Burger King Enters LGBT Corner with Proud Whopper

With state-level gay marriage bans toppling like congregants at a Pentecostal revival, it makes sense that more and more corporations would be courting the LGBT community. The most recent corporation to cash in is Burger King, which played it safe with a local item—called the Proud Whopper—available at only one store on the route of San Francisco’s Gay Pride Parade.

The Proud Whopper came packaged rather ostentatiously (what did you expect?) in neon rainbow striped paper. Other than that, it was the exact same Whopper. As if to transform this minimal effort into positive marketing, the wrapper had “we are all the same inside” written on it. See? Because a Proud Whopper is nothing more than a regular Whopper in a garish costume. And a homosexual is nothing more than a heterosexual in a rhinestone thong and roller skates … who likes men.

Now, if I were a member of the homosexual community, this move by Burger King would offend me on many levels. One one level, it would offend me almost as much as the opportunistic surge in “faith-based” movie divisions. Does anyone think Starbucks or Nike or Subaru or Burger King give a flip of the burger about homosexuals? I’ll give you a hint. They don’t.

They are businesses, and as such, they want to maximize their profits by gaining loyal customers. They leverage their ad campaigns for positive exposure while attempting to limit the backlash from other potential or actual customers. So Subaru knows that they have the absolute loyalty of the River Arts District in Asheville, most of whose occupants already sympathize with the LGBT cause. So Subaru keeps driving that gravy train, knowing that they won’t lose many customers if they tip their hat to homosexuals (and they might even gain a few more customers as the LGBT cause gains in popularity). This goes for all businesses.

Chick-fil-A (or “Chick-fil-hate,” according to the Subaru-driving hipsters of the RAD) knows that it can “take a stand” against homosexuality and actually increase the loyalty of its core customers. That’s a business decision. It’s time people realized that—in the vast majority of cases—politics, ethics, religion, and other purportedly ideological disciplines have been completely overrun by pragmatic market concerns. Whether on the right or the left, companies make political statements for marketing reasons. So let’s not be so quick to condemn or congratulate a corporate entity for its apparent political positions.

But there’s another level to the Proud Whopper that should be offensive to homosexuals: what it says about homosexuality is in direct contrast to what they say about themselves. If “we are all the same inside,” then the only distinction between a homosexual and a heterosexual is outward appearances—also known as behavior. If there is no ontological difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals, what are homosexuals griping about? Because we don’t let them dress flamboyantly enough in public? The Proud Whopper actually confirms what traditionalists have said all along—that homosexuality is a difference in behavior, not nature.

Burger King’s message to homosexuals is, “Have it Your Way.” But they can’t have it both ways. Either diversity is something to be celebrated and we should all be happy for the differences among us, or else the differences between us are the cause of our dissension and we need to emphasize how we are all really the same. This is a crucial issue with the LGBT cause because things like the Gay Pride Parade and self-imposed earmarks of ostentation indicate that the LGBT community is more interested in its own exceptionalism than it is in “fitting in” with the rest of us.

I find that troubling on many levels. Because while they fight to promote their own exclusive uniqueness, they are also fighting for mainstream normalcy. This is one reason why the Proud Whopper may not have the effect Burger King was banking on:

“In the past, most brands have been outreaching to the LGBT community through the LGBT media and it was almost a safe way of doing it because the only people seeing it were LGBT people,” said David Paisley, senior research director at Community Marketing and Insights, a market research firm focused exclusively on the LGBT community.

“What we’ve really learned over the last couple of years is the best way to reach the LGBT community and impress the LGBT community is through mainstream media outreach,” Paisley added. “What the LGBT people have been saying is don’t segregate us so much. We expect to see us in your mainstream advertising, not all the time, but once in a while.”

“Don’t segregate us.” But also, “We refuse to be integrated.” And there’s the rub. If LGBTs refuse to be segregated, but they also refuse to change, what does that mean? It means that either our culture and civilization must change to accommodate them, or they must be removed from our culture. There is really no other way around it. And, given the current trend, it’s looking like American culture will be rainbow-colored long before we refuse to allow normalcy to be dictated by a tyrannical minority.

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  1. Homosexuality has become a mark on society that is going above and beyond what many gays would have anticipated. Now we are being introduced to a gay rainbow wrapper on our whoppers which hopefully will be confined to the San Francisco area. If the rainbow wrapper ever makes an appearance in a Burger King near me, I’ll be opting for Arbys.

        • I forgot about Sonic when they announced that they wouldn’t respect the rights of weapons carry licensees.

          • Thanks……I did not know about Sonic……I like to stay away from “gun free zones”.

          • Sonic has two guys in their commercials, one who is straight and the other a hick gay who’s obviously never been in the company of a woman. Or maybe it’s the other way around, the straight guy is gay and the hick is a sexual dynamo for women. You never know.

          • There’s going to be a hell of a lot of extra business out there for real businesses who respect our 2nd amendment rights, and those who don’t see a place for homosexuality in a Christian society, etc.

          • Did not know that. . .will keep that in mind for future visits. . .What-A-Burger it is then!

        • Sonic recently made a statement that chl holders should leave their guns at home because they wanted a safe environment for their customers. They are left-leaning anti gun it would seem. Not too smart either, as the safety they supposedly long for can only be had when chl holders are encouraged to frequent their businesses.

          • Thanks for good word, Ralph! 😎 Just another greasy spoon to stay away from.

          • Dittos Ralph!
            To those who believe in Gun Free Zones, buy some extra life insurance. If things go south, you’ll need it!

            I for one would just as soon be in a room full of law abiding Americans who are carrying than a room full of sheep and one bad guy with a gun. Just saying…

      • Arby’s is my choice, I haven’t been to a Burger king or McDonalds in over 10 years. Even when my children were little I would take them once and a while, but I didn’t eat there.

          • BOYCOTT them, too! Can’t you just see your kids ogling the rainbow crowd, as they come a-swishing their way into the places? What kind of an effect will that have on trhe little ones? Gay Meals for the kids??? A very excellent reason to stay far, far away from McD.

      • Until we have openly gay chickens showing up at KFC. This country is going to hell on a high-speed rail.

      • Thats the way it is at most. Only every now and then do you run into one where a manager gives a crap about the store and the employees give a crap about their jobs.

    • If I went through a drive-thu, and got some queer message on my food I’d throw it back through the window, and say,”I didn’t order any queer propaganda!”

    • Funny you mentioned the “Rainbow”. I find it decidedly funny that the Homoseuals use the Rainbow as their symbol! see that’s God first sign given to Noah as a promise to not again flood the earth. Seems the GOD homosexuals hate because HE has decreed that what they do is “SIN” (Leviticus 18:22/Romans 1:26-27 KJV) Yet, they use that symbol, they just can’t get away from Gods word! Funny!!

      • Yes, that thought crossed my mind as well. They take whatever is associated with God, and either turn it into something totally perverted, or something that they identify with such as their rainbow flag. Now when anyone sees this sign in the sky, it will be their symbol, reminding people of them, not God’s covenant with Noah.

    • Why wait any longer?? Drop them NOW: BK is BK and the money gotes to the corporation, regardless of which one loves the queer world…Bid sayonara to ALL of them!

    • Why not just skip the BK and go for an Arby’s. I have and I’m pretty sure it’s better for you as well. If you stick with BK, you should ask them for the ingredients in those gay burgers. 🙂

    • Burger king’s food tastes like the overpriced crap it is their fries taste like dehydrated hourse dung! ( can you dehygerate horse dung???)

  2. Sadly, I don’t think a boycott would help any. If a boycott gets started, then I’ll be there with it. It seems like the more they offend the Christian community, the more they try. All I can say is, God HELP America.

      • That is how I feel. I was very polite in my e-mail but I wanted them to know that they have lost my business. If they don’t care, so be it.

