Brandeis Takes Back Honorary Degree from Famous Anti-Muslim

Within ten days of offering Ayaan Hirsi Ali an honorary degree for her humanitarian work to protect African girls from genital mutilation and slavery, Brandeis University is rescinding that offer. They caved into pressure from a few vocal students and Islamic sympathizers who said Ali was an “Islamophobe.”

Today, Brandeis University released a cryptic statement on why they chose to change their decision:

Following a discussion today between President Frederick Lawrence and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ms. Hirsi Ali’s name has been withdrawn as an honorary degree