Chicago Public School Prom Slogan: “This is Are Story”

A public school in Chicago recently evidenced the very fine job we’re doing of educating our youths. Its deliciously satirical prom slogan was “This is Are Story.” Clearly, this is a rapier wit social commentary tidbit on the educational plight of the poorest members of inner city Chicago. Or it could have been a monumentally ham-headed typo. Yeah. That was probably it.

This is sad. Paul Robeson High School in Chicago, the “school” in question, has a pretty awful track record for graduation, and an even worse track record for education. Even the students that graduate haven’t learned anything (as the prom slogan clearly shows):

Paul Robeson High School is located in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, one of the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in the city. The high school also is part of the failing Chicago Public Schools, or CPS, system.


Four out of 10 CPS freshmen do not graduate.


If they do graduate, 91 percent have to take remediation courses in college because they do not know how to do basic math and school work. Just 26 percent of CPS high school students are college-ready, according to the ACT subject matter tests.

Wow, that’s sad. And the bar is already set so low these days. It’s not like students from even the best schools are all that impressive. But perhaps these students just need better teachers. Let’s give these underpaid teachers a raise, and then I’m sure things will improve. How much do teachers in the Chicago Public School system make on average?

The average CPS teacher salary is $76,000. The last contract negotiations in 2012 gave CPS teachers 17 percent raises over three years.


The median household income in Chicago is just $47,408. The disparity is worse in Englewood, a neighborhood where 23.6 percent of residents are unemployed and the average per capita income is $12,255.

That is gross. It’s yet another glaring example of how absolutely broken our education system is. No amount of money could fix it.

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  1. Hurray for public schools and the government that runs them. They have done such a fine job. Common core will not help.

  2. It says, “…a neighborhood where 23.6 percent of residents are unemployed and the average per capita income is $12,255.” This is really sad, and the worst part is that we have been throwing money at the problem for over 50 years. The welfare state does not work. Phase out the welfare programs and get people back to work.

    • Only problem with that is: how do you get people back to work that can’t either read nor write? Illiteracy just breeds more illiteracy as welfare only gets you more welfare recipients. The only answer to the problem isn’t PC so it can’t be said.

        • Yes, there are some people who DO want to work BUT their lack of basic education skills make it next to impossible.

          • If they truly wanted to work, they would. They would also see, as anyone with even a marginally functional brain would, that you need an education to work…so they would educate themselves.

            The problem is, there is the “safety net” of Welfare, always there to save the day for those too intellectually lazy to educate themselves. Their parents raised them on Welfare, so they figure “Hey, why not?”, and just carry on with the family tradition.

            Get rid of Welfare, and suddenly it’s a “sink or swim” environment. People might suffer for a span of time, but when it’s realized that self-reliance is now required, education and job skills will once more be the norm, rather than the ever-expanding nanny state we see today.

          • Getting rid of welfare for the lazy would definitely be a major step towards reforming our educational system.

          • Yeah if there was a limited time on Welfare, say 1 year and they were given help with the cost of a trade school, then I agree it’s time to sink or swim.
            BTW I’m NOT a lib…I’m am Ind.

          • Barring a miracle, I’m afraid I MUST be on it tthe rest of my life due to several disabilities (see my letter above). How do you feel about folks such as I?

          • ANYONE who is TRULY in need of help should get it AND in some cases MORE than now. The problem is there are SO many who are gaming the system there’s not enough to give more to the ones who need it. MY husband is 60 and working 5-6 days a week just to make a living, MUCH of what he pays in goes to people who are ABLE-BODIED and CHOOSING not to work. I’m glad you are getting some help, I hope they kick the moochers off and you get more!!!

          • First, thank you, & I hope your husband gets help, too.

            Just now, I’m having a battle with Medicaid, who cut me off due to a paperwork glitch while I was in the hospital, & which I only discovered AFTER I got out, by which time it was too late to fix, & now must wait ’til their red tape cycles through. They keep changing the date as to when my NEW paperwork becomes effective. It WAS at the end of May, but now they say JUNE….

            Meanwhile, Medicaid’s what covered for someone to cook a meal a day for me, change my potty chair & help me bathe. My best friend, Leah, who WAS my helper, who’d retired (she has health issues of her own) has been dropping in as often as she can, but she really can’t stay more than 30 minutes, & can’t lift anything heavy, like a bucket of mop water, or do any serious cleaning.

            Oh, well, at least we get to see one another, but I can tell this is wearing her out; she’s already been in the hospital twice since she started helping me again–& of course, no-one’s paying her for her help or her gas or her time now!

            So yes, I think if the PTBs that ran welfare would clean up how they run it, we who truly need help WOULD get more of it!

            What say we pray for help? 🙂

          • Give That Man a Ceeeee-Gar! Maybe if they did not know there was a free ride on the working mans back they would pay attention in class? Does this make too much sense?

          • LBJ “We’ll have those n………s voting demoncrap for the next 100 years”!!

          • Throughout history some of the most successful people have been self taught. It takes drive and incentive.

      • Simple. Kick them off welfare and get rid of the illegals. Then they will “do the jobs Americans just won’t do” again, like poor people used to.

          • Let’s get real about this, when will we start calling them for what they really are…”Marxist” not democrats. They’re hyenas hiding in sheep skin. These are the people who secretly worship Karl Marx, the ultimate freeloader. If you want to talk about Democrats, then please refer your comments to Karl Rove and his ilk.

          • Well then Drewbe, the Democrats have a real problem as how are the voters going to know if they are voting for a Marxist or a Democrat since there is no M only a D behind the name? The Republicans have a similar problem as the voters don’t often know if the candidate is an Establishment or a Conservative Republican.

        • Not the poor, but the uneducated or ignorant. You can be poor and educate yourself many different ways. Look at Ben Carsen.

        • They don’t need to go vote. They community organizers will fill out the absentee ballot for them. Here in CA, when you get a drivers license that state will fill in Democrat as vote preference.

      • Not all jobs require reading. You don’t need to read to dig a ditch, do janitorial work, pick up the trash in a trash truck, maintain parks, be a maid, etc.

        • True, but one still has to get paid like the job is one that requires study, longevity and training. You know, fifteen dollars or more per hour.

          • Minimum wage killed jobs all over this country. Especially for teens and first-time job seekers.

