Citizens of Iceland Overthrow Government Over Bank Fraud

Consider a country where banking interests balloon debt by lending to people who cannot possibly pay back their loans. These toxic assets then threaten to destroy the national economy. Banking interests plead with the civil government to rescue them for the sake of the economy. The civil government bails them out with taxpayer money. Sound familiar? Well, that’s where the similarities end between the banking crisis in Iceland which began in 2008, and the banking crisis that occurred in the States a year earlier.

Taxpayers in Iceland didn’t just sit back and allow the bail out. They thronged the streets banging on pots and pans, surrounded their capitol building, and forced all the members of their civil government to resign. You read that right. All of them. To resign. They were not going to pay for bank fraud.

They then crowd-sourced the Constitution of Iceland for a rewrite. No word yet on exactly how this has panned out. But what is of interest is that no major news agency in the U.S. has reported on this:

The pots and pans revolution in Iceland was not covered by mainstream U.S. media. In fact, any information about this revolution is found only on international newspapers, blogs and online documentaries, not on mainstream front-page articles as would be expected from news organizations covering a story of this magnitude. The New York Times published a small handful of piecemeal stories, blogs and opinion pieces, but mostly glossed over the main narrative by saying the 2008 financial collapse in Iceland caused “mayhem far beyond the country’s borders” rather than pointing out that Icelanders took to the streets with pots and pans and forced their entire government to resign.

I don’t know about you, but I find that bizarre. We’re talking about a bloodless revolution over a corrupt and incompetent government. That’s huge news. Why haven’t we heard about this? Are the puppet masters of media in the States afraid we might get similar ideas?

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    • Owebama would reveal his TRUE Communist intentions, and unleash the Dogs of War on us. That’s when his blind supporters would suddenly discover that he’s nothing more than a dictatorial Communist Revolutionary.

      • I realize you people aren’t the brightest among us but I am curious, If a Communist Revolutionary were to actually get elected president do you honestly believe he would surround himself with Wall Street oligarchs & the result of a commie taking control of our country would be the stock market & corporate profits would soar to all time highs while wages would remain at near all time lows?

        • Welcome to Disneyland Bob. Where the fiction becomes fact. Do you really believe the crApola you post? Have you looked at his polls lately? How about the picture of him and Castro shaking hands (looked to me like he was “bowing” while shaking). You and your psuedo intelligence makes me pUke.

          • You didn’t answer my question. I’ll ask again. Do you actually believe that is a communist revolutionary were to become president the result would be the stock market & corporate profits would soar to all time highs while wages would remain at near all time lows? It’s a simple yes or no question

          • Yes bob, he would. Corporate leaders would support the fascist in chief for the simple fact that he could (and has) caused regulatory agencies to attack their competitors and can easily threaten them, should they become less than enthusiastic supporters. The stock market is riding a paper fueled balloon, while wages remain static until it pops. Refer to Germany’s Wiemar Republic.
            The skids are greased.

          • Bob, I’ll answer that… YES! The problem is that you need to understand how evil is presented as “light” when it first engages. Obama is far worse than a communist… he’s not even president, so we have to get back to square one.

          • Yes, “genius.” Its the last gasp before the collapse of the dollar. The Wall Street oligarchs haven’t quite satiated themselves (remember 1929). BO is their COMMIE puppet-hatchetman. I got a “clue” (Duh) in ’08 when the CPUSA labeled BO a “hardline Stalinist.” (The article appeared in one of their rag mags.) Where have you been? The international bankers (headed by Rothschild) have been supporting and promoting communism for 100+ years. I doubt you’re interested in TRUTH, but just in case, here’s some history for you:

          • Don’t get into it with the fool TROLL…blobbie. He learned his economics in an OWS camp while dropping acid and ejaculating whenever he heard obomba make a speech which his tentmate buttbuddies.

          • Well, Bob, the situation is not quite as simplistic as you present it to be. If it were, it would not be as antagonizing to Americans as is the genuine case.

          • Don’t pay any attention to the little lonely liberal scumbag homo TROLL, mrBlob. He actually is stupid enough to believe everything obamao says….