    • Even my homosexual brother, God rest his soul, would say, “I hate the gay activists because they ruin it for the rest of us.” Homosexuals are hypocrites to stand on their anti-bully platform. I have seen more bulling among my brother’s circle of friends with belittling, berating, demeaning those who did not want to push the agenda but just be accepted for who they were as an individual without sexuality entering into the picture. My brother was molested in the 5th grade and this lifestyle should not be supported. It has been wrong since the beginning of mankind and a rainbow-colored wrapper does not make it right. The rainbow colors belong to God. Satan loves to mock.

      • You’re right the ACTVISTS are the ones who make it hard for people to live their lives respectably. I have known many gays and they were quiet, thoughtful men. They NEVER pushed their lifestyle on anyone. Just like us they work and lived the life they chose. While I don’t agree with it, It’s NOT for me to judge.
        The ACTIVISTS make people OPPOSED to gays. Go live your life and leave others alone!!!!!

        • Thats the way I used to feel, until they started pushing it down our throats. At that point, my mind changed.

        • As Christ would say, “love the sinner, hate the sin.” We are called to be compassionate; however, we are called to admonish sin. The homosexual need prayers that one day they will turn from sin and find God’s saving grace.
          For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

          • Yes, and Christ also told the one that was about to be stoned due to immorality. . .”go and sin no more.” We are not called to judge, we are called to get as many souls to heaven as we can! May God continue to bless you and yours. Keep posting the truth!!

          • Actually, Jesus never said that. You won’t find this quote in the Bible, but it is sometimes mistakenly attributed to Jesus. The original quote is from St. Augustine, a famous bishop of Hippo in northern Africa and an influential Catholic theologian who died in 430 A.D.

            Mohandas Gandhi borrowed the idea and further popularized it when he wrote in his 1929 autobiography to “hate the sin and not the sinner.” The moral teaching behind the variations of the quote suggests that all humans are deserving of love, regardless of their sometimes sinful behavior. In cases of grievous or heinous sin, loving the sinner while hating the sin can be supremely difficult. Yet Jesus promoted the same with his teaching to “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Mt 5:44).

          • Maybe you need to read the full passage and Christ’s words again. In His actions He proved time and time again He loved the sinner, yet hated the sin. Even “you must love one another as you love yourself” implies loving the sinner and hating the sin. . .for who among us is truly sinless? All the more reason to hate sin for He took it upon Himself and died on the Cross. We are called to admonish sin, mot pass judgment, but call out sin for what it is. Homosexuality and all immorality is sinful, has been form the beginning of mankind. and there is no difference now. Satan loves to mock. . .Christ is the way, the truth, and the light. All should be made aware that sin will keep them from the graces that await. God knows His sheep and His goats.

          • My point is that people are always saying that Jesus said “Love the sinner but hate the sin” when the Bible does not actually quote Him as saying that. Just because it is implied, does not make the quote so.

          • When Christ told the adulterous women to “Go and sin no more” He should His love for her and hate for sin. Otherwise, He would have just let her been stoned to death. Christ loved the sinner knowing sin is what would nail Him to the Cross. There is no more unconditional love than that.

      • I worked with two gay guys some years ago and the subject came up. I told him I would never experiment with that life style. He said “you’d switch if I had 10 min. with you”. That’s why I don’t care about them at all. I hope they all are punished while on the Earth so all could see them suffer.

        • Just wait till sharia law kicks in. . .suffer they will. I worked with homosexuals in Houston, they were professionals, but boy, when they would get into arguments it was like a female cat fight on steroids and gave a whole new meaning to “catty.”

          • You haven’t seen anything until you’ve investigated a gay on gay murder. It gives new meaning to overkill.

          • aka Matthew Shepherd. . .drug deal gone bad and blamed it on his homosexuality. . .one of the kiIIers and the deceased “had a thing going on.”

          • So true. They cut all kinds of things off and creatively put them into other places. So brutal-wow.

          • Right you are. And the women’s lib people, well, Sharia law will slaughter them as well if Sharia ever comes to town.

          • Mosques are a sign of conquest. While in Israel a few years back, our tour guide told me we must fight and protect our beautiful Constitution at all costs, for if sharia law should kick in our Constitution will be no more. Even those thousands of miles away know the beauty of our Constitution, that there is nothing else like her, and she must be defended by those who love her.

      • Your brother deserved better from you than churchy platitudes. I am often inclined to be patient with people who have had little close contact with homosexuals and so really are operating from a perspective of ignorance and viewing homosexuals as a stereotype rather than as real, individual humans. But it really bothers me when people who have had experience with gay members of their family display the same lack of understanding.

        • My brother defended those who were picked on and there is no lack of understanding, What bothers you is the truth about what really goes on in the community that most people are not aware of. My brother’s circle of friends, were not allowed to be individuals, they were expected to push the agenda. They did not want to prance around, they wanted to be accepted for their life, not their lifestyle. I too have no lack of understanding of those who want to continue to sugarcoat the lies and deceit. I will speak the truth as I know it. . .and it ani’t pretty.

    • If they’re wrong, in your opinion, don’t buy their [food].
      Your integrity is not dependent upon others agreeing with you.

      • Very true, We don’t need an official organized boycott, we just don’t frequent their business if we disagree with what BK has done. Very simple.

    • It actually does help Sharon. I’ll give an example. Ford tried supporting this group and had a boycott against them. I believe it lasted either 3 or 4 years. At the last years shareholders meeting, complaints were voiced about the dropping share prices and over all value of the company. The shareholders demanded company execs cease with supporting the LGBT groups. Ford finally stopped and went back to what they do best, making and selling cars. The boycott ended and share prices once again began to climb.
      There have been other similar boycotts that didn’t take as long to accomplish. Corporations need to understand they are in business to make money, not influence community decisions. Burger King, in my opinion, sells the best tasting fast food burger. They need to stick with selling good tasting burgers and stay out of community issues as a business. This is what I say to any company I boycott, stick to what you do best, selling your product. Otherwise you won’t receive any of my money to advance something I don’t agree with.

    • I think boycott just means you don’t patronize them with your business. I don’t think you have to actually do anything.

    • Remember the gays boycot of chicks O lea cause it stood up for christian rights .. Normal people sent their profits soaring

  3. As long as they keep it in Mexifornia, I don’t care. First time one of these shows up here then I’ll quit going to burger king.

  4. Don’t even think about it Burger King in Tennessee. You’ll go under like Pharoah chasing the Israelites into the Red Sea.

  5. I have a Relative that’s as queer as they come, none, i repeat none of us in this family will associate with him. I will NEVER go to burger king again, NEVER.

  6. Any corp that goes that far to curry the favor… is telling me,.. that they don’t need my business. I can find a hamburger that tastes good without looking past the next corner. So.. let them do with out me. I’d advise the same for the rest of you too. Until such time as the corp world comes to their senses…. …. …. we can hope, right?

    • You’ve got my vote, Dale; I haven’t been into one of those greasy spoons since I swore off them, back in 2005: I had a stroke, and the doctor blamed it on one-a-day, for about five years of Whoppers and Fries. Have been doing quite well since my complete recovery,. and I don’t miss those sloppy, greasy Whoppers or hamburgers one iota! It would behoove everyone to boycott any greasy spoon, anyway. Stay healthy, good people!! 😎

      • Since the Whooper is such a goober…it is enough to eat one a day.. and nothing else… for the whole day. But I won’t support someone that is that dead set on being that dead. On the wrong side of … the BIBLE… just seems to me to be flirting with self destruction to wager with my salvation by cavorting with and supporting those that insist on being so definitively in the wrong.
        They can and likely will do anything they want.. they just don’t get to do it with my money… or support.

        • You’re right about that, Dale; I’ll walk on the right side of the Bible any day! For one thing, I can’t for the life of me understand why they call themselves “gay”; there’s absolutely nothing gay about their lifestyle. It’s a shame how they twist the English language around; mujst have something to do with their twisted minds, eh?