          • And will continue to induce inflation at ever increasing rates. The first minimum wage law in the USA was twenty five cents per hour in 1938. At that time, that could buy nearly 100 pieces of candy. Today you’d be lucky to get 20 pieces of candy for an hour’s wage. Minimum wage does more than fuel inflation, in other words; it cuts into buying power, causes more people to fall into the low income brackets through no fault of their own.

            Think about the people that have worked their way out of the minimum wage bracket: They get no raise, but without one iota of effort, those who are on minimum wage are now making the same or more than those who are no longer minimum wage earners are now. Now those who worked hard to climb up to the $15 an hour bracket are suddenly back into minimum wage earnings they worked for years to leave behind.

            Fair? Not on your life.

        • Not true. In our construction business, we have plenty of menial jobs, but knowing how to read and write is required.

        • Indeed, there was a time when people were hired without having to fill out a job application. They simple went to work upon a handshake. But for many today today, even filling out a job application can be a major battle….as is noted in the article above.

          Aside from needing to know how to read and write basis English, there is the issue of not having a valid phone number, relevant address, and having a criminal record. Many can’t pass the required drug test. These are significant hurdles which would disqualify many …if not most…inner city job seekers even before they get to the job interview process.

          In the past, if a person wanted to make a new start they simply headed west and started their lives over. They changed their name perhaps, and began life anew leaving their mistakes and tainted reputation behind along with the reasons for having such a tainted reputation.

          Today, however, there is no “west” we can look to for refuge. We live in an unforgiving and barbaric “womb to tomb” society, where people can no longer “start over.” Our mistakes and misfortunes….regardless of the reasons behind them… are totally unforgiven by today’s society and they follow us to the grave no matter how hard we try to erase the past and start over again.

          Computer databases don’t care about the “how” or “why” a person may have made a mistake, or, if a person wants to “start over” anew. Those people (regardless of their ethnicity) who have black marks against them will never be free from employment discrimination and condemnation as long as computer databases store their personal information. It’s absolutely disgusting the monster we have created !!

          Forgiveness is the best part of being human. But alas, computers aren’t human despite the fact we allow them to utterly control every aspect of our lives.

        • I really don’t want to hire a janitor that can’t read the labels on the dangerous chemicals he is using or a ditch digger that doesn’t know the difference between a foot and a yard and a mile.

          I hired a worker to help build a gazebo a few years back. I asked him to cut a 2 X 4 3 feet long and he got this deer in the headlights look. He had no idea how to measure anything. I had to measure everything he cut. I would have got done sooner if I had just did the whole job by myself.

      • Bill, thats exactly what they want. Illiterate, mindless voters, totally dependent on a liberal powered government.

    • Tell them ‘your job is to keep the Hondurans and other illegals away from entering the welfare office’. Instead of the New Panthers keeping the working taxpaying Republicans away, eh?

    • To get people beck to work, the economy must grow. To get the economy to grow at a sufficient rate, income taxes must be repealed and replaced with the fair tax.

      It is past time to think anew.

      • That’s what they wanted to do in the beginning: tax the people with a “fair” tax, and look where went.

        • Income taxes are progressive (like the imbeciles who created and support them). The Federal version came into existence during Woodrow Wilson’s “progressive administration”. Unfortunately many states followed suit in order to thieve money from their producers.

          Not all, though. Texas and 4 other states fund their government operations without resorting to a state income tax.

          I was referring to THE Fair Tax – more information can be found at or reviewing US HR 25.

    • And while we are at it let`s disband Teachers Unions and the U.S. Dept. of Education which educates no one.

          • well, all vets deserve some glory. hey, you guys put your butts on the line that kind of bravery deserves praise. you are very welcome. i made a vow to thank every vet i come across. after learning how our heroes were treated after veitnam, i wanted to be sure they are appreciated for their sacrifice, after all, you guys are the reason, besides God, are free!

      • Right on point johnnywood. I wouldn’t be upset to see all public employees removed from unions. To think teachers can strike and keep kids out of school is beyond insane. It sounds as though in Chicago, expectations are set really low and most can’t even achieve them. Sad commentary on the state of education, actually, all of America.

      • Which I was taught before unions came into being – they would not help but injure education, along with fed funds leaving the feds to tell schools what to do. I have been in 3 unions, teacher and pubic entity and I say get rid of public unions as they give no benefit but to themselves alone. You pay your dues and have no say. That is the same as paying taxes and no representation, yet the unions have thrived until lately and they are running scared. Now, in CA they are no longer allowed to give tenure, which has been a big bugaboo for decades. Lousy teachers, overpaid, and yet can’t be fired! That is completely ludicrous in the real world and should not be allowed in teaching. Get rid of the unions, get rid of the poor teachers, and maybe we can get the public schools back on track and we need to because ill-educated and uninspired students will not bring America back to what it was nor help them to reach any goals for themselves, expect crime, alcohol, and living on the public dole. Everyone that can must work and be responsible.

    • and only 26% are college ready. That’s pretty sad when you consider that in today’s America, one step above a moron is considered college ready.

      • You are correct. Standards have been lowered so far that a modern college degree has become virtually worthless. We have college graduates who can’t even read and write!
        Check out the website for an analysis.
        Also read the book BRAINWASHED for a report on how our college students are being programmed for the Socialist scheme.

    • The Demo/Socialists would not go for this. Why do you suppose Obummer eliminated the welfare work requirement just before the election? The welfare system deliberately encourages low-IQ people to breed children – and the Socialists want to keep it that way.

  3. It’s a case of the “blind leading the blind” in Chicago schools. This is how they keep Democratic voters. (along with freebies)

        • Photo IDs are racist.

          I just had to show Photo ID yesterday to pick up a package at FedEx. I guess that was “racist’.

          • Good point! Only those who are not proud to be Americans….or …those who aren’t Americans at all….those are the only people who object to showing a photo ID. In both cases, all those useful idiots need to be rounded up and run out of OUR beloved country A.S.A.P!

        • All it takes to get a photo ID is a bona fide birth certificate. Duh…that is too difficult for many “disadvantaged” people.

      • You don’t. Long ago, the governments stopped sterilizing low-IQ morons because that was “discriminatory”. In the US today, the lowest-IQ people are the ones breeding all the children. And the Socialists like Obummer want it that way.
        Low-IQ, mediocre people are easily conned by politicians – and the Socialist bureaucrats know it.

    • She (Karen Lewis) is a disgusting fat pig, a giant slob who is an embarrassment to the human race. Oink oink snort snort.

