blaspheme. as your christ said “If you love me you will keep My commands ” where all this time I thought they were Gods 10 commandments that we were to keep and his son is not the father.

          • You are dead wrong. If you were raised Catholic, surely you were taught what the Trinity is, God exists as three persons. And cut with all the double talk.

          • Yes I knew the God the father God the son and God the Holy ghost . But when I read Gods words “there shall be no other” I realized just what the trinity really is a violation of the statement and Gods word is infallible since he did not say that supposedly until the new testament.
            what double talk ? I just expanded on your reference “Sola Scriptura”
            to the full text of the five Solas

          • “There shall be no other” Please put this in the context for which it was written. You don’t believe that God has the power to inspire writers of Scripture, ( Moses, a political leader and trained in the universities of Egypt, David, a king, poet, musician, shepherd, and warrior, Amos, a herdsman, Joshua,a military general, Nehemiah, cup bearer to a pagan king, Daniel, a prime minister,Solomon, a king and philosopher, Luke, a physician and one of the greatest historians of all time, and so on.) or to protect Scripture, or the Trinity or for that matter, would you say that the Bible is not unique? Please refer me to a writing with more historical manuscfript to back it up. I won’t even mention the finds of archaeology. And I have no idea of what you are talking about when you say 5 solas? Sola means ONLY. 5 onlys? What in the world are 5 onlys?

          • Isaiah 45:5, Exodus20.
            I know that God inspires from first hand knowledge.
            No the Bible is not unique as there are so many translations of the same stories in the bible and the exclusion of books based on the aforementioned Councils decisions.
            “The Five solae are five Latin phrases that emerged during the Protestant Reformation and summarize the Reformers’ basic theological beliefs in contradistinction to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church of the day. The Latin word sola means “alone” or “only” in English. The five solae articulated five fundamental beliefs of the Protestant Reformation, pillars which the Reformers believed to be essentials of the Christian life and practice.”

          • If god would have preformed the miracle of putting his words in a book he would have preformed the miracle of preserving his words. He DIDN’T! We don’t have an original copy of ANY gospels and NONE of the earliest manuscripts are alike!

          • No two people will observe an occurrence and report the exact same information, word for word.Each will give a discription in their own words. There is more proof of the authenticity of the Bible than any other book ever written. Most recent findings being the Dead Sea scrolls and the book of Isaiah. And since you, Mr. Bob, do not believe in God’s Bible, and in God’s power, then I must say to you I am sorry for you for not having the hope of eternal life that I do. Discussion over.

          • What I’m talking about is the WRITTEN GOSPELS!!! We have NO IDEA who wrote them or when they were written! All we do know is that they weren’t written by the people that claimed to have wrote them (making them forgeries) & that that oldest copies we have are ALL DIFFERENT so we have NO WAY of knowing what was even originally written!

          • Don’t say “we”. I don’t want to be connected in any way with YOUR thinking or statements . Man, you are scary.

          • People tend to take the bible way too literally. Noah’s flood probably covered an area large enough to seem it was the entire world. He took the animals who were indigenous to his region.

          • Really? 97% huh? Show us your indisputable data. I suppose you are going to claim that it’s been “peer reviewed”. Yeah, by the same assholes that have come up with this scam.


            Survey finds 97% of climate science papers agree warming is man-made

            Overwhelming majority of peer-reviewed papers taking a position on global warming say

            humans are causing it

            Porters carry cores of
            ancient glacial ice down from the 6542m summit of Mt Sajama in Bolivia.
            97% of scientific papers taking a position on climate change say it is
            man-made. Photograph: George Steinmetz/Corbis

            Our team of citizen science volunteers at Skeptical Science has published a new survey in the journal Environmental Research Letters of over 12,000 peer-reviewed climate science papers, as the Guardian reports today. This is the most comprehensive survey of its kind, and the inspiration of this blog’s name: Climate Consensus – the 97%.