          Happy Independence Day to you!

          • Isn’t it funny how you never see the hopital beds full of the homosexuals who got GRID or AIDS etc! I knew a man who got that disease and who I worked w/and you never saw such a miserable man after he found out! I just hope he came to his senses about the situation!

          • If he DID come to his senses after contracting AIDS, in the words of H. Clinton, ‘what difference does it make now’? I have yet to hear of a cure for AIDS.

            Have a Happy Independence Day!

          • Gays are generally unhappy, self loathing beings. Typical liberal types. They like pointing out what they see as short-comings in everyone else however they fail to look into that mirror. Those that do add to the growing suicide statistics among homosexuals. There simply isn’t anything truly gay about them or their lifestyle.

      • Chipotle might eventually since they banned guns. Welcome to gun free zone fairyland ! Our refried beans are specially treated so your farts will smell like roses and not offend gay senses. PC beans you might say,non offensive to the gay community.

        • I can’t wait for the first Chipotle customer who get’s shot over their no gun policy. Mega suit I hope! Put them and those like them out of business. Let’ not forget Star Bucks!

  7. What about a Happy Heterosexual burger. I’m sick of hearing about homosexual rights, LGBT rights!
    No matter how you slice it homosexuality is an abhorrent lifestyle however Jesus can set them free!

    • Funny you should mention that, that’s what exactly what I asked for a Hetersexual Burger… The waiter thought it was funny, I told them I would be back when they had one.

      • That is exactly what people need to do. Ask for a heterosexual burger and when they say they don’t have it, tell them you’ll be back when they have that. Good-Bye Burger King. Won’t be going to your place anymore. Maybe you should change your name to “Burger Queen”.

    • There are many passages in the Bible about what will happen to those who mock God’s Word and the LGBTQ movement is mocking God’s Word and twisting it to suit their philosophy. Look up the “Queen James Version of the Bible with rainbow stripes on the cross. They have reworded a multitude of the versus to fit their philosophy. The same goes for using the word “Gay” to refer to their philosophy because the technical word homosexual was demeaning to their philosophy.

      • When i was a boy: “GAY” meant happy! You could see this on the Tv shows of “Leave it to beaver and Lucy Show and many more! the homosexuals adopted this term to make them look legit! See a 1868 Websters dictionary and compare “GAY” then w/today! I have heard of this mess “queen james version” and this is just to funny for words, but, James means Jesus in Hebrew to English conversion! that’s why it had to BE “KING JAMES” on the throne of England rather than any other! (King Jesus) I guess people don’t see Satans hand in all this! they just swallow the deceit and take it at face (LIE) value! Problem w/homosexuals is this: they have NO Hope, NO assurance, NO comfort, NO wisdom, and NO Salvation! They try to get these things the way they get them and they are the WRONG way! Trying to reason w/them is like talking to a brick wall, all you get is a blank! They believe they are right and they are dead wrong! Solution: let em go and give em up to their own devices, just as GOD did! See Romans 1:26 KJV

    • Nadia; how about a “Gay” burger? I wonder if Burger King would ever have the guts to advertise something like that….or, how about “Gay Fries”? Personally, I think that it would go over like a lead balloon, but then again, I could be wrong. 😎 (Tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, mind you.)

        • God Bless you, too, Graham, and may you have a very Happy and Safe Independence Day tomorrow….but please: do yourself a favor? Stay away from Gay Burgers and Fries, and whatever you do, don’t drink Obama-brand Kool-aid!! LOL! Take care.

    • Once i asked a lesbian girl who i know i shouldn’t say this but i’m my boysh standpoint she was realy pretty. Shame that she waste her life away paradng. I asked her who told her she was not able to change even if she wanted to? She got in a fit of anger and refused to answer me.

      • You should have told her you were really trying to understand her life style and asked if you could join in on lesbo session just to expand your horizons 🙂

    • BK has not thought his through to realize there are millions more Conservatives who buy their ‘stuff’ than Gay people. And by giving the Conservative the middle finger on behalf of Homo rights..they flucked up big time. As a 35 year patron of BK…I am gone. Hope BK’s homo friends can replace the revenue they are going to lose.

      • And you know those lost customers are a big number. There aren’t enough gays to make up the difference. I will celebrate the day when they lock their doors!

    • Jesus Gomez or Jesus Rodriquez?
      Haven’t you UNAMERICAN imbeciles heard?

      THE MOST
      ON THE

      • Actually you probably never learned reading comprehension. I wasn’t talking about America but about Burger King and their new confused identity burger and how through the redemtive power of the love of Jesus one may be set free and understand who they are and embrace their identity.

  8. If business’s want to be successful they better opt out of political participation and just deliver good food!!!…..I am sick and tired of all of these places that are being so stupid! They are in the food business and nothing else!….All I can say is every time some company does something so foolish we ought to write and blast them! Hit them in the pocket and let them know we expect good food, not a political platform.

    • I kinda like to know their leanings because if they are leftists I can put my money elsewhere. You are right that they shouldn’t speak out though.

  9. LGBT is all about sex. Perverted sex. Sex burgers? Gross . In what universe do we need burgers named for sexual preference. I’d keep my children away from such a place. And there is always a big mac so who needs a whopper anyway.

    It is time for real people to speak up. Best way is by shunning. Burger King can’t survive catering to the less than one percent of the population who wouldn’t walk in a Burger King except to picket.

  10. Brings a whole new meaning to “Home of the Whopper”
    How would the others promote gay fast food
    McDonalds can’t be “far behind” with their entry: The McGay Pounder.
    Carl’s/Hardee’s what will they do with their old slogan:
    “If it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face” ?? Uh oh
    KFC- “Finger Lickin’ Good”?? and “There’s Fast Food, Then There’s LGBT”?
    Baskin Robbins- Rainbow Sherbet ,”Flavor of the Month”?
    Taco Bell- “Think Inside the Buns” ??
    Wendy’s- “Where’s the Beef-cakes” ??
    Arby’s- “Im thinking different, I’m thinking gay”.
    Dairy Queen- “Do Somebody Different”

    I’m sure there’s more

    • Great. Thanks! I didn’t need those pictures in my head.

      Uh, I’ve already given up Oreos (rainbow Oreo) and it looks like the Burger King coupons I just got in the mail will be going into the recycling. I hope McD’s and KFC will still be a-political. Chick-fil-a is a two hour drive in either direction.

  11. Wait until the Muslims take over, their burger will be “The Chopped Top”! That or the “Headless Horsemen”!

  12. I’m “proud” to no longer be eating at Burger Queen. . .go online and express your opinion. . .I’m headed “straight” for another burger joint.

  13. I e-mailed BK yesterday and told them that I will never set foot in one of their restaurants again. Not a fast food fan, but have always stopped at Burger King on road trips. No more.

  14. It’s been 7 years since I went to a Burger King and will not go back ever whether they sell a Homo burger or not. Five years ago I bought one of their Slider hamburgers with fries and a small Coke for 5 bucks and the hamburger patty was the size of a 50¢ coin. I complained to the restaurant manager that the lighted menu behind him showed a slider with the meat patty bounding past the sides of the bun but my words fell on deaf ears. Not going back ever.

  15. LOL – what do expect from a gay president who gives hour long interviews to Tumblr (which is a complete circus act) married to a gorilla that twerks (as the first lady.).

    Wow – look how cool. Wow…. laughing stock but the death of us.

    Disclaimer: I do not wish to insult gorillas looks nor intelligence – but the likeness is simply spot on.

  16. Serve hamburgers, you dummies! If they want to put their own meat in your bun, that is their choice. You have enough trouble selling your own meat, much less worrying about someone else’s. F**s were better off in the closet where no one cared what they did as long as it was in private.