  4. Is this one of the neighborhoods where Obama was a “community organizer”? He did just as good of a job there as he did in his current job.

  5. This is the state of the Chicago education system. That’s what happens when liberal run a city for many years. It happened in Detroit and now in Chicago and other cities like Philadelphia.

  6. I don’t want to ever hear that they don’t spend enough money on inner city schools. Chicago is a perfect example of how spending more money does absolutely nothing to improve the education of unmotivated students. If anything, they spend too much.

          • I think many would like to, but cannot for financial reasons. The other option is private schools, which are also expensive.

          • More could do it if they didn’t overspend. Way too many people won’t work towards something, but go in debt and then can not afford it. People should understand they FAILED as people, and as PARENTS if they are single parents! DON’T OPEN YOUR LEGS till you have a ring, and guys you are as bad if not worse.

        • You are doing absolutely the best thing you can do for your child(ren) or grandchild(ren)! Kudos and blessings to you!

        • So do we. My son finished his math–Saxon 76, the entire book–2 weeks before brick & mortar schools let out for the summer; Latin, finished it 3 weeks before D.I.S.D.’s end of year. Note: he taught himself 6th grade math from a 20-year-old math book, so I dare say he’ll not need remedial math when he graduates high school. Sheesh! Maybe I should move to Chicago and become a teacher.

          • Won’t do any good! Have a friend who works in some of the worst schools in Semiole County Florida. The kids there tell the teachers to go “F” themselves, and why learn because they are going to do what mama does. These children come from families who mosty don’t know if or who their fathers are. How does theis country think they are going to break this cycle?

      • Actually, things might start changing. You might have heard about the lawsuit (9 students vs. the state). The whole idea of tenure for teachers was found to be unconstitutional. Of course, I expect the teachers unions will appeal (they’re already grousing about the ruling). But perhaps this will be the start of change.

    • Chicago has been run by Progressive Democrats “forever”, so you can’t blame it on Bush, republicans, or capitalism. Dem socialists OWN it.

  7. I find it not so funny as the communist plan of dumbing down society has worked because they are in power and have no plans of ceding that power peacefully – bet on it!

  8. What they need is MORE MONEY and MORE TEACHERS UNION POWER. After all, it’s worked so well. We throw billions at our Public school and increase it every year, the Teachers Unions gain more control, and the system only gets worse. Just one more Liberal Accomplishment.

    • And the school unions’ leader is a disgusting fat PIG named Karen Lewis who ought to be rolling around in the mud and eating out of a trough.

    • Capitalism cannot pay the kind of money socialism insists on wasting, and Socialism is nothing but a money pit of people sucking on the work of others. Yeah, that’s the fault of capitalism all right.

    • When you tell people they can retire at age 50 at full pay and benefits, how is that the failure of Capitalism? It’s the Democrats and unions which brought on these monumental financial catastrophes.

      Chicago’s per-capita public debt is greater than Detroit’s. It’s roughly $20,000 for every man, woman and child in the city (working or not). If you throw it on the backs of the working taxpayers who will actually pay it, they each owe about the value of an entire house to pay for Democrat programs and union pensions. Nice.

    • Capitalism? The socialists have been running public education into the ground for the past forty years, dumping billions of taxpayer dollars into a failed system that rewards failure. We are churning out generations of idiots that burden the working class even more because they don’t qualify for a decent job. Capitalism rewards success and hard work, not failure and ignorance. Socialism robs smart, hard-working people and gives to the undeserving.

    • What is capitalistic about the government education system in the United States? Nothing whatsoever to do with capitalism. The country is not broke because of capitalism. The country is broke because of food stamps (more than ever in history), welfare, support of illegal invaders and their children and families which are allowed to join them all under Obama’s reign, disincentive to work, and numerous other things, none have anything to do with capitalism or free markets, but government control and largess.

  9. ALL the Black Thugs in the USA need to be NUKED into subatomic particles!!!!
    We should have picked our own cotton!
    fmr LCDR MC USNR NUKE resigned 4 July 1978

  10. If king buttcrack had gone to school in Chicago and not just “lived” there for an election this would help explain everything!!!!!!!!

  11. Just imagine how well the next generation of “graduates” will perform after using Common Core! Sad state of affairs in America. They are setting the next generation up to follow the socialist guidelines like good little comrades.

  12. So extremely sad. I really feel bad for those who cannot get out of that system, especially when true education is the key to success for each one of them, as it is for all of us. If not an academic education, a fine arts, a trade school, or something by which they can break the cycle. This is where government education is going (or has reached). Are Democrats in control of the school system and the government there? Of course, they are.

  13. This is deplorable and humorous at the same time. We shake our heads. It takes good teachers, good administrations and most of all, good parents who make their kids learn.

    • But, how can you teach a child to do better when their parents and grandparents grew up in the system. They think that getting Government handouts is their version of working and that they are entitled to it regardless. Shame for all involved. What happens when the Government goes totally Socialist? Don’t they realize that in a Socialist society, everyone works or they do without?

  14. Liberal handlers get high educations while trying to keep everyone else stupid so that they become democraps and libs for them to exploit and direct like cattle.

  15. Located downstate from the cesspool that they call Chicago. Average teachers wage-1/2 of what they get in Chicago. Drop out rate 4.8%. Teachers-Union. Different locations have different expectations or so it would appear. Seems like the Community Organizers have done a “Great Job” helping more and more into the unemployment lines thereby sapping more and more of my tax dollars. These people will never vote against the hand that feeds them, just promise them more benefits and a phone and they will vote for you every time. Chicago is a leach that needs to be removed. Make it its own District, like D.C. and keep my tax dollars down state where they belong.i Corrupt, vile disgusting definition of a city. Chicago, the Obummer definition of what America should be. It’s the Obummer way!

    • I would never try to tell you or anyone else what to do. But I personally would not live in Illinois, anywhere but especially not Chicago. Three of the nations biggest cities all suck. NY, LA and Chicago. I have been to all dozens of times and there is not enough money in those states to make me want to live there. But different strokes for different folks. There are so many wonderful, beautiful cities and country in this nation I don’t understand why anyone wishes to live in those.

  16. Im sorry. you can lead horse (or a kid) to water but you cant make him drink. Yes these teachers are overpaid, but if you could get a raise, wouldn’t you take it? Their pay is irrelevant (as if cutting their pay would somehow make kids do better in schools). You cant expect someone to build a Porsche out of trash and scraps. None of you could do a better job than these teachers, no matter what their salary because the kids don’t care. The parents don’t care and get free money from the government just for being alive, so why should they care? The pay the teachers get is a red herring. The real issue is the examples and patterns set for these kids at home. Solve that first. Worry about pay later.