            The survey

            In 2004, Naomi Oreskes
            performed a survey of 928 peer-reviewed climate papers published
            between 1993 and 2003, finding none that rejected the human cause of
            global warming. We decided that it was time to expand upon Oreskes’
            work by performing a keyword search of peer-reviewed scientific journal
            publications for the terms ‘global warming’ and ‘global climate change’
            between the years 1991 and 2011.

            Our team agreed upon definitions of categories to put the papers in: explicit or
            implicit endorsement of human-caused global warming, no opinion, and
            implicit or explicit rejection or minimization of the human influence,
            and began the long process of rating over 12,000 abstracts.

            We decided from the start to take a conservative approach in our ratings.
            For example, a study which takes it for granted that global warming will
            continue for the foreseeable future could easily be put into the
            implicit endorsement category; there is no reason to expect global
            warming to continue indefinitely unless humans are causing it. However,
            unless an abstract included language about the cause of the warming, we
            categorized it as ‘no opinion’.

            Each paper was rated by at least two people, and a dozen volunteers completed

            most of the 24,000 ratings.The volunteers were a very internationally diverse group.

            Team members’ home countries included Australia, USA, Canada, UK, New
            Zealand, Germany, Finland, and Italy.

            We also decided that asking the scientists to rate their own papers would be

            the ideal way tocheck our results. Who knows what the papers say better than the
            authors who wrote them? We received responses from 1,200 scientists who
            rated a total of over 2,100 papers. Unlike our team’s ratings that
            only considered the summary of each paper presented in the abstract, the
            scientists considered the entire paper in the self-ratings.

          • I like to bate you tree hugging Marxists because if you can’t blind us with your faux brilliance you always have your baffle them with your bull s**t to fall back on. You put out a good line of HOKEMBABBLE.

          • Why do you hate trees so much did one fall on your head?
            Scientist think and question, you just spout unsubstantiated
            gibberish. Watch NOVA, The Science channel, anything other than Fox news and maybe your underused brain might actually learn something useful.
            Oh, and don’t drink the same water you puddle in…

          • Go sell your climate change in India and China along with your Marxist UN scumbags. It’s been well documented that you wackos only include data that supports your position. That’s not science. True science includes ALL the data so people can make up their own minds. Of course that’s hearsay to you fruit cakes, because you know better than anyone else, so you say things like “it’s settled science”. By the way, it’s piddle jackass. Well, that’s enough time wasted arguing with idiots and Marxist robots for this month. Don’t eat any yellow snow.

          • Ohh, you pinned the tail on the jackass this time. Have pity on poor ole Zag because where he is going there is no air conditioning. He has been describing his future home, not Earth.

          • You do know….That the earth since about the early 2000’s has actually almost stopped heating right….it’s down to 0.06 or so…and if it continues into 2014 they will have to recalibrate their models to sow it’s starting to “cool” just like the polar caps have “record” ice levels…2011 through 2013…You do know this right…

          • There you go again Zag, talking down to others like you are the source of all knowledge. Azhot doesn’t hate trees. He hates TREE HUGGERS. Why do you always have to turn things around that people say. It is really getting tiresome.

          • Albino Pigeon…
            There’s a Republican guy that kinda exemplifies tree huggers. His name is TEDDY ROOSEVELT! He created the national park system and took the beautiful places and gave it to all of us, not just those who’d profit from it.

            He broke the monopolies that destroy thousands of lives and businesses. He wasn’t a Marxist! Hell, there were no Marxists back in 1900.
            Why do you trust those who, if they get their way, would scrape the world of all its resources for there own insane profits. Look what the oil companies are doing to Nigeria!
            BP devastated the Gulf of Mexico because they wanted to do it as cheaply as possible. Kinda didn’t work did it.

            Is there some reason that clear cutting a forest make any sense, especially on mountainous slopes?

            GREED, GREED, GREED. Jesus kinda looked down on that, don’cha know?

          • OK ZIG,I’m back to haunt you. google image? You know, I think I could learn to like you. What are you babeling about now? You better be careful what you say on this site. Someone might take you serious.