  17. Just a second. This was at one Burger King. Most Burger King stores are franchises, controlled not by the Burger King corporate headquarters but by the franchisee. Was this something specifically authorized by Burger King, or was it the action of a single franchisee acting on his own?

  18. FYI, Burger King sales in recent months have been sliding big time. People are fed up with their almost never changing menus. It really doesn’t surprise me that they would stoop to this level to try and encourage the LGBT to start to patronize their stores.

    Burger King has a lot bigger problem when it lowers itself to use a cause that is not only disgusting but also an abomination in the eyes of God (Lev 18:22) to shore up it’s tired Whopper sandwich. It actually might be a better direction to maybe discontinue the Whopper and develop something NEW. What a novel idea.

    • Yeah, a FRESH Burger would help. The ONLY whopper you get these days taste like they are 3 days old ata minimum. I even asked to have mine cooked fresh and that I would wait, 45 seconds later they brought it out and tried to tell me that it was just made. LOL, what a joke. Hardee’s was doing nothing but fresh but even they went back to their old ways. They need to have a Fast line and a Fresh line. I’d be in the fresh everytime. Just not at BQ-k

      • That’s the result of slow turnover caused by lousy business.

        In-N-Out has a very basic menu that never changes. They just do it extraordinarily well and pay their mangers an excellent wage and benefits based on performance to their high standards.

  19. This may be un-American but I stopped eating “fast food” long ago.

    The scandals, like pink slime, convinced me that you can’t be sure what you’re eating, and you can be pretty sure that it’s unhealthy. So I can’t boycott Burger King any more than I have been.

    I used to like the fish sandwiches at McDonald’s but an inside story about minced fish took care of that.

    Subaru is a bit different. I notified their HQ years ago that I had been considering one of their vehicles but changed my mind because of their gay advertising. I think I got a ho-hum response which was one step up from a brush-off.

  20. Very sad to say that my country i defended as a Marine has now become the land of Steers and queers!!!!!! May God foregive us all, but i do not think he will. 🙁

    • Many thanks for your services to our country. As an Air Force (now Farce) brat I know of your great sacrifice to keep us safe and free. What a shame the social experiment of a military is under a commander-in-cheat for those who serve honorably.

    • Being a homosexual isn’t a civil right. Please show me where in the civil rights act it says anything about gays.

  21. Forgive me but it seems from all the press that the majority (over 50 %) of the population is now LGBY. If that’s the case then I guess they rule. But I still don’t understand why anyone would want to publicly state their sexual preferences. That type of information should be personal and private and does not belong in the workplace, the government, the schools, or anywhere else except maybe the ‘personals column’ in the newspapers. Everyone has ‘sexual preferences’ but most people (including my gay brother-in-law) don’t go around advertising their preferences in public. It seems like some of the LGBT people are trying to get special preferences which means they must think they are better than non-LGBT. That’s not right on any level.

  22. I already wrote them and told them, believing they were the best, no longer would eat there. And when all of us stopped eating, but only the LGBT they will soon be out of business.

  23. I will have to say that it’s been years since I’ve eaten in a Burger King since I would have to drive past several great burger joints to go to the nearest one to me to enjoy(?) one of their burgers. That being said, I don’t understand why any business has to make a statement, or take sides on issues such as this? It’s like when an actor comes out I favor of one political party or the other and in a sense states, I can afford to lose half more of my fan base; and believe me, there are several of the Hollywood personalities I won’t pay money to ever see again. I hope Sean Penn is reading this after his “love-in” with Hugo Chavez!

    • Yes, it does not make good business sense to alienate your customer base by doing something like this. It seems rather stupid to me.

  24. Yo Minkoff.
    You could substitute ANY group, black, Jews, Italians, for homosexuals,
    you name it.
    You really are a moron.

    • But not Christians? We all know why you don’t care. If it targets Christians in any way, you applaud it.

  25. They hijacked the rainbow the word gay, bear and who knows what else. It’s the same pattern the commies use in conditioning it leads one to believe that it’s a programmed mind set with a connection between the two. A form of torcher in their programming.

  26. Well Burger Queen don’t look for me and a lot of others cause your chance of seeing anymore of my money.

  27. I’ll stop giving my hubby coupons to Burger King. This will stop our going. Its a shame that these companies, one by one, fall on to the bandwagon of accepting a false, unhappy lifestyle. Rather than to embrace this culture, members need psychological counseling because of the fact that suicide is so high among members. This form of expression is self-destructive, no matter how they spin it.

  28. The great thing about the free market is – the consumer is King. Vote with your money. If BK management made a bad decision they will soon find out about it.

  29. I am sick about all this LGBLT push started by the Chief Homo in DC and I am through with Burger King. I believe we can all be proud of who we are without flaunting perversion.

  30. I resent the Subaru being mis-characterized as the car of “hipsters of the RAD.” I drive a Subaru and am politically slightly right of the young Barry Goldwater.

    Too many cars are equated to groups of people. (Miata, Volvo, Etc.)

    Perhaps I’m being too sensitive in my reaction to this feeble attempt at humor.

    • I have to laugh a bit as my son bought a Subaru a few years ago and he must have had no less than 5 people comment on how it’s a Gay car. He also bought it from a pair of lesbians. It’s a good car, great handling in snow. And NO, he’s not gay either.

  31. When Home Depot went Homo Despot, we did not shop there for years.
    Burger Queen, we’re done. Bu-bye!

  32. I have said from the beginning, give them an inch & they will want, more, more… that is exactly what is happening… if they want that life style, so be it, but do not rub our faces in it with your ,kissy, feelie ways in public… what you do behind closed doors is something private, i do not care to see it or hear about it… I do not agree with it but that is not for me to judge it’s
    your business, don’t flaunt it in public just to get a rise from the people that are MAN & WOMAN, HUSBAND & WIFE, Marriage that we believe in !

    • Home Depot did change their stance recently, so I showed my support with a couple purchases. Spank ’em when they do wrong. Recognize when they self-correct. It is fair treatment.

      Local hardware stores and Lowes received all my business for a few years.. and still do.

      • How did Homo Depot change? As recently as this year, they participated in sodomy “pride” parades. And HRC gives them 100% on their grading scale of homo- approval.

        • Really? Sorry, I can’t remember which org (FRC, AFA, etc…) wrote that they had changed their position. :

          Crap with a capital “K”!

          Scratch them off my list…

  33. The only reason I can think of why corporations keep doing this is that their regular customers already have their heads so far up their rear they have no idea what is going on. So they don’t end up losing too many customers. Then the mainstream media gives them a round of free advertising, and this bolsters more queers, and liberals to frequent their establishments. So they end up with an increase in profits. If there wasn’t some increase in profit they wouldn’t all keep coming out of the corporate closet.

    • They think they can do anything they want and it won’t hurt them – we’ll see. I bet for every new queer customer they lose at least 2 straights

  34. Their food sucks almost as bad as mcdonalds.Just one more place I stopped going to years ago.Even if food was good,they’d lose my business now.I REFUSE to bow down to the gay mafia,the liberal progressive fascists & the crazy sadistic towelheads & all their supporters.They can kiss my arse.

    • It’s funny; McDonald’s (who has also been a sodomite appeaser in the past) has lost their fast food market share to Chick-fil-A and smaller, boutique-style burger joints – quality over price and convenience.

      May Booger Queen meet the same fate.