    • Sorry pal, Red-Herring at $79,000.00 each with a 74% failure rate means its time to do something different — very different. Eliminate public schools and pay for K-12 with vouchers then watch how quickly competition improves hope and education. Hopeless parents in bad neighborhoods have no choice but to send their kids to the failed public institutions filled with drugs and violence where even the teachers are afraid to work. You’re right, its not about pay or throwing more money at the problems, its about changing the system so parents have hope filled alternatives. Plus reestablishing Divine Providence.

      • I don’t know about anyone else, but I couldn’t stand in front of a class of these low/no achievers six hours per day without going postal. $79K is very high pay for a baby-sitter/jailer. The academic results are pitiful, but the teachers can only play the hand they’re dealt.

        So many of these kids have no encouragement from adults or peers, and the few who make a serious attempt to perform are alienated for acting white. A hard cycle to break, even under ideal circumstances.

        The almost complete destruction of the black family is the main problem, and that bell can’t be un-rung.

      • Do you think vouchers and privatization haven’t been tried? The only people that helps are the kids whos parents already cared about their kids educations. You talk about rough neighborhoods, where do you think these new schools will go? On the other side of the state? No, they have to be within walking or bussing distance, so right back in the same place. You cannot begin to address this problem until you realize its not the teachers, its not the schools, its not Wi-Fi and internet access, giving kids laptops will not solve the problem, because the problem starts at home. Stop giving people money for having kids they only have to get money buy otherwise don’t care about. Its a problem with minority culture. You cant send a kid to school who has parents that don’t care, drug dealers and gunfights on every street corner and friends and media icons telling you how great it is to drop out and deal crack and if you learn to read you are an uncle tom sellout for the man, and then when he fails out blame the teacher. get real. you think vouchers are going to change that! you live in a fantasy world pal. The only thing that can help those kids is to be taken out of those homes and placed in foster care with upper middle class families out of the ghetto so they can see there is another way to live if they want to choose it.

        • According to your post the situation is hopeless, how depressing for you.

          I can’t make parents who don’t care, care. I have had little success stopping the government handouts. Decriminalizing drugs will reduce violence as drugs become worth less. Public schools fail almost everywhere in the country as education is brushed aside in favor of social engineering. So pal, it seems the parents who do care about their kids, as most do, should be allowed to choose schools that fit their and their kids personal ideals. Where vouchers have been used they work very well as schools vie for students. Public schools in these zones have become more like private schools to compete for voucher dollars. You want to blame single welfare moms but ignore the massive welfare scheme known as the public school system.
          PS: You failed to address Divine Providence as a key component to healing the nation and our kids.

          • “You want to blame single welfare moms but ignore the massive welfare scheme known as the public school system.” — wrong. I’m not ignoring it, Im just saying the problem lies elsewhere. You want to hand out vouchers? Fine. That doesn’t dismantle the public school system, it just lets them choose which public school they go to. The only people who will take advantage of the voucher system are the ones who cared about their kids’ educations in the first place, and those kids probably would have graduated no matter what school they went to, because their parents cared. So you are giving the parents the illusion of choice, but have actually done nothing to increase the success of the system as a whole. What about the kids who have parents that don’t care? Those are the ones who fail, drop out, read below grade level, ect. Those are the kids who make a school system a “failure.” Concentrating all the kids in a city who were already going to do well into one school with a voucher system does not increase the success of the system. What you “failed to address” is what you are going to do with the rest of the kids that give Chicago public schools its bad name. Your genius suggestion is to legalize drugs? Yeah! That will totally make their parents instill the value of a college education into those kids! Oh wait, no it wont, cause the parents still wont give a crap. If you agree that the parents are the problem then we remove the parents from the equation. Take the kids away and put them in foster care. somewhere else. far away from the inner city. Illinois has plenty of farms. Learning how to plow and work on tractors would do them a world of good. Let them see there is more to life than rap music and gangbanging. Its not hopeless. Its just not politically correct so it will never be done. As for divine providence? The Lord helps those who help themselves.

          • This site has drop out rates for each state. Nevada has the worst rate, only 57.8% graduate high school. This state is not known for its ghetto community, or single mom’s on welfare, or rap-music, or drug lords, or gangs, or 24% unemployment, or lowest per capita income. The only thing it could be, using your criteria, is that Harry Reid’s home state leads the nation with the most uncaring parents. Call the adoption services — they will fix everything.

            Worldwide, out of 34 OECD countries the United States ranks 14th for reading skills, 17th for science and a below-average 25th for mathematics. It seems many other developed countries have parents who care more about their children than America’s parents. The USA spends more on education per student than any other nation so obviously the problem stems from underpaid teachers with poor benefits and a lousy retirement package. That’s why U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said; “We have to get much more serious about investing in education.” Don’t you see his failed logic? Money has failed to fix what cannot be fixed so we should throw more money at it before we trash the failed system — this fits with Einstein’s definition of insanity.

            Vouchers have been used in small areas with great success. When schools competed to convince children and parents to choose their curriculum over the competition then standards and test scores rose. The main reason it is trashed is because the teacher’s UNIONS can’t control it so they need to stop it to protect their self serving interests at the expense of our kids.

            Home schooled kids scored an average of 1,100 on the SAT–a full 81 points above the national average–and 22.8 on their ACT, compared with the national average of 21. Stanford University accepted 26% of the home schooled applicants — nearly double the overall acceptance rate. Vouchers could be used for home schooling.

            Even after the racially biased adjustments by the NAEP their data, skewed in favor of the public system, shows private schools rank higher than public schools on standardized tests. On average private school costs per student are 43% less than public schools. If funding were equivalent then private schools could theoretically be 43% better than they are now. Clearly additional money hasn’t fixed the public system. Vouchers could be used for private schools.

            If fostering or adoption is truly the answer then we need a study that shows foster kids outperform their counterparts from these uncaring parent homes.

            Farming will never happen as an option for ghetto kids. The government has decreed that work to be beneath American workers and that’s why we need the illegal farm workers from Mexico. If this were an option it could be funded with vouchers so inner city parents could afford to send their kids to farm schools.