          • Thank you for your blessing. It is so nice to have you as an example to show kids what ignorance looks like. RD1123, or is that THX-1138, movie about the future where corporations rule the world…

          • Well if Einstein were here today he would be villonized by people like you on the left, he was the real deal and you folks can’t handle reality!
            Who caused the climate change before automobiles and industry,was it cows farting? Did Dinosaurs fart themselves into extinction? What caused the last ice age,we weren’t here to take the blame for that?
            The petroleum industry does spend a ton of money in there effort to survive, but it is their money.
            The science community spends a ton of money also, but it isn’t their money, much of it is our tax dollars and other sources like George Soros who probably has as much money as the petroleum industry!
            The reality is that the earth is constantly evolving and has been for eons, and no amount of green data is going to stop this evolution!

          • Einstein was socially aware pure scientist who would disagree with your gibberish.
            Why would those on the left think he was a problem. Where do you get the idea that
            we would not agree with him?

            As for the environment, until the planet was take over by mankind and forest were erased,.
            chemicals that never existed in nature and endless wars was there a time that the Earth
            was more threatened. 65,000,000 years ago was the last time such a destructive era.
            90% of the sharks are gone from the seas that are filling up with plastic waste.
            Clear cutting never happened before…
            Beijing, China is nearly invisible under under the smog as seen from space.
            The extinction rate is also the highest in 65,000,000 years!

            ……The petroleum industry does spend a ton of money in there effort to survive, but it is their money.

            …….The science community spends a ton of money also, but it isn’t their money

            ….George Soros who probably has as much money as the petroleum industry!?????
            Where did he get nearly a trillion dollars from, Did a golden asteroid land in his back yard?

            The Koch Bros. and the Walton kids have much more then he does.

          • entropy all those random variables, has an exponentially greater impact on earth’s weather than anything man has done. Chaos theory also puts in its two cents worth.

            Let’s list a few:

            1. Solar
            minimum and maximum cycles

            2. Solar
            flares (CMEs)

            3. Milankovitch
            cycles (Look them up)

            4. Forest
            fires (historically, before and after fire suppression)

            5. Volcano
            eruptions in the atmosphere

            6. Volcano
            eruptions under the sea

            7. Ocean
            currents and temperatures

            8. Geography (the
            surface configuration of the land masses)

            9. Water
            distribution (fresh and salt, ice, liquid and atmospheric)

            Shifting of or the varying strength of the earth’s
            magnetic poles

            The composition of the earth’s atmosphere (nitrogen,
            oxygen, CO2, methane, ozone, forest fire and volcanic smoke ash and gasses)

            The distribution and composition of plant life in the
            sea and on land

            are the ones that come to mind but to be honest there are probably millions of
            random variables that also have local effects that when combined could also be
            determining factors on a much larger scale. Even with todays scientific measurements, we cannot even monitor a small percentage of what these factors contribute to the earth’s climate.
            Studies funded by the government are very susceptible to what is called “conformational bias”. If they don’t come up with desired results they lose funding.

          • Not many years ago the same educated scientists were telling us the Earth was going to have an ice age because of global COOLING. Of course, that ‘problem’ would not give the governments the desired excuse to tax and regulate us all, so the problem had to be changed to one more suitable. Mr. Bob, keep drinking that Kool Aid.

          • Not at the level of consensus we have today on climate change, as a matter of fact it was a limited group who misinterpreted data. If you think we can dump all this carp in the atmosphere and not have an impact you can’t be educated past the 8th grade or were a d- social promation student

          • And you forgot to mention all those missing sharks (90%). What will life be like with only 10%? The sky is falling! Run, run! Well, maybe NYUP wll be greeted by 76 virgins

          • Albino Pigeon…
            Do you know what the dominant creature of the Pacific is? It used to be sharks, now its inedible Humboldt Squid and in the Atlantic its jelly fish because we have destroyed the top predators of the oceans. Most of the whales are gone and they also added to the balance. Oh, by the way, the Pacific Ocean is filling up with plastics that enter the food chain and kill everything that mistakes it for food. You’d better learn to eat plastic. GOOGLE, IMAGE SEARCH “plastic, ocean”…

            ol’ whitey boy..