  35. Who eats that overpriced pig slop anyway? Anyone who spends their hard-earned money on corporate fast food garbage might as well just buy a bag of dog food laced with arsenic, because it would probably be better for your health. The meat that they serve in those pig troughs isn’t even real; it’s only about 15% real meat and the other 85% is a product known as “pink slime”, which is composed of artificial filllers and throw-away scraps that have been soaked in ammonia, hydraulically pressed through a sieve, artificially colored and then mixed with the real meat and pressed into patties. The ammonia is used for two reasons: 1 – to control the infestation of bactera and parasites, and 2 – to PURPOSELY attemp to cause stomach and/or intestinal/colon cancer in people who consume it for many years. The people who own these fast food corporations are the same people who are manipulating us to pay for our own future destruction while using the profits we provide them with for driving this world toward a one world global Communist government (aka – New World Order), where they will have absolute control over the planet and all of it’s resources so that they can then be free to follow through with their ultimate plan of depopulating the planet of 95% of the world’s human “useless eater population” (as they view us as) before microchipping and enslaving the remaing 500 million they choose to allow to live to “tend the fields” and serve them, their families and friends for the rest of time within their future New World Order society that will be a utopia for themselves and a dystopia for those of us who they let survive as their (and their descendants) futue eternal slave population.

  36. Can’t boycott a place I don’t go to. Can’t tolerate their crappy food. Does that make me homophobe? Still don’t understand why someone’s sexual preference has to do with what they eat! Why should it even come up for conversation? Still don’t like their food.

  37. I want to see a LGBT parade in Dearborn Michigan, in front of their grand mosque. and see if they are respected by Islam.

  38. Proud whopper more appropriate pervert whopper or pedophile whopper. The LBGT community represents about 3% of the total population. They may have big mouths (in more ways than one) but I doubt they have deep enough pockets to keep Burger King afloat when the other 97%, minus the PCs, fail to support.

    • 0 . . .

      [[“Think behind …

      I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, the influence is immense.”]]

      . . . jus’as*it is N0T
      0bamaBurger:.. neither
      wuzzit BBushBurger..: nor, ∑ven, 0ddly, billBurgerB4that: bbut …

      [[Just as Jews did in Weimar Germany, they have done in the United States, they first made perversion into a “persecuted class”, and now “mainstream” by twisted and distorted use of the media, the subversion of our political and legal systems and then extreme political and legal pressure on medical sciences and educations stems via Marxist political correctness enforced by state-sponsored coercion.

      Larry Kramer, Co-founder of “Act Up,” a homosexual/AIDS activist organization; co-founder of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis

      Alan Klein, Co-founder of group ACT UP, co-founder of group Queer Nation, National Communications Director and chief spokesperson for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, GLAAD. Klein also co-founded the successful multimedia campaign STOPDRLAURA.COM

      Arnie Kantrowitz, Co-founder of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation AKA: GLAAD.

      Jonathan D. Katz, founded and chairs the Harvey Milk Institute, the largest queer studies institute in the world and a long time homosexual political activist, was a co-founder of “Queer Nation” in San Francisco.

      Harvey Fierstein, film actor and well-known homosexual activist.

      Moisés Kaufman, playwright and film director, member of the homosexual Laramie Project.

      Israel Fishman, founder of the Gay Liberation Caucus in 1970, today- the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Round Table of the American Library Association, the world’s first gay professional organization.

      Bella Abzug and Edward Koch, both New York Jews, were the first members of the U.S. House of Representatives to introduce legislation banning discrimination based on sexual orientation in 1974 . . .
      . . .
      . . . ]]

      rep.rep etc.etc inter alia & et al
      . . .
      . . . WholeUglyABZUGofit

  39. Burger King burgers have dropped to the bottom anyway, so it wont bother me much to stop eating at BK. This just adds to it.

  40. Well that did it, no more having it my way. I refuse to spend my money on any business or company that promotes the LGBT organization.

  41. Has anyone actually seen this, or is it still just talk? If I’m going to take any action, I prefer to do it armed with facts, not hearsay.

  42. …been boycotting them for years for other reasons (lousy food/grease, Lousy service/rude checkers, over-priced product ,…you name it. This is a Business decision they can make, just as I can make one to Boycott them. I wish them well. (Oh, btw, did you see one of the latest Polls on regarding their food, in the bottom 3!

    • The Burger King closest to us went out of business about two years ago and in it’s place is a Freddie’s now.

  43. Let me add to the list of places that should be banned. Home Depot for their LGBT stand. Kentucky Fried Chicken because their meat is halal, as is Boston Market’s.
    The decietful Muslims would have us believe that ‘halal’ simply means that it’s clean, sort of like kosher, but the reality is is that their meats are blessed in the name of Allah, which means that it is food offered up to demons. What’s next, hijabs, or the Muslim tax on infidels?

  44. Geez, can’t even get a friggin’ burger now without the fags getting in your face. The gov’t would be on them like flies on s..t if they put a cross on the wrapper.

  45. I haven’t eaten at BQ in years. Besides who can afford to eat out anymore? Apparently the morally bankrupt…

  46. Fudge packer burger? Are they going to sell them with rooster fries? I definitely don’t want to know about the shakes.

  47. I think they forgot the reaction to J C PENNEY. This could backfire BIG TIME! People might start “having it their way” and “holding the cabbage”

  48. WHO DAM CARES about a wrapper? At least they are acknowledging them. You aren’t gay so why does it offend you. Leave your BS to the ppl it actually offends


      • Actually I saw it added another letter to it on a liberal site: Q, for Queer. I read it twice and, yes, they are officially adding the letter Q.

      • WOW! That’s really what it means!! Sorry, but I’ve never heard of that one. I’m a senior citizen. go figure! ~~

        • Yep, that’s what it stands for, the T can also mean transsexual though {^_^}
          Nothing wrong with being a senior citizen so, no need to apologize {^_^}

    • Its short for ‘defective human genes’ – luckily less than 3% of the public is affected with this abnormality or the human race would have gone extinct thousands of years ago

  50. Courting any group to curry favor generally pisses off more of the other , so the benefit is usually not there, bye bye burger king !!!

  51. mmm and to think that burger king is on all military bases….it is enough that they hang a gay pride banner on the fornt gates. good god bring back the old days. chick fillet should have no issues increasing their sales.

  52. Why do conservatives keep harping on how religious they are? Judging from the cursing & gutter insults on this site, the churches should be sued for malpractice and hatred.

      • I agree – I was just trying to answer someone else that wondered if it was even a real story and how widespread it was. I figured an article from Time gave it a little credibility as for whether it happened or not. Either way BK let 1 or a few stores give the main office a big black eye in my opinion

  53. A better sales incentive would be credits toward a bypass operation. A whopper has more grease than a double T diner sink trap.

  54. While we’re at it, let’s boycott McDonalds, Taco Bell, Carls Jr. and a few of the others that hire illegals. I no longer eat at fast food restaurants for that very reason.

    • Pretty broad attempt at judgment.
      FYI – Carl Karcher who launched Carl’s Jr. from a hot dog cart at Huntington Beach, CA after WW II – a devout Catholic – made a statement against gay “marriage” – 15-20 years ago. He hired Downs syndrome people who loved their work as he didn’t require more of them than they could do. Customers loved their pride in their work and cheerful demeanor.

      After Karcher said gay marriage was against nature, the gays rose against him – picketing, damaging his stores getting a lot of help from the MSM.
      He lost control of his corporation to the slimeballs who run those sleazy sex-laden ads to draw people to what is still a good product.

      • Read my post. It said nothing relating to gays. I won’t eat there because all they hire are illegals. Mr. Karcher and his wife have been gone for years now, although I’m certain they were good people. Hiring illegals is illegal.

  55. This is a good article with many fine points. For example, a company is in business to make money, so how ever they want to market themselves is up to them. If you find their marketing is distasteful), you don’t like their products or services, or you don’t like the way they conduct their business, don’t buy from them.

    (For example, when I was in the market for a new car, I had automatically decided I was not going to buy from GM or Chrysler because they took TARP money. Another has been excerpts of Pride Parades I have seen on TV (The Daily Show) show things that are disgusting and immoral, so companies that sponsor those parades won’t get my money.) I generally do not support boycotts unless a company is doing something seriously wrong.