            “As for divine providence? The Lord helps those who help themselves.” Then why did He send us the “Great Physician” to heal those in need? Divine Providence relies on our recognition that we serve a higher power — an Almighty_Creator_God. Helping ourselves is secondary.

            Dear Damien Leimbach: If you want to fix a problem then you need to understand what the cause is, what has been tried and failed, then try something new — like vouchers.

  17. Who knows, maybe more money will fix this. Just because its failed the last several hundred times doesn’t mean the next tax dump won’t fix it. Remember, the new math is rotten to the core –Common Core. In core English our & are, are — R. It’s pirate speak. No more head to head competition (-; | 😉 its all about the collective “are”.

  18. There are two or maybe three generations of high school graduates who do not or will not ever have a clue. It is truly sad, but all the remediation in the world will not be able to help most of them. The public school system was infiltrated by communists and socialists decades ago, and this is the result of government indoctrination.

    • You hit the nail right on the head, WVF; this problem goes back a long ways; I would say more than just 3 generations.

      • I agree with you about that, but the past two or three generations have had little to no education. This problem began right after WW II. In fact, along about the time you became a Korean War Veteran. I still remember watching Nikita Khrushchev bang his shoe on the table,(late 1950s), saying that they would feed us pieces of socialism until we became socialists. The Communist Manifesto well describes one of the key components–EDUCATION!

        • Actually, WVF, when Khruschev banged his shoe on the UN podium, he told the US: “We will bury you!!”, but you’re right about the Communist Manifesto hitting on education as one of the primary targets…and you know the rest of the story. Remember when Senator Joseph McCarthy was wiping the country clean of communists, and he was really hitting Hollywood hard on Communist infiltration there? Too bad the good always die young…

  19. Progressive education is a process by which raw minds are taught how oppressed they are and who is at fault. Upon graduation the student should have mastered all of the benchmarks of resentment, hopelessness and rage. Regardless of test scores their training should have prepared them to expect a government subsidy to take care of the kids and the baby-momma / baby daddy and a scholarship to Harvard, Yale, Grambling State or other equivalent higher learning institutions. The tenure at university will instill further insights on how to “game” the system and build a righteous hatred for all the evils in the world like America and white western Europe. Providing the student makes it through the first semester two career paths will emerge 1) Democrat political pseudo-science 2) Post parole correspondence training. Either career path will assure a life long democrat voter filled to the brim with intolerance and bristling rage to be exploited whenever the party deems it necessary.

  20. Is the article about the school’s poor grammar and spelling or is it an example of “income disparity” that Lord Obama rails about? Gee, South Side Chicago. . . golly gosh, that’s where Obama did all that stellar “community organizing” that qualified him to be president.

  21. Not only did no kids catch the error, no teachers or administrators did, either. And it is such a glaring mistake. Now we know why students can’t read or write or think logically. Yet we constantly hear how great our teachers in the US are (or is it our? hmmmm). But ask those kids if they feel good about themselves and they will say of course they do. Ask them whose fault it will be if they fail in the business world and they will tell you it will be white people’s fault and certainly not theirs (and not the word “theres”)

  22. Shows you how little it takes to get a Education Degree in College now doesn’t it…..

    We have ign0rant people teaching our kids,, and UNIONIZED at that,, so we can’t hold them accountable !

    • You couldn’t do a better job Mort. No one could. The kids don’t care! Their parents don’t care! The dropout and failure rates aren’t a teacher issue. the teachers have those kids for a few hours a day, for 1/3 of the year. They are influenced by their friends, family and media personalities the rest of the time. Guess who’s opinion counts more to the kids? Hint: it isn’t the teachers.

  23. Comin Corpse strikes agen. Ejicashun is are biggest problim. Nowlij is power. Unejicaydid and stupid peepul votes four the wons hoo give um stuff.

    (My spell checker just threw up, walked out the door and declared it would never return.)

  24. GET RID of the dept of Educ. Give the power BACK TO the states. Vote DEMS OUT who are AGAINST vouchers & charter schools.

  25. There was a push to have CPS teacher’s competency tested, so they could be paid according to their skill level, but the union made a huge stink so it was dropped. Anyone want to takes a guess why the union was so opposed? If I were a teacher, and they wanted to test me and pay me according to my abilities, I’d be the first in line

  26. This is the reason Ovomit sealed his records! We always thought it was because of his birth certificate and this is probably the school he graduated from and did not want anyone to know where he actually graduate from.

  27. Hey, they’ll do just fine when they go on to enter a highly marketable “College of Transformational Studies”, i.e. Womens, Hispanic, Afro American, Native American, etc. Studies!

  28. Another great example of Right-Wing “journalism”…

    I decided to try something which aparently no one thought of — actually researching this. What I found:

    – EVERY SINGLE article on the internet related to this traces back to a message on Chuck Goudie’s Facebook page.

    – Despite being an “investigative reporter”, Goudie’s post contain no article explaining the situation, just the image seen above and a single word “Nyce”.

    – As far as I can tell, NO ONE has done even the most basic research — No reporter has talked to anyone at the school itself.

    – Despite having absolutely ZERO evidence of anything — (was it deliberate or a mistake? was it done by the school or the printer? Was did a single card or hundreds? Is it even legitimate or just a gag?) — dozens of Right-wing commentators blather on & on, speculating wildly.

  29. And its a lack of education that is keeping these folks poor. What a shame! But Obama’s lapdog is doing the city an injustice and the fools there elected him so they made their choice and now will suffer from it.

  30. No child left behind? BS. The dumbing down of our school system isn’t working. It all starts at home and with welfare there is no incentive at home to even try.

  31. This reminds me of an incident. My grandson’s girlfriend, an ex-bleeding heart, until she became convinced of the abuses of the so called minorities, was working in a day care to help the single mothers work or find jobs. Her ours were 8 to 6, as a volunteer. Every day these mothers used to come almost a 9 PM, tearing the books being taught and advising their children not to learn to read because” the white owed us” When they finally went to pick up their children so late, their excuse was “‘I am late because I need to have my porcelain nails DID”.