          • I know just ask the people living along the Illinois river about Asian Carp and what the consequences will be if they make it into the Great Lakes. They make for fun video’s but bad environmental policy

          • THX-1138…
            Because you don’t know how science works you will forever be lost in a world of magic and make believe. Even one of the greatest scientist of all time, Dr. Hawkings, changed his mind about the theory of “black holes” when he was confronted new data. That is what science does. in 1970 when the scientist first thought about climate change there were a handful of satellites observing the Earth, now there are hundreds with billions of time better technologies.

        • 97% of the world’s scientists, the people who took us to outer space, discovered and sequenced the human genome, harnessed Atomic power, brought us DNA sequencing to pinpoint criminals in forensics, 97% of them have been bought off? Do you understand how utterly ridiculous that statement is? But hey Rush says it’s so and therefore it comes down from on high (literally an Oxycontin high) so it must be true. One blowhard making $400 million for inciting Americans to hate one another is the one who has been bought off friend.

          • You have two major errors in your reply.
            It isn’t 97% that favor the climate change BS! You did notice I used the term Climate change because your so called 97% can’t decide whether it’s getting colder or warmer,(typical confused liberals) who can’t let truth get in the way!
            News flash; We have a desperate problem here it’s raining but the sun is supposed to break out and the weather clear later. We need those 97% to figure out how to tax all industry to death so this crazy weather will stop changing!
            #2 The blowhards inciting Americans to hate each other are in the Executive branch of our government,or have you been asleep for the last five years!
            I guess that thru your infinite wisdom we can now state factually that the demise of the dinosaurs was caused by those damned cave men burning coal!

          • I knew you were too ignorant to accept fact on it’s face. So tune in to that good ol’ right wing radio and get your opinion because thinking is just too damn liberal.
            Talk about useful idiots….lol

      • Just another freaking fool yanking our chain about man made global warming. According to Al Gore predictions, we now have 2 years and 71 days until the end of earth as we know it occurs from global warming (Remember his twenty year warning in 1993??) . Still waiting to see DC and NYC under water, Ha HA HA you damn fools are all the same. Chicken little was wrong about the sky falling and so are you. Today kids don’t get taught about chicken little because they would immediately recognize that ALLyou cry baby, liberal-socialist-dummycraps look like chicken little.

        • Wayne in the ass… I live your picture
          In 1993 we had maybe 30 satellites scanning the Earth. We now have hundreds that these scientist use to observe our atmosphere. Science is peer reviewed and scientist must prove their case. Politicians like Texas Teddy don’t need to do anything but get the blind lemmings to follow him..

          Science ever grows in its analysis of giga-flops of data. This data is shared through out the world. Are you saying that this mega-conspiracy is more likely then the possibility that those who make trillions and trillions of dollars for the sale of oil and gas would be the only ones to be tell the truth?

          Last year New Jersey got hit by Hurricane Sandy and more and more things like this will happen.
          The Philippines got hit by the biggest storm ever. Are you telling me there is no evidence that thing are going in the direction that the scientist point to?

          As for things falling from the ski, it happened in Russia and will happen again…
          Chicken little was smarter then you.

          • I love the old peer reviewed scam. The same assholes that came up with this garbage are reviewing it. What a load of dung!

          • The scientific method that you mock is the way all science advances .
            Those who know how to use it discover how the world and universe works.
            Those who don’t get to live in a make believe world that was made from thin air and puppy kisses. The conspiracy that you live under could only be made to work if they unlimited wealth. The only ones who have unlimited wealth are those who benefit from keeping those like you ignorant lap dogs. You’re a great example of a blind lemming…

          • Unlimited wealth… like George Soros has? Or maybe like Obama with the government printing press? You are the lemming Zago, along with all the other hand-wringers.

          • No Soros doesn’t have unlimited wealth, hell he can’t touch the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson or any other of a number of conservative political manipulators. Damn you’re stupid.

          • As a tree hugging “progressive” you should look in the mirror for a classic example of a blind lemming. You probably worship at the alter of UN Agenda 21.