        • communists are just the useful idiots that are being used .
          i suggest that you take the time to follow the money trail and trace the real shadows of power to see why obama has been installed. there was an insider named benjamin freedman who tells the real story on you tube in a 1961 speech . they keep pretty hidden so you need to dig .

        • Yes I think he would, as has actually happened. Then, when no longer useful, he would do away with them, nudge (tax and regulate) them out of existence. Get ready, because you and the like minded, will meet a similar fate. You, probably will get impaled on that finger you so admire, oouchie!

          Now Doctorboob, you don’t have to be very bright to figure that out.

        • My aren’t we showing our Obozo Kool-Aid drinking. In the USSR, the Commies had all the money, the Dachas on the black sea and the expensive Mercedes from their oligarchs.

        • and neither are you BLOB the sharpest tool ,this S.O.B. will use them till he doesn’t need them any more,are you a jerk or what……what is this douche douche bag doing with the insurance industry ,,,huh,,,soon as he’s done with them he will tell them to go get screwed……..commies are Lying bunch of M/F they will tell you anything,long enough and loud enough till you start to believe them and we have enough stupid voters in this country that these commies rely on,and that’s the truth

        • The elites always cling to the leader so they don’t go to the firing squad with the peasants — Look at Soviet and Red Chinese history, it’s there.

      • Yes, and that is why the alias, Barack H. Obama, and minions, are applying racial animosity and all other tools possible, to prevent Americans from uniting.

        However, Americans, who identify with the African-American orientation, increasingly comprehend that Obama and crew have abused them, and continue to insult their intelligence. This folk is unifying slowly, and is assisting America to unite.

    • WE THE PEOPLE have been overthrown… and we have already lost, they just haven’t come door to door and taken our weapons from us, by force if necessary. I prayed that we would wake up, but not yet, and already have us on lock down..

      God is your only hope now. With him on our side anything is possible, but you have to have faith in Jesus for that to happen. Fortunately for all, it is not too late yet..

  1. Pots and Pans? Unless they cut the politicians up and cooked them in them, I fail to see how this would cause them to resign.

    • It’s a very small island. Corrupt Icelandic politicians have nowhere to hide. And Icelanders are descendants of VIKINGS, and still know how to be Vikings if they need to be. They even still hold Viking ceremonies and meetings. You want to cross THEM?

  2. Nobama would drone Pennsylvania Ave. and have we and our signs blown 200′ in the air before he ever thought of resigning. Holder would have the word out we were all domestic terrorists wagering an all out frontal assault on the King.

  3. Because then Americans would be inspired to overthrow our corrupt government and the state led media would not want that, would they?

  4. They didn’t just oust the party in power – they forced ALL THE CORRUPT CRIMINALS to resign. That is inspiring. Americans are so deceived by the collusion between govt and media, that we keep playing their stupid left/right game of ping pong. But Icelanders removed the ball from play and marched them ALL OUT.

  5. If we were fortunate enough to cause all the government to resign, we should also stop reading main stream media newspapers. They will have to shut down. Look at MSNBC, at any given time they probably have less than 1000 people watching. They along with CNN are on the verge of going out of business. And they should.

  6. unfortunately it could not happen here,because the democRATS( commies) put over half of our population on welfare,food stamps,unemployment,workers compensation or any other type of government doll or hand out and guess what they like it. They don’t realize it’s the other half that are working that are the one’s that are paying for there easy living……Who would lead the revolt the ones that have to work or the ones that are home watching there big screen tv’s.or out sitting in some tavern guzzling beer for most of the day,HUH HUH HUH,who do you think would lead the revolt the responsible ones or the deadbeats living off of the ones that are working for them,so who are the slaves….they keep talking about……..

    • The irony is you dipshits ACTUALLY believe it’s the uneducated poor that elected Obama when it’s just the opposite! The uneducated poor live in the red states!!!!

    • Luca, you stopped on the threshold of the solution. If all taxpayers simply stopped paying taxes simultaneously, what do you think would happen? Yes they would send out the goon squads but how long would that last when they were not paid?

      So how about it? Time to cut off the money that funds the criminals in DC?