  32. Reviewing comments found on even these posts show a gross inability to spell, punctuate, pluralize and express. It is not always the fault of the posters, but of their education, although sometimes it does seem to be a combination. Nine times out of ten, it is the trolls, the low informed liberals, who generally fail in simple usage of the apostrophe, for example, by using apostrophes to indicate plural of numbers. The apostrophe has only two uses, contractions and to denote possession. Now watch some liberal try to argue that! 😉

  33. ok…here we go…again! The NCLB (No Child Left Behind act) was firmly in place, where extreme lowering of the bar really got it’s biggest bending. (II, Al, CA to name a few went overboard). Now. There are constant “assessments” which are gov mandated. More teaching/system resources and time go into these over-abundance of test(s)ing – or plain teach-to-the-test and not for education/learning sake. Huh? Okay – how bout this way – they have stopped TEACHING the child the basics. Soooo when the kids “perform” poorly on tests – it is not the kids fault that they have not larnneded anythang – but it is the uber-rich teacher! When the teachers are therefore evaluated – it is not upon their skills and knowledge, it is strictly on test/assessment scores of the individual students – – which do not reflect any abilities/effort/skills, etc of the teachers. And so – they will probably follow suit with Callyfronya – and fire teachers for not allowing kids their constetuutshunall right to a edukation based on scores from the tests/assessments. If one will also look at the statistics (if it were public knowledge) those that are screeeeeaming loudest were most certainly the ones that skipped half the year to hang out with their buds on the corners rather than be un-kool and attend class. Now insert Common Core – and you ain’t seen true chaos…yet!

  34. Rahm Emmanual and his crack education team will turn this around. All they need is a few hundred billion. They also have a great teachers union that specializes in raping the city for ever higher salaries … without accountability and while making it appear they really care about the students. This is the Democrat Party at its best !

  35. Whachew meen th skule haz a bad rekurd four gradyshun an edykayshun? Last yeer fore peepul gradyatud an that’s reel gud.

  36. One has to be willing, and enthusiastic about the prospect of learning new things. This must be inculcated in the home, when the kids are young. Teachers cannot be expected to take the place of responsible parents, no matter how much you pay them. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear. We have to attack the cause, which is the welfare system, not the symptom.

  37. It’s time for people to face the truth! Our public schools are crap! They’re run by a social progressive group who is more interested in indoctrinating stupid people than providing an education so our young people can prosper. When you look at the main points of public education today actual education is way down the list.

    What is the school’s primary goal?

    It’s to produce people who are too timid to stand up for their own rights. Who are too stupid to even know what their rights really are. A generation of young people who have not slightest idea of where America came from, how it came about, what our freedoms truly are, but more importantly what are the responsibilities of every American citizen!

    Chicago has the highest paid teachers in America they also have the poor’s track record for graduations, teenage pregnancies, ridiculously low test scores, and some of the most violent schools in America. One question why are we paying teachers and administrators top dollar when all the produce are at best substandard graduates, future prison inmates, and future welfare households totally dependent upon the government? How can these people justify their exorbitant salaries when all they can turn out is crap.

    You want to improve the lot of the inner cities is not my paying teachers not to do a job. It’s not enforcing logical rules to provide a safe environment where education is the only concern. You always have students who for whatever reason our habitual troublemakers who have absolutely no desire to learn and do nothing but disrupt the rest of the class. In Chicago the teachers couldn’t do anything about these individuals if they wanted to. The school board doesn’t want to touch it with a 10 foot pole, and the liberals will file lawsuits to prevent turning ours schools back into places of education and not indoctrination.

    Rule number one to the age of 17 you will go to school no excuses. If you cannot conform to the normal school system, our troublemaker, or just choose not to participate then you are removed from that school. You will be sent to a school where you will learn, you will participate, and you will not cause trouble. Were talking aboard a school with 12 foot electrified fences with retired drill instructors as teachers and there will be absolutely no communication with the outside unless you earn it in the press will never be allowed past the gate. Since you chose this route you will remain in school until you successfully complete your high school Regiment and are able to score and 80% on your final exam.

    After you successfully complete the program you will be presented with options. If you choose to further your education and are willing to participate as an instructor in the program you just finished all expenses will be paid for your bachelors degree. If you complete with a score of about 90% you will be offered the opportunity for further education in any of the science or math curriculums and upon completion of your bachelors degree you are be offered a commission in the US military.

    If you are unable to complete the program with an 80% you will remain behind barbed wire until you do. Then you will be released on probation for three years. Any criminal activity within that three years that you are charged with will be the equivalent of the third strike as far as judicial code is concerned and you will go to the big house.

    Now that we’ve got rid of the problem students we tackle the teachers. Every teacher will be required to take a written exam in the subject they teach and thinking not complete that exam in a given period of time with an 85% or better they are put on unpaid leave for six months at the end of that six months they can retest and if they are still below 85% their teaching credentials are removed and they will not work in the educational system of America in any shape or form.

    There will be a code of conduct for all school employees any teacher who feels they need to fraternize with the students will be terminated. Any teacher was found guilty of sexually interacting with students will lose their credentials and serve 10 to 25 years in the penitentiary.

      • Only if we choose to be. As bad as our educational system is if the student wants to learn they still can not necessarily the proper lessons but they can become literate. The majority of these inner-city students who are doing so poorly are doing poorly because they choose to. They choose not to learn, they choose not to obey the rules, they choose illiteracy, and they definitely choose to be future inmates in prison.

  38. Those numbers are mind blowing. I had no idea that that many students graduated. I’m so glad that hings are looking up for our system. Use guys confuse me, Ize be glad now dough

  39. “Even the students that graduate haven’t learned anything………………”

    I hate to be a stickler, but since this article refers to poor grammar, it’s “who”, students “who” graduate……….

    • Sometimes I am slammed for correcting spelling or grammar but it is done with a good spirit and not as a put down. I believe that is what you are attempting as well. We all improve our presence in the eyes of those who may not agree with us when we can express our thoughts intelligently.

  40. That’s right, Mr community organizer, senator from Chicago left the city with the number 1 crime rate, number 1 murder rate, number 1 gun crime rate, worst education system in the country. And what did the Obama useful idiots say, “hey lets put this guy in the white house”! Great move fools!!!

  41. How very sad that these uneducated people are so ignorant that they vote for the very people that perpetuate their plight.

    I truly hope that those students that want to succeed, will succeed and get out of that inner-city trap!

  42. Part of the problem is with the teachers not speaking clearly. If you are not clearly speaking, how do you think those slang speaking ghetto brats ever learn anything?

  43. “This is are story” was presented here as incomplete. It comes with a translation to English and that’s missing.