          • The most basic truth about religious belief is
            its utter failure to learn new things from and by experience; it is fossilized

          • People that don’t believe in science cannot be made to believe in science until they or a loved one becomes ill. In which case they run to science for the latest cure.

          • Oh kind of like Corporations monitoring their own compliance with Federal law which you folks seem to be fine with. A really good study would be why there’s such a cluster of stupidity in the far right in 21st century America

          • I guess it is because Antarctica had the largest increase in surface ice ever recorded this year, something to the tune of 12,000,000 square miles of new ice. They must have shipped it down there from the Arctic circle!
            Come to think about it-it would be a bitch if Santa Clause had to move to the south pole!

          • Again you don’t understand nuance and therefore the science involved. I’ll try again to see if you can grasp the critical thinking it takes to understand what we’re dealing with because essentially there are 2 types of ice in the Antarctic so here’s a link you can either read with an open mind and try to learn more or you can blow it off and stay ignorant. BY the way you should know what the meaning of that word is going in
            ig·no·rant adjective ˈig-n(ə-)rənt
            : lacking knowledge or information
            : resulting from or showing a lack of knowledge
            Full Definition of IGNORANT
            a : destitute of knowledge or education ; also : lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified b : resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence
            : unaware, uninformed
            — ig·no·rant·ly adverb
            — ig·no·rant·ness noun

            Anyway now that you know what the word means read and try to learn something that hasn’t been told to you by an AM radio talk host or hostess


        • Gee and Paul Wolfowitz said the Iraq war would pay for itself didn’t he? Guess he was a little more off on his predictions than Gore used the available science at the time. Science has made strides since then (unlike conservatives) and recalculated the estimates but if you want to stay stuck in the past I can play that game too. Remember “We’ll be greeted as liberators”? or how abut “There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.”
          Damn if that’s not the most nonsensical statement made by an official in charge of the national defense but you want to argue a few years of one man’s effort to alert us all that we’re screwing up the Planet? How imbecilic can one person be?

      • Another useful-idiot of the left spouting made up numbers pulled out of his butt. 97% of ‘climate scientists’ is a foolish number given by an air-headed fool. Science is not consensus – facts are not determined by a group of morons with an agenda voting on some fabricated idea.

        • Science is not consensus? In fact science is all about coming to a consensus, but it’s about coming to a consensus based on data, experimentation, and evidence, a consensus that has reproducible results that are, verifiable by reference to the real world. After all, what is a scientific theory like the theory of evolution or Einstein’s theory of relativity but a statement of the current scientific consensus regarding a major scientific topic? What is peer review but quality control (making sure the scientific methodology is sound) coupled with testing new science against the current consensus to see where it fits in or where it exposes weaknesses? What is science but attempting to forge a consensus regarding theories and statements that most accurately describe the universe in a useful and predictable way?

          • Your side comes to a consensus by ideology. Science has nothing to do with ideology, left or right. It’s based on impierical data. You Marxist stooges look at this crap as a way to control everyone else except, of course, yourself and your elite snob friends.

          • No, as he said consensus comes about in the manner he describes, you must have been looking in the mirror when you wrote your response because that is more assuredly a Tea Party comes to consensus by Ideology, how else to explain you’re about the only group of people i the WORLD who do not accept the scientific rigors that show climate change is occurring and at an alarming rate.

          • Obviously you’re not a scientist. Everyone but a scientist thinks scientists are completely unhindered by the same bias that affects everyone else … there are no a priori explanations in science; or that a scientist offers the only valid explanation based on objective experimentation.
            That’s the high school understanding of what a scientist does but it is a fallacy. “Scientists” are hindered by the same human frailties as the rest of the population. Consensus is politics; science is not.

          • What? … neither gravity (which no one understands) nor photosynthesis was determined by consensus. That 97% number that left wing-nuts throw around. Typical response for someone with the mental disorder of liberalism … you put words on someone else and then attack them for saying it …. hahahahaha!

          • Here since you want to talk about something you know nothing about I’ll just condense it for you OK?