    I also like the final point. The Homosexuals say they want to be mainstream, yet they want to be noted as different and special. This is the never ending saga of race baiters like Revs Jackson and Sharpton … they want more and more privilege, but it is never going to be enough. The Progressives love this because it provides for an eternity of clashes between one group and another which only they can solve through ‘Equality’.

    As a final note, let’s refer to these people as to what they are: Homosexuals. Let’s take back the word ‘gay’ which means merry, lively, bright or showy. Let us also take back the rainbow. The rainbow was God’s covenant to Noah after the great flood. (The flood, by the way was His way of destroying the wicked … I don’t think co-opting this symbol by the homosexuals was a coincidence)

  56. Does it come with a hot fudge sundae or a tea bag?

    Sadly, my local Burger King lies across the street from In-N-Out (no attempt to capitalize on the name for the LGBT crowd) and Chik-fil-A.

    In-N-Out’s lines are around the corner day and night. Directly across the street a lone automobile is in the BK line. Chik-fil-A does very well too compared to BK – especially when the same turds were picketing them and the citizenry rose up to equal the In-N-Out lines.

    Is there something missing in Burger King’s management philosophy? The burgers are good, but there’s something missing in the company spirit. Too bad they tried to fill a spiritual vacuum with demons far worse than the any previous.

  57. A large percentage (certainaly not all) of American Corporations are little more than a gaggle of Whores, who worship and the feet of the golden calf (i.e., Profit or their Bottom line). They will say almost anything to increase their customer base, even at the risk of offending others. Does Corporate America care about you in anyway? Hahahahaha, think again. Loosing you over some principle is of no consequence because that same principle will attract others (some silly “special” group) at 2 or 3 to your one.

    A negative response to some corporate decision will have NO effect. In contrast, a positive response will likely send a message of support. Examples: A while back Starbucks came out against guns in their stores and lots of folks “said” they would no longer buy their coffee. Were sales effected negatively? No!! Were sales effected, you bet because anti-gun idiots cheered and showed support. Do you really believe not buying a rather terrible burger at Burger King is going to effect their bottom line? Really? Oh their bottom line may in-fact be effected but it will be queers who make the difference. Has sales fallen through the floor over ignition switches on GM cars? Hahahaha, Really? Do they care if it did? Hahaha again. Government Motors could actually care less or it would have never been allowed to go on even after they KNEW there was a problem

    Remember what happened at Chick Fil A ?? Now there was difference, but it was an overwhelming positive response of support. I have not heard any sales numbers from Hobby Lobby, but my guess is they gained far more business than they lost, if they lost any.

    DO you really want your spending habits to have an effect. Then stop with the negative, which doesn’t produce one and go with those who stand for something positive. Why do millions continue to support GM and Chrysler??? Both have taken billions or taxpayer dollars and shipped the jobs offshore. Many of the protesters, turn around a buy Asian or European. HOW on earth does that help America? Someone please explain that one? We have an American Car Maker that is not beholding to Big Brother, support them

    Want you dollar to have a effect? Be positive, buy from American companies whenever possible, and avoid whenever possible sending your $$$ offshore!

    • All American cars are made with Asian/Chinese parts. Toyota trucks have more American labor in them than any Big 3 ‘American’ car. I do however respect Ford for not taking any ‘bail out’ money from us. I do believe boycotting would work well for BK, but as far as I can tell this is just one or two Burger Kings in L.A. – so it won’t upset people on a National level if they don’t see the gay paper on their burgers……..

  58. Pretty simple actually just don’t spend a penny at their stores and let them know why ! Just email them and tell them !

    Recently I have been trying to get people to unite and come together
    to bring about some nation wide protest of the out of control issues we are seeing everyday and to boycott the many entities/corps/special interest that are working against us everyday. Like GE , AARP and many of the insurance companies.There are many others. It will work because we have vast numbers, but we must act and quit sitting on our back sides and doing nothing except complain. They count on that and so far they have been quite right ! If we continue to do nothing we will lose all , simple as that. And we will deserve what we get ! All I can say is wake up people this is all very serious. We have a lot of power in our numbers and congress will listen to that. In fact we actually have all the power at our fingertips !

    Any good suggestions or ideas are welcome at my site, and everybody is welcome. I took the time to build a site with my own money and effort to try and inform as many people as possible with many years of experiences and understanding of what is really going down. That takes a lot of time, effort and
    resources. I am all about the simple truth and nothing else. If you
    cannot grasp that please do not respond and waste my time or yours.

    • I agree with your philosophy. Yes, we (all of us) need to speak up and let them know WHY we will no longer patronize their establishment nor buy their products. Flood them with your reasons and eventually it will get the attention of the upper management. It does work!

    • BTW, Burger constantly sends flyers for incredible savings on their menu – it’s in every weekend newspaper ad flyers. Perhaps we mail them to their local management offices with a message saying, ‘no thanks’…and the reason why. I think I just hit a hot button on adverse marketing…..it’s worth a try.

    • From a health prospective, who in their right minds would eat there as, their burgers are basically FAT disguised as meat!!

  59. Another attempt to legitimize an un-natural act and behavior and it doesn’t matter how you try to flower it up – it’s still wrong. Burger King; you’re in terminal freefall – good-bye………………..

  60. Haven’t eaten there in years. Now I guess there’s no reason to ever darken their doors again. I don’t care what the gay crowd does EXCEPT when they keep shoving it in our faces. Hopefully, when the gay “Dear Leader” in the White House goes away, some of this nonsense and shoving their agenda down our throats will fade away with Little Barry Soetoro.

  61. There are probably enough of us who are keeping track of which companies are pro-homo, I know I am – and my not trading with them doesn’t mean anything or impact anybody but ME – but I’m proud of ‘me’.

  62. Proud whopper? My guess is most gays think this patronizing is stupid and would like to live in peace.

  63. Either drop the gay burger crap or come out with a heterosexual one. I feel discriminated because I do not have one named for us straights who are the majority in this freaking country! I do not care, it is an abnormal sexual behavior and those in business are glorifying sodomy! Is it time to boycott Burger King? It may come to that if they continue to get weirder and more provocative! These companies are nothing more than whores themselves, anythying for a buck!

  64. The Whopper is my favorite burger but no longer will I eat them until they reverse their support to the LGBT.

  65. Well there goes another place to go eat, I can’t stand queers and don’t care who likes it or not. Those who side with them are idiots who go along to get along. What the hell is wrong with you people? Don’t you have any backbone at all? Stand up for what you believe in and quit letting the less than 1% dictate how you should feel about them. No matter how you feel about it there’s only one way of being right or wrong on this issue, “If you can’t procreate your species, you are being perverted!” BIG FAT PERIOD TO THAT.

  66. Yeah, homosexuality does not need to be flaunted. At the same time, homosexuals should not be discriminated against, just as we should not discriminate against a Jewish person, or a black person, or an Oriental/Asian person, or a fat Caucasian, etc. We are all human beings; while we are all very much alike, we all have unique differences. Let’s just all get along!

  67. BK has the worst tasting burgers. Have not been to one in years. Now I have another reason not to. Really do like Chik F.

  68. Boycott their establishment! Let’s see if the corporation fairs well with 3% of the population supporting their corporation. Let “Kneel and Bob” take care of Burger Queen.

  69. Burger Who??!!?? Gee, I just don’t know who they are. I eat out almost every day, and I guess this place just doesn’t get my business.

  70. Excellent analysis, but please do not denigrate Chick-fil-A by claiming its motives are business decisions. It operates more according to Christian principles rather than business. It is why it is closed on Sundays. When gays picketed Chick-fil-A, Chick-fil-A responded by bringing free lemonade to the picketers!

  71. Burger King plus lgbt or whatever they call themselves can go f*** themselves. I’ll get a hamburger somewhere else beginning right now. F***’em

  72. Hey all i burger king was a plaxce in went 2-3 times a week with my family, however, strtaing yestersday when i read about the proud whopper and the rainbow wrapping i have crossed burger king off the list of places i eat. I am just one person but can not support a corporation that puts home sexuals in my face when i buy something.