  44. The BEST way to solve this public education problem:
    1) create groups of 5 states (example: Mich, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio).
    2) the other 4 states will test the 5th state’s students in various subjects:
    * Michigan will test the math
    * Indiana will test science
    * Wisconsin will test history/ gov’t
    * Ohio will test reading/ writing

    Of course, these tests will be similar in content across all 50 states.
    3) In this example, the tests will be given to Illinois students.
    4) The results are shared with the tested state, as well as, the other 4 states
    (no secrets or back room deals) in the group.
    5) the state with the lowest overall score loses a percentage of Federal Education
    Funds – 10%? The other four states would get that money; a 2.5% increase
    for each of the other 4 states.

    This would put a fire under the rear ends of the politicians and educators of the state with the lowest score to FIX the problem . . . . AND FAST!! I’ll bet the politicians wouldn’t be so inclined to keep a teachers’ union around IF they were continuing to protect poor/ ineffective teachers.

    The following year, the process starts over again.

  45. Seeing as how the “community organizer” has not only failed this country, its veterans and so on. Is it any wonder that he’s also failed his own hometown. While many of his fellow blacks have been killing each other in record numbers in Chikillgo, Obama seemed more worried about “gay” rights and ILLEGAL immigrants. So it’s not too hard to imagine that the educational level is falling into the ground, along with far too many young black males in his old homey town.

  46. There is hope today a Judge ruled against Tenure if we can get rid of bad teachers that will go a long way to improve the schools!

  47. Paul Robson was an American-hating, communist, so I’m sure the average $76,000 teacher in this ghetto of a city is doing their level best to pass Robson’s agenda on to their students. They don’t need to learn how to read, write or add, the Chi-Town Dog Eating alumnus will use his pen and phone to force us to take care of them and their offspring from cradle to grave.
    But look on the bright side–When you start with overpaid, under-qualified, illiterate, union protected teachers, and classrooms full of lazy welfare dolts, this is the best you can expect. #DigAHoleShovelInTheMoney
    Check out both the Instructional Expenditure and the Operational Expenditure per student (this is 2 years old, it’s higher now)…WOW!

  48. Bring the best teachers in from around the country and guess what happens? You got it.. Absolutely nothing. The percentages will change little if any. Were dealing with kids that don’t care. Kids that think its cool to fail. Kids who have family that don’t care. Its a culture different then that were use to. All the money in the world won’t change it. Unfortunately these poor kids are led astrayby there culture. The drive is gone. Be lazy and smoke weed is the new America. Just today iI stood in line behind a kid much like the kids mentioned in the article. He ranked of weed so bad I couldn’t wait to get out of the place. And he told the clerk he was still looking for work. How is it he affords his fix is what I wanna know?

  49. It is a shame that a school named after such a well educated Blackman would turn out students of that poor quality.
    Paul Robeson Rutgers (1919) Columbia Law (1923)

  50. Who is the mayor there??? Can;t he do something about those underpaid teachers? Guess they are too busy trying not to get shot!!!

  51. The vast majority of Public School teachers in this country would help their communities much more by becoming fertilizer.

  52. Until we get rid of the political correctness, the unions, and the damn liberal Democrats running everything they touch into the ground, nothing will improve, not that they were worth a shit to begin with.
    People get what they vote for. People get what they tolerate. Parents reap what they sow.
    It’s the teachers fault. It’s the governments fault. It’s the unions fault…NO, it is the parents fault, and the never ending culture of failure, and not giving a shit about anything good or constructive, being passed down from one generation to the next.
    No amount of money is going to correct this glaring problem that no one, and I mean NO ONE wants to talk about.
    A sorry assed kid who was raised by sorry assed parent(s) who instill nothing of merit or meaning into their child; well, don’t expect much.
    When useless people come together and breed, the produce useless children. These children never had a chance, because they were already screwed by their parents, as they were never given the correct path or tools to learn or succeed in school.
    Let us address the elephant that is sitting quietly over in the corner of this discussion…THIS IS A GENERATIONAL, FAILURE ON THE PART OF THE (insert your choice of minority here).
    Everyone is so terrified of being labeled a racist. How can the truth make you a racist? The vast majority of crime is committed by minorities, plain and simple. Why? Bad parenting…no positive support structure to guide them during their impressionable years.
    When they are allowed to run wild as children, exactly how are you going to expect them to act as adults?
    They are doomed to be dumb as dirt, non-productive, and more than likely become a charge of the state or federal government at some level. (Incarceration, for those of you that don’t “habla.”)
    Everyone that has enough spine, knows this is the real problem, no more, no less.
    You may say I’m racist, and that I am this, and I am that…but deep down, where your gut tells you the real truth? You know I’m right…you’re just afraid to say it.

    • Ian, I don’t know why you don’t have a thousand “up” arrows. You’ve said it better than anyone. I had a friend many years ago who said that the only way to break the cycle was to take a generation away from “them”. Otherwise things would go on pretty much the way you’ve described.It ALL comes down to parenting, and when you have liberal, corrupt(redundant) local governments, the problems are compounded.(Just watch how fast NYC deteriorates with Deblasio paying off all his union support.)
      Unfortunately, there’s not a single politician who would echo what you’ve written. Therefore, things won’t change.

      • Thank you, JayJay. Political Correctness…THAT is the monster that is going to kill our country. When you have a system in place where only certain people or groups can spew their venom onto good, decent people, but if the good people say ANYTHING against THEM, they will be convicted of a “hate crime,” you’re in a lot of trouble.
        Today, people are terrified to speak their true feelings in a public setting (sans the internet) for fear of getting skinned alive. This high school story is a perfect example. No one in their right mind would ever utter what everyone knows is the truth. This is certainly a school full of black kids, that have but two options in front of them…crime, or living off of the backs of the taxpayers for the rest of their lives. This is what they are taught by their families and their peers, how to take full advantage of the “system.”
        They refuse to “learn” because no one forces them to do so. Besides…why do I need to learn, when I know that I will be taken care of by the government for the rest of my life???
        It makes me sick to see how our country has deteriorated to such a shameful and disgraceful state.
        Poor government leadership is no different than poor parenting; in the absence of good, morals, and belief in something greater than ourselves, chaos, mediocrity, and evil flourish.
        I hope you are having a great week, my friend.

  53. What do you expect from people who are too busy playing the “knockout game” and participating in flash mobs? They can’t be bothered with getting an education. Chicago might as well change it’s name to “Detroit,” another shining example of liberal Democrat policies over the past 50 years. There is a tsunami coming this November Mr. Obama.