            Several studies have confirmed that “…the debate on the authenticity of global warming and the role played by human activity is largely nonexistent among those who understand the nuances and scientific basis of long-term climate processes”. (Doran 2009). In other words, more than 97% of scientists working in the disciplines contributing to studies of our climate, accept that climate change is almost certainly being caused by human activities.

            We should also consider official scientific bodies and what they think about climate change. There are no national or major scientific institutions anywhere in the world that dispute the theory of anthropogenic climate change. Not one.

            In the field of climate science, the consensus is unequivocal: human activities are causing climate change.

      • actually 97% of climate scientist can not agree on any thing, not is it is global warming or global cooling.
        strange how you can blame 100% of the natural events that have occurred in cycles through out history on one state and one “Texas Teddy” who ever that is since they are not mentioned in the story. oh wait the advertisement show Bush for the stockpiling ammo add is that it?

      • You had best worry about your fellow Marxist tree huggers. They are as bad as anyone when it comes to greed. This whole green thing is total BS. Why don’t you go to China and try and pull your con game there. I dare you, jackass.

        • Yeah – and while we hassle and tax ourselves to death over an alleged problem (global warming) the people of India and China are putting dirty coal-fired power generating plants online at an astonishing rate, negating everything we can do even if it was worth doing. Zago better learn Chinese and start posting on some of their blog pages.

          • Gee so the former third world countries play catch up with us you now suddenly want them to NOT seek what you already have? Idiot. We’ve burned more since our industrial revolution and gotten fat from it, now they want what we have and you whine about it? What level of stupid does that come from?

      • Been through Texas and it doesn’t seem as polluted as California run by a bunch of tree hugging nut jobs.Al Gore’s numbers don’t add up. Were you around for the next ice age of the 70’s i was and it didn’t happen,Mother Nature and the Earth will do as they please when they decide to do what they want. Global warming in Chicago today i guess.

        • Gee let’s not look at the land mass or population differences when we compare Texas with California, I mean really why would of millions of people and land mass make any difference? God you people really do lack critical thinking skills don’t you?

      • Global warming is so real that when the computer programs didn’t show it was actually happening, the computer programs were jury-rigged to create the desired results. The proof had to be created fraudulently to prove what facts did not. Gee, reminds me of someone’s birth certificate, selective service registration, academic records….

        Enjoy your Fool Aid Zago. I mean Kool Aid.

        • And those few scientist were reprimanded and they forced to retract their paper.
          You conspire with ignorance, the smudges on a Ferrari don’t destroy it’s value.

          • That sounds a little like having to break a few eggs to make an omelet, (millions loosing their insurance for Obamacare),Are you as smart as Nancy Pelosi?

        • Offer proof not blind statements. Also lease if you do link to something make it a credible source I doubt you can.

  2. With all the laser technology, they could not bother to take several micron thick slice from its shell!? Stupid. “He has a master’s degree. In SCIENCE” – which entitles him to kill other animals to discover what kills them. But you and I? No, we must get a Wildlife permit. And only after we have had an anal probe to see that we harbor no e coli that might adversely impact the animal we want to kill… like house flies…

    • Remember when the Liberal movie makers of ages past use to pick on SCIENTISTS because they deemed whatever efforts they seemed to expend for the sake of “knowledge” for the betterment of mankind always ended up in mayhem of some sort…even the more modern Jurassic Park had a touch of that philosophy.

        • Being a
          geologist I used to be offended at such “Liberal” pabulum and then I
          found myself surrounded by liberals in the profession.

          Now I
          know it is scientifically impossible for you to repair my life back again or
          that of my granddaughters when some scum bag from our unguarded Texas border,
          OTM’s or mafia Mexicans, a threat to our own LEGAL brothers of Hispanic origin,
          or just our own homegrown American Bilge decides to take my dollar bill, and
          then just for the Heck of it, decides to see what I would look like holier than
          thou, and do bad things to my family.

          I also
          know that even with the most Draconian police force, it would take a minute
          more to arrive like knights in shining armor than what it would take for a perp to off me and my family.