  7. Yes, well this story is only 5+ years too old, the US bank bailout already happened; but something Americans might contest, the $17 Trillion we ostensibly owe, because it’s just that amount, more or less, that Federal Reserve bankers secretly sent to EU banks to bail them out from America’s housing bubble. (See Lord Blackheath’s video on Youtube, also a soft audit of the Fed on Ron Paul’s website confirms the story.) The question is why we should be held liable for money the Fed sent overseas. According to Blackheath, they are trading medium-term notes, that pays between 1%-2.5% per nite, compounding. At that rate they could pay off the US national debt in a month or two, but will they??! Also consider that the major stock-holders in the Federal Reserve corp. are EU banker families; in other words, they lent the money to themselves.

    • We are so screwed. You know that the Feds are propping up our stock market to the tune of infusing $83 Billion every month buying up our own worthless bonds. There will come a time when there is nothing left to buy. The record highs and investor confidence will both crash at the same time. Soros owns tons of gold ounces, you do the math. He can flood the gold market whenever he pleases, you can bet he will choose the day and time to coincide with our worst day ever, and all of us who bought gold as a hedge against the market going south will lose everything, even as the market and the dollar lose all value. Welcome to the world children.

      • yes i agree gold is going to be manipulated even more,for one the gold market is 99% derivative paper. that paper will become undesirable thereby driving the spot price down as there will be more sellers and less buyers,
        and as you said banksters will do other plays to lower it too. however i believe at this point the banksters and others will try to collect the physical silver and gold thereby creating a shortage and
        an invisible price will emerge ,what do you think? and where would be the best place to live while this is going on?

        • Our market failure will trigger every other around the world, or another will fail first. Japan has not recovered fully from their huge bubble that burst years ago and some how the rest of the world markets held on, not so heavily invested in US property as Japan.
          We are, I think, in for a very primitive life, grow what you eat, trade for what you need, use what skills you have, keep a very low profile.
          Soros will buy back all his gold at the absolute bottom, and ride it up again. He has bankrupted countries in the past but world wide, what a coup.

      • Why are you complaining? If you got it all figured out put your money where your mouth is & sell the market short! If you’re right you will become rich! If not, well they say a fool & his money are soon parted

  8. Hey, Icelanders, when you finish cleaning out the crooks in your government, come on down to the USA and take care of ours. Please?

  9. I see that stupid pix of him (on here) with that chimpanzee looking laugh and I just want to shove something into it (which I can’t post here).

  10. they seem to be sane. We “elected” o’bama, proving insanity so I wouldn’t want to see the new constitution that the obots would come up with.

  11. The people there have more balls The weak sheeple here can’t get off their fat over wieght asses to go as far as to call their local reps It’s disgusting and pathetic try organizing anything and the people think Ur some loon radical Such bullshit

    • If our nation’s capitol was more centrally located, more citizens would participate in “demonstrations”. A very small percentage of our population lives close enough to D.C. just to “run over there”. Probably half of Iceland’s population lives within 70 miles of its capitol. I live 720 miles from D.C. I went to D.C. for the 2009 Tea Party, cost me and wife over $2000 for bus, hotel and food.
      You can’t hit your representative/senator with a pot over the phone, but I work and cannot afford that trip every week.

      • I can respect that maybe take over Ur local gov for starters get Ur senators or congressman at at town hall meeting contact Ur sheriffs office and tell them u want to make an arrest of so and so for crimes against the American people that they do nit gave the best interst if the people at heart

  12. I doubt it could happen here. Icelanders are a pretty tight group nationally. We, on the other hand are not. We have so many types of hyphenated Americans and aliens that cannot even see in the same direction, much less act together. We now have too many receiving benefits from the Fraud to ever act together. America many not fall without a fight, but it will be a small one.

    • Look it is like working in the parts business, I’ll explain. When working I did Automotive and the Agricultural parts. If a person’s tractor breaks down. I would explain when the parts would be there in tow days. Keep in mind the tractor is what makes this farmer money. The But you tell the same farmer the same thing about his car he goes ballistic on you. Now to equate that when they come and attach your personal bank account that is when the American people will rise up. The american people do not equate taxes with personal bank accounts. Just wait till the IRS attaches the wrong bank accounts to enforce Obama Care. And the the Government makes it Illegal to pay in gold or silver. That people have put away. The people will rise up and revolt. America is tighter than you think. Look how polarized the people get with a national disaster. When the dollar is crashed, this will be the natural disaster. It has happened before in Germany. Do not think it can’t happen here. People will starve in the big cities and wild animals will be a scarce food source. That will be when our Hitler will arise. Look at how history works. When our Hitler arises he will be our savior and make the country safe foe everyone by confiscating the fire arms. Failure to comply will mean death.