    • Their average IQ is 80 points. Race and IQ are THE SAME. It’s not edication, or poverty. They CRATE the POVERTY.

      It’s RACE.

  54. Average Negro and Mestizo IQ is 80 points. That means HALF of the Orcs are under that mark.

    You can’t fix that. Stop pretending it’s “education”. It’s their DNA.

  55. There should be no such thing as public schools. Why does the government just assume they have the “obligation and right” to teach our kids? The only obligation the government has is to ensure that all kids have a fair opportunity. That is best done by vouchers so the parents can pick the schools they want their children to attend, and so the best schools compete for quality.

  56. Excuse me, we was very poor growing up with a single mom, no child support. We were still taught English, Math, History and Science in school. The basics (are vs our) was taught in elementary school. I blame this entirely on the interference of our Federal Government on Education. One size does NOT fit all. And phonics is Obviously NOT working! We have dumbed down our children, and it is totally on purpose.

  57. Another example of the increase in the low-IQ Black population. No matter how much money is spent on education, if the students have low inherited IQs they are NOT going to learn anything.
    You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, and you cannot improve low inherited IQ, no matter how much money is spent. $76,000 for a teachers who themselves are semi-illiterate? No wonder Chicago and Illinois are drowning in debt!

  58. I might be unusual, I’m not sure. I was partly (very well) home-schooled, partly self-taught (I “lived” in libraries, museums & the like), & partly went through the PS system–there’s a bad concept. A real meat grinder.

    Upshot of it was I was very well-educated, but had no letters behind my name to prove it, so I was forced to take any job I could find, from washing dishes to digging dishes, to at last (my favorite) a library assistant. I stayed there ’til my own health kicked me out. I have a number of nonworking body parts (due to various incidents–none of them my fault), so physical labor was then not a possibility. Then my lungs began to grieve me, & I was given a throat trach, & now can barely breath or talk, so doing odd jobs such as recording texts for students or the like are no longer a possible income source,

    For some time, before I lost my voice, I worked for a radio station, editing & repeating news (that was a fluke, but at times my LIFE seems like a fluke).

    Point is, I’m too cripped up to move, let alone do any sort of labor. If I could think of a way to use my mind, I’m a good writer, but I don’t have any idea how to set up something. I’m fatigued from lack of oxygen, & my tiny pension from my library job plus Social Security BARELY cover my bills, so I survive on that & Medicare, sometimes Medicaid, & Blue Cross/Blue Shield, & always, on God’s help & good friends’.

    So my question is, do you all resent me using welfare to live? All my breathing equipment, visits from nurses, & when they can find someone, cooking & cleaning a bit costs money I just don’t have, My biggest bill is rent, & that & the rest of my bills eat up my entire “income!”

    I can’t even afford to bury myself when the time comes; I think friends will chip in, but I wish they didn’t have to. Still, more & more, lately, I find myself looking forward to the day I won’t be a problem for you all.

    Please don’y hate me; pray for me. I’ve had a great life, & I really tried HARD not to end up like this…but here I am.

    I also can’t bear lazy people, either, & I don’t think they deserve welfare, but do I fit into that realm? People who know me KNOW I don’t. IS there room in your hearts to forgive me for being a financial burden?

    • First I would say that I’m sorry to hear of your problems and would pray for a miracle in your life. Second, I certainly do not hate you. Public assistance, private & public, are there to help those that cannot help themselves. There is a very big difference between helping the lazy and those that are disabled. That being said, I am not unhappy about your receiving welfare. That is what it was designed for.

      • Thank you, Ron. I am moved to tears by your kindness.

        I’ve always felt as you do, but the system has become SO abused that many are rightfully sick of it, & are calling for it to be disbanded. If that happens, though, people such as I WILL “fall through the cracks,” to coin a cliche… 🙂

        I wish people could understand that what NEEDS to happen is a great reform of the system, to stop the waste of money & minds & manpower, but leaving the basic system, cleaned up, open, available to folks such as I. In fact, if that happened, some resources I get now could afford to pay for things I need–such as an alert system that works when my neighborhood electricity goes out. I have a little wrist alarm that works–IF the electricity is on! My phone doesn’t work if it’s off, however, & the wrist alarm works through it! But my insurance doesn’t cover for a non-digital phone (& digital is all I can afford), with an inbuilt battery thing that works for a couple of days.

        The last time our block lost the electricity, I couldn’t reach ANYONE, as not only my electric phone was out, so was my “alarm!” I lay in the dark for several hours ’til the city got the lights ~et alia~ working again, but all I could do ’til then was pray & lie as still as could be, so as not to waste breath. As you can see, I made it, thanks to God. I was very weakened by that time, so now that I could, I called EMS to check me out, & they took me to the hospital. I loathe being dependent on all these machines you & everyone pays for, but, there you go.

        Thank you for being understanding, & I hope others here realize not ALL folks on welfare are just moochers. I come from a family who were ASHAMED of the idea of being on welfare, & we’d take any job possible to keep from it! I’d do that now if I could think of one!

        God bless you. Connie

    • I’ve seen many signs misspelled at many different types of rallies from both sides of the political spectrum, BUT USE OF PROPER VERBIAGE from so called school officials makes Forest Gump look smart. Of course our President called Navy Medics “Corpse Men” so what should we expect from people who live Chicago and were educated there? I wonder what the Valedictorian graduate from this school system may do someday?

      • He also told us that we had 57 states in America.
        He also thanked George Stephanopolis for not bringing up his muslim heratige at the end of an interview.
        HEY!!! LABobfromNYC … you might be a few bricks short of a full load …….. But that is normal for a demoCRAP.

  59. Need to have that type vote bank for the survival of the democratic party. What else ? Yes ,that includes children arriving from South of the border are encouraged & welcome. That is sign of a party losing support .

  60. That’s what LIB DEMS do a city, just like they did to Detroit and the Idiots keep putting them in office!!! Most All of them are THUGS, CRIMINALS and GANGSTERS, look where ole barry came from!!

  61. bad thing is that things are not going to get better, ever ever. I’m not talking about my generation either. Nothing will get better ever.

  62. They can pay teachers a six figure salary and it’s not going to improve anything. Washington DC gets the most money for education and there students are still dumber than rocks. Some people have a naturally low IQ and no education is going to improve it. Maybe if the parents of these dimwits encouraged education instead of hoping they become NBA or cRAP stars, things might improve.

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