  73. Another company wanting to shove these gays down our throats. No pun intended. Refuse that rainbow wrapper. Tell them if you wanted it you would ask for it.

  74. Businesses are hurting for trade so they’ll do anything to prostitute their services. I don’t patronize Burger King, and after there political tampering, I wouldn’t, anyway.

  75. JC Penney tried overtly homosexual ads a few years Ago and now they’re practically out of business. A word document f warning to other corps.

  76. I got this one all figured out…… it’s a gay burger because someone slid some meat between some buns! (Which means hot dogs qualify too I suppose)

    This gay stuff is getting out of hand. (no pun intended) We like to watch those remodeling programs and it’s amazing. Fewer than 3% of the population is homosexual but yet it seems that half of the couples on the programs are “gay.” It’s gotten to the point that we just change the channel.

    • I don’t even watch TV anymore. I am so tired of virtually everything being presented by the leftists who are in the minority and making it seem like we (conservatives) are the minority when the reverse is true. Taxation without representation!!! Big time

  77. Oh…. and this bites on another level. Burger King WAS my favorite due to that flame broiled flavor. Time to start shopping for another joint I guess.

  78. I am sick and tired of all this pandering to the fluff of the lunatic fringe. I had a temporary duty assignment (TDY) to Nellis Air Force Base back in my intel’ days. One of my molars broke so I went to the base dental clinic. A dentist told me to come back the next day as he needed an hour and a half to fix it and though they didn’t have any openings he hoped for a cancellation the next day. I arrived at the NAFB dental clinic promptly at 6 AM. By 5 PM they had not been able to fit me in. I had had nothing to eat or drink except water all day so I went to the Officer’s Club for dinner in my civilian clothes. I’m a cowboy from Wyoming and I wear my hat. The club “manager”, a little “light in the loafers”, said in a swishy tone of voice, “This is an Air Force officer’s club and we don’t wear cowboy hats in here!” I told “him” in any “heterosexual club, bar or restaurant this is appropriate attire,” to wit he said, “You’re just a HOMOPHOBE!” I shot back, “And what are you, a HETEROPHOBE?!” I ended up going into Las Vegas and ate at one of the casinos.

  79. I will not eat at Burger King any more. I am tired of having this gay agenda shoved down my throat. There are too many good places to eat to have to put up with this crap.

  80. I could see this expanded to breakfast cereal ads. Queerio’s; No milk,
    no sugar, no snap crackle pop, they just roll over in the bowl and eat
    each other! Or, prostitudies; they just rollover in the bowl and go
    BANG! The possibilities are endless and equally disgusting.

  81. There will always be someone who gets upset with a marketing ploy, and this is no different. What I’d be interested in seeing is what impact this new wrapper has on customer participation. If it goes down, bad move; if it goes up, good move, as far as management is concerned. For me, if participation goes up, it only means that the Christians and normal heterosexual people really don’t care. For me, Burger King is no longer on my list of services.

  82. B.K. could at least have transgendered the steers that provide the hamburger for their products as a little femininity might have made the meat more tender!

  83. BK has a good burger, no brainz but a good menu….this is like using a nail gun to keep your feet on the floor..
    What happened to We are Americans? Now it’s I’m proud to be a lgbt sissy, see my flag! Stupid is as Stupid does………

  84. I quit patronizing Burger King 9 years ago…after I had my stroke. My doctor advised me to forever stop eating cholesterol-producing foods; the Whopper was my downfall: had one every day for about 5 years before the stroke. Since “the event”, have stayed clean of those garbage, greasy, fat-producing hamburgers of all kinds, and you’d never know I had a stroke. Word to the wise: if the homos like ’em, you know that they’re no good for you: STAY AWAY FROM THEM!~

  85. I’ve been to BK for the last time. I will cook/eat at home, its getting to expensive eating out, thank you obummer!

      • No, that’s what I was saying, I didn’t get the email notice until the afternoon, after I had already eaten lunch there that day. I won’t be returning anytime soon, or maybe ever. I don’t know if you remember the picture circulated a few years ago that was found on the door of a Burger King, which read, “Sorry, we are out of meet, closed early.” Yes, MEET. That was ‘our’ local BK.

        • Friend, I stay away from places that don’t know how to spell correctly: they make me wonder what else they don’t know how to do….they probably don’t know how to clean their place properly, either.

  86. Nothing new here. All businesses are in for the money. Nothing but greed. Their personal political views never get in the way of making a BUCK. (Or rarely does). They bend to whatever whim that will increase their yield.

    Overall the conduct of the LGBT community is disgustingly deplorable. Their Pride Parades are not fit for children to watch and are revolting to much of the public. In the end their forceful agenda on society will eventually backfire and set them back into the Stone Age. You can only keep jamming disgusting life styles down the public’s throats for a limited time before the greater majority will turn the table on them. This could or might even turn into violent reactions by society at large, as many view this life style that detestable, disgustingly repulsive, and nauseating.

    Personally the LGBT community is not part of my social life or those that I have fellowship with, and I have no personal animosity against the LGBT community. Most that I have known had good paying jobs and behaved themselves. When I was young man I had some unfavorable runins with homosexuals, that was anything other than a favorable impression.

    I think their life style is something they chose. No way do I think one is born Gay. One may become Gay due to being abused as a child by a member of the Gay community and chose that life style due to his experiences. What I do know is that God gave us a Free Will to do as we wish even though it is unapproved by Him

  87. There nothing but same sex Pedophiles that prey on children from the ages of 3 to
    21, they molest and rape little boy`s and girl`s. and they always try and blame that one on straight people.

  88. Maybe they need to change the name from Burger King to Burger Queen, Transvestite, I Don’t Know What Sex I Am, Pedophile, Sexual Predator, Rapist, S&M, or change it monthly to make sure all of the sexual deviants are covered. Maybe they just need to change their sign of “Home of the Whopper” to “Home of the Queer Burger”. It comes with a free condom inside.

    Does this mean that you can no longer bring a child in without fear of them being molested in the bathrooms or having gay couples making out in the dining room?

  89. i’ve been boycotting them for years ever since the franchise in Pa.,a hunting state if ever there was one,quit advertising on the back of the receipt a sporting goods store that gave 20-30% off on guns and ammo

  90. Once and for all this is proof this country has gone loop-da-loop.Bk is on the bottom of the food chain any way.

  91. IF they are truly “PROUD” why do they whine and cry so much?

    REAL MEN do not whine, but do cry on occasion…. over things that matter.

    • It brings tears to my eyes every 4th of July as I remember what a great nation this country once was compared to what it has morphed into. While everyone stands and cheers I wipe away the tears.
      This is not the same country I grew up in and knew as a child and young adult.
      It saddens me greatly to witness what America has become in the last 50+ years of my life.

  92. Let’s do one for each PC sexual deviant group. For dykes, the fur burger and for fags the extra long wiener.

  93. Do folks (other than those on SNAPS) still eat fast food junk??
    retired expatriate (11 years) MD: NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp NR

  94. Caution the mayo maybe a little runny…..It pays to check before you bite..its off to chick fil a for me.no mayo please.

  95. Bye-Bye Burger King. While your at it why don’t you offer an abortion platter, the blacks only burger, war on woman whopper, the press two for Spanish special, and the 100% pork free muslim meal. Until you become more inclusive I am done with your rat trap!!!

  96. This article just gives me more reason to not support Burger King. I will not support those who support the LIE that Homosexuality is OK, that Gays are Normal, or that Homosexuality is not a choice. I know these FATS which means Burger King is WRONG. 1)GOD made man 2) GOD HATES Homosexuality 3)GOD made woman for man not man for man4)GOD NEVER changes 5)GOD said Homosexuality is an ABOMINATION 6) Man is a LIAR to say Homosexuality is normal 7) Allowing Homosexuality will and does lead to the allowance of other perverted and sick things being allowed such as Pedophilia.8)America is DOOMED thanks to the IDIOTS of this Nation accepting Homosexuality as normal and OK with GOD 9) America CANNOT be saved since Homosexuality was added to 2 other strikes against America 10) GOD will only bless his TRUE Followers not those who claim that GOD is OK with Homosexuality.