  13. If the media were to report on this, Obama would immediately confiscate all our pots and pans. Apparently the White House chefs put out the word to tell the media to sit on it as they didn’t want to do without theirs.

  14. There is an effort in motion to call a Constitutional Convention in the USA. All it requires is for 38 of the 50 states to sign onto a petition and present it to Congress. Their approval is not required. Obama cannot cancel it by executive fiat. Rioting and revolution are not required. Petition the legislature of your state to sign onto the National Petition. Then WE can throw out ObamACAre , the income tax, the IRS, and government bailouts of all kinds. WE can pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. We can pass a Term Limit Amendment for the Senate and House of Representatives. WE can abolish dictatorial executive departments like Homeland Security. The Pelosi’s and Reed’s and Obama’s of the world would be held accountable for the damage they have done to our Democracy. WE can have our country back if We stick together and fight THEM through the system they are trying to destroy. THEY want to incite us to riot and rampage. THEY can declare a National Emergency and suspend the Constitution to suppress a revolution. THEY are powerless against the will of the PEOPLE if WE act sanely and deliberately.

  15. ok ,i thought about it last nite. what iceland did is a great lesson. the truth is that there are a few a-holes that control the rest by cheating through central bank money manipulation coupled with politicians. so what the people can do is to follow the usa constitutional mandate”when the government becomes oppressive “throw off the bastards” (i shortened that a little) so how we do that is first we convert our manipulated currency into the constitutional money”silver and gold” then we get out the pots and pans and throw out the politicians reduce the size of the government and start over just like iceland did it. no dollars period. certificates of silver and gold would only be a free market also. no government handling of money or any other unconstitutional meddling. this way the people would have total control and have ZERO DEBT what do you think????

  16. Question: Can the title of this article be posted as a story on the Huffington Post? Please accompany posting instructions with you answer.


      • “Jews” are not a race, never have been and never will be. Originally, they were a tribe. Currently, folk who call themselves “jew” are members of a society, who enjoy the power that is associated with the thought, “we are the chosen of God.” They are the miscegenated, expanded continuation of the “money changers” that Jesus drove out of the temple.

        • Judging from your photo…you are dumber than you look. Shame racists come in all colors. You need an education in reality. But I guess 50 years of Rainbow Jackson as your mentor, one could not expect any but reverse racism from idiots such as your self.
          You need a lobster bib so you won’t dribble all of those big words on your Kwanza shirt. Now please crawl back under the turd you came from.
          Normal educated folks have just about had enough of your type of twisted logic…..and as they once said…the revolution will NOT be televised. So watch your back Mr. Getto mouth. Tac tac.

          • Fortunately, your opinion represents only you, your quasi-religious adaptation to the United States, and perhaps others of your marginally adjusted cult.

            Your alias reflects the opposite of your social adaptation. It suggests that you are also a supporter of the illegal alien, Barack H. Obama. Your darkened speech reflects the darkness of your value system.
            Instead of attempting to control me, you would do well to use the energy on yourself.

  18. Some call it “spin” those of us with more traditional values would call it LIES and others would call it……..

    • Amazing.
      Thirty years ago, the thought did not cross my mind, that after 2000, only Al Jazeera and RT would broadcast accurate information. Mostly.

  19. F/U ms… blob stick that middle finger up your blo-hole and rotate it to your gutter mouth every minute or so. or better than that take a boat to your mother russia, You will be one of the only sicko’s heading that way….douche and say hello to your Idles stalin and that bald headed little scumbag lennon who i hear they just tore his grotesque statue down,about time…..HA HA HA

  20. Rush, Sean, Beck, Levin, Savage…. I can’t believe I’ve never heard this. Something don’t smell right. Is this Watters World, or maybe Liberal Girl. NewsBusted??

  21. Well, the mayor of Reykjavik is such a likable personality, why Iceland must be the best country in the world to live in. — Now you see what happens when you hire a Personality as Preside…. err Mayor…. and not a real Person!

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