          It does
          not take a whole lot of the brains you are talking about to weigh the wisdom of
          our founders to allow us our God given Liberty to protect ourselves, for if you
          notice the picture, it is actually an altered take off of an English agent who
          has to, since governments cannot GIVE Liberty, have a LICENSE to kill. But with
          an American holding that same gun, it is a LIBERTY to protect myself and my
          family that I never give up because our founders understood the commission of 1
          Cor. 7:20-24 that if we are made free we are never to be slaves to men again.

          Of a
          truth, I do not brandish the weapon as a soldier must but as my savior said to
          His disciple concerning a weapon of self defense, it is best kept it in its
          place, and for a gun, absolutely secured on my body in a secure holster, not to
          be stored in a car or at home for folk to steal and children to carelessly
          inspect, for the safest place for any weapon is ON a responsible adult, one who
          knows the laws and the consequences and the abuse one must endure to remain
          free in a world going to hell, enslaved to those who believe there is no such
          thing as unalienable God given rights.

          I dare
          all over the place and with only a part of my brain not tied behind my back,
          what is your excuse for not understanding that which brains would have
          logically understood, because John Locke in his Second Treatise of Government
          says suicide, since you indicate that you have no will to protect yourself, is
          NOT LIBERTY but LICENSE. If according to
          Locke and Jefferson, Liberty is the freedom to do that which is right in the
          sight of God who created us on this earth to LIVE, then License being a complementary
          freedom must be to do that which is deleterious to innocent life or, at best,
          that which is indifferent to the protection of innocent life.

          • Well bless your heart for counting. I appreciate it fellow ol’ man…if you are really old at all. I appreciate that this site even gives me a forum to “rant.” They must have appreciated my Baptist forefather’s appeal to King James in England in 1614 for a Liberty of conscience and the freedom of the press even for PAPISTS, the ones persecuting us periodically back then, that inspired a bunch of folk to come here to America for freedoms not seen on that Old Continent. You must have been intrigued to even “waste” the time counting what obviously challenges your own worldview and political insufficiencies. Sorry that the logic did not compare to yours…though I cannot even begin to really know what you think at all, if….ahhh, that was a beginning of an insult and you might be a good grandpappy of sorts, and I would hate to deprive some child a happy mentor by casting aspersions on his credibility.

          • You need to lighten up before you have a stroke. I am a conservative NRA life member, and I “carry” both openly and concealed since I live in an open carry red state. My comment was meant to be an “off handed” compliment that someone with brains could also be a gun owner. I won’t make that mistake again when replying to your comments.

          • Please make the mistake, again. That is why I put a couple more words than I would like to normally do…I actually DID misconstrue the off handed compliment…might give you a clue how well my comments are received elsewhere. I used to put in a disclaimer about short pithies making it difficult to gauge the real intent of some short comments…and looking above, I did not. So…I lightened up happy happy and for your many years of shouldering the responsibility of a fellow citizen to carry when it is inconvenient, heavy, uncomfortable and unappreciated for the protection of the innocent, I commed you and I beg your forgiveness. When the lines of true patriots are thin, I do not want to wear burdensome to a fellow. With all the aspirins I am taking since my heart attack, I probably would not have stroked out…but lighten up is good advice anyway. I hope you are enjoying this great Midland, Texas type of weather we are having today in that red state of yours…and keep it open, if you know what I mean.

    • I was going to reply, “tongue in cheek”, but I think you are speaking of a different cheek. My question is, do houseflies have anal sphincters?

  3. Awwwww …. ain’t that sweet …… someone finally learned how to count correctly.

    They really couldn’t count the growth rings without killing the critter?

  4. There are a lot of young people coming out of college thinking that they are smartest things on the planet. They aren’t in reality just yet.

  5. Just like tree rings? Yeah, probably. Have you ever studied tree rings? I HAVE! I proved that tree rings DO NOT match weather conditions. I compared 8 elms of similar age in one city park and 25 pine trees in another location. The 8 elms did not match one another and neither did the pine trees. (read “the fallacy of tree rings” to see the data and pictures)

  6. The rings in trees, the rings in clams, the layers in ice, etc. are not annual growth rings. They are just growth rings and reflect slow growth versus fast growth. Most trees, claims, layers of ice, etc. will show many rings per year. The idea that they are annual is a joke, they are not. Just cut down a 1-year tree and you will notice it has more than 1 ring… a 6-month old snail has a number of rings, planes that crash in Antarctica during WWII had hundreds of layers of ice that they call annual, but we know that they did not crash there in 1260 AD.

    By the way, you can date buildings by tree rings if you assume the rings are annual. The buildings are made of wood, you just look at the wood, match the pattern to other trees that you know the date of, then date the building. However, it doesn’t work so well when you have more than one ring a year. How do you get that? How about a drought, flood, heat spell during winter, etc. It’s just a growth pattern and it has nothing to do with years. The assumption is that during winter they grow slow, during summer they grow fast. But that is not always case. Get a drought during the middle of the summer, now you have two rings for one year.

    By the way, it is getting hotter… but that doesn’t mean mankind is the cause. The best indicator of the increase in our temp is the total heat output from the sun. It is a 1:1 correlation. So unless we are polluting the sun, nothing we are doing really matters. CO2 is not a good correlation to temp and it trails behind the rise, meaning CO2 increase after it gets hotter. Methane actually trails less and has a much better correlation. But you cannot stop people from releasing methane… or outlaw it. In the end, the whole global warming issues it is all about control and not the environment.

  7. If you hate what this idiot did why don’t you also hate those who clear cut our forests like those idiot loggers on TV, or those who cut down thousand year old Red Woods to make back yard decks, or erase mountain tops in the south for polluting dirty coal. It was utterly stupid of this guy to kill this ancient clam, but, I’m sure there are more where they found it.

      • GLENNN Hhhhh…
        Good forest practices insure wee have resources in the future so our children have a beautiful world to live in. I suppose you thing that mountain top removal is OK or dumping poisons into the oceans is OK because it is cheaper to do then to keep it out of OUR environment?
        Sociopathic business practices don’t serve us well. Remember 2008 an the housing collapse? That was caused by the same kind of people that are will take everything from the land and you trust them, but you don’t trust those like Teddy Roosevelt who saved the land for future generations…

    • I’m sure there are probably more “stupid guys” where that one came from, but there may not be any more “old clams” where that one was found. Can’t fix “stupid”… just goes on forever.

  8. It always amazes me on the stupidly of a tree hugger.Most think they are in the right whether history proves them wrong time and time again.

  9. Obama isn’t trying to kill off all old people just to save health care money. He’s only trying to determine their ages.

  10. I for the life of me cannot figure out the difference between we conservatives…who actually read dissenting opinions and draw our own conclusions on issues…and liberals who swollow what they are told on issues whole cloth.. hook line and sinker. (Opps two metaphors in a sentence.) Is there a Myers Briggs for it? Here… is a newsflash: THE PLANET HAS BEEN COOLING FOR OVER A DECADE.

  11. Its our own fault. we should never have stopped the old practice mankind used to use to keep down liberalism. long ago, when a liberal was born, they would take them out back and crush their skulls with a rock. It could be time to resurrect old ways.

  12. Can anyone spell HAARP. Climate change is definitely happening and it’s definitely ‘man’-made, just not by the ‘average’ man but by the govern-man-t so they can control energy production. Dig people dig, the truth is out there.

  13. Looks like old loosey-goosey Obama has some explaining to do!
    wow Liberals lost their two major reasons for destroying America
    first Obama care and now the real cause for global warming

    Volcano under Antarctic ice may erupt, accelerate melting

    John Roach NBC News

    6 hours ago

  14. I VOTE WE HANG THEM. Hey, they should be the LEADERS in sanctifying life. Except human, of course.

    Wait – let me clarify that – they sanctify the lives of morally depraved raping murderers, but not babies in the womb.

  15. Environmentalist name should actually be called Hypocrites! What they really care about is MONEY! You read it, they cut this clam up with money “funded from Bangor University”. If there’s No Money, No killing Clam! It’s all about Money with these Sharks!

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