  97. I stoped shopping at JC Penney and never went back. Burger King will not see another dollar from me. The same for Mc Donald’s. Let’s see if their gay customers can keep them in business. The American Family idea and belief doesn’t mean crap anymore. How’s that “HOPE AND CHANGE” working for you now? That’s just what Liberal Democrats want to do, they want to chance America!

  98. What fun! They are expected to fall for corporate pandering and tokenism. Trivialized is always good. So, if a normal person wants this budget, they have to order this?

    Years ago at one university, they tried to have a “Blue Jeans Day,” a day on which you would wear blue jeans if you supported gays. As 90% of college students put on jeans automatically in the morning, many would be accidentally supporting gays just by being students. That trivialized the whole point of the Day.

    When I pointed this out in the university newspaper, the vehemence that came back was huge. These idiots did not think out what they were doing to themselves. Instead, they claimed I was being mean to deflate their attempt at producing larger-than-real support for their cause.

  99. So: what BK people are telling us, Heterosexuals, is that a man w/a vagina and a woman w/a penis and/or in various stages in between is Ok, its just the wrapper! Hogwash: it is NOT the case at all, it’s money, or rather the LOVE of money as in 2 Tim 2;15 KJV (ONLY) I don’t frequent BK much anyway, but this is just one more to add to the list of J.C.P. and HomoDepot and Starsucks and several others to NOT frequent at all due to their stand on Homosexuals and/or gun control! Yes I do frequent Chick-fil-A more than i ever did! I do NOT accept Homosexuals and all they stand for and that’s that! NO changing my mind! Leviticus 18:22/Romans 1:26-27 KJV!!! The chromosomes of a person, “ALWAYS” tells what sex they are, NO matter what anyone says!!

    • Do you believe one falls in love when
      Cupid, the son of Venus (aka Aphrodite)
      shoots an arrow into your heart?
      Because the concept is EXACTLY THE SAME
      as your belief in some christian god.
      EXACTLY the same – different fantasy deity.
      Anyone living in the 21st century beliveing in
      ANNY SUPER-PEOPLE in the sky is quite
      frankly, DERANGED.

        • That response make no sense at all.
          And is certainly neither clever nor humorous
          You? Another must to avoid.
          You should ASPIRE to be a troll.
          Right now you’re just half a ‘t’.

  100. My husband and I just discussed this and we’ll not go to Burger King anymore. Chick-Fil-A is still our favorite place! Great food, nice people and they believe in God!

  101. Is it not what they feel when someone shows disapproval of their lifestyle that they are trying to remove that feeling? The shame, guilt and conviction they feel when in public. They want to feel like the nudist at a nudist beach in public where there are no nudists. They want the stigma to be gone.

    Even when same sex marriage was passed in certain states, the suicide rate didn’t change.

    Why don’t we have any other parades from any other groups other than the LGBT, the Macy’s Day Parade, the parades around the other holidays and Disney’s parades in their parks, where are the parades of other groups?

    Why should the LGBT receive such attention when others do not?

    Which is it, to be included as normal, or to receive special treatment like a person who is handicap or mentally deficient?

  102. I just emailed BK:
    If we’re ll the same on the inside, I guess there is no reason to go to Burger King- I’ll frequent all others from now on, to show equality.Thanks

  103. It never ceases to amaze me that people in this country will not fight for their beliefs. The brainwashing of our children is right on schedule, the US will be the last superpower to imploded. WTF happened to the people of this country? PC is so damn important that we’ll give up our values, beliefs, morals & ethics so that everybody else is happy. The family is gone, God is gone, our educational system is pitiful & getting worse, our borders are open & the Dems. do what they wish. I’m glad that I’m done serving my country, but never again, wounded or not. The US is a mess, getting worse, & being completely duped by the government. The worst part is that the GOP is fine doing zip. We put those traitors in office, time to start emptying the garbage from the top down. F*** BK

    • If fighting for YOUR beliefs means
      oppressing other Tax Paying Americans. than
      YOUR beliefs are not Christian,
      And YOU are a fool.

      • I’ve never oppressed anybody. If my disagreeing with your lifestyle bothers you, change. You throw the word oppression around pretty easily. Like most on the left you only tolerate & accept what you believe. BS, don’t tell me that your choice is normal nor natural. You choose it & that’s fine, but don’t push your lifestyle on me. Who said I was a Christian? You assume an awful lot but since your lifestyle is the only acceptable lifestyle around you must be right.

        • You have no idea what MY lifestyle is.
          And being a gay isn’t a lifestyle.
          Get over it already you sound like an eight year old.
          Being gay is not a choice.
          ANYONE can have gay sex
          That doesn’t make them gay.
          You really are a jerk.

  104. Has Chick-fil-A ever explained
    what all the squirrel and raccoon tails
    are doing in their dumpsters?

  105. The whole exercise is pointless.
    Gay men are rich enough to eat at higher end establishments
    and prefer lobster and filet mignon anyhow.
    Wouldn’t want to be surrounded by fatassed BK losers either.

  106. “[B]ecause they have transgressed my covenant, and trespassed against
    my law … they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” (Hosea 8:1,7)

    This is just another consequence, among a myriad of consequences, of the
    whirlwind being reaped today from the wind (the rights culture) sowed by
    the late 1700 Enlightenment founders.For more, see “America’s Road to Hell: Paved With Rights” at http://www.constitutionmythbusters.org/americas-hell-paved-with-rights/.

  107. While this is only one location, that decision will cost them millions, including my patronage.
    I’m done with them.

  108. This maybe a good time for the mom and pop store to make some money when ppl leave that fast food dump and go for good burgers there are a few around that make really good burgers

  109. Hope BK can survive on business from less than 5% of the population! I’ll never support them again!

  110. From the article: “Chick-fil-A (or “Chick-fil-hate,” according to the Subaru-driving hipsters of the RAD) knows that it can “take a stand” against homosexuality and actually increase the loyalty of its core customers. That’s a business decision.” The owner of Chick-fil-A did not “take a stand” against homosexuality per se. What he said was that he was for traditional marriage. Other than that the article was pretty good. As far as trying to understand the homosexual’s viewpoint, you might as well try to get inside the head of a person on acid who thinks he’s Queen Mary. Homosexuals are simply not rational.

  111. They will never convince many of us no matter how they advertise. I quit going a long time ago due to the GMO they serve.

  112. Their new marketing scheme is “Home of the Queerburger”! Burger King was voted 2nd worse hamburger just under McDonalds…

  113. This country can’t think about anything but SEX? Who the hell cares what people do in the bedroom? Every t.v. show has sex in it ad nauseam. No wonder our country is a mess. It makes me sick.

  114. Hell with burger king. No more dollars from me!
    They can shove their homo burgers up where the sun doesn’t shine.

  115. The only people on earth, so far as I’m aware, who actually like being called an acronym. I have heard more than one individual use language such as “We LGBTs….”

  116. When is the business community going to realize LGBT is a small, small minority with a big loud speaker called Obama? Where is the majority on this subject? There is no such thing as “gay” rights…just rights, no more no less. Not one word in the constitution confers rights to anybody based on their sexual practices, especially disgusting ones. If it wasn’t for George Soros, Tim Gill and people like Jared Polis, maybe NORMAL would be the new normal!

    • Only the libtards would grant more rights to one group over another, such as AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, preventing people like me from getting a government job just because I am a white male even though I supposedly had veterans preference points that in the end meant nothing… Just one big joke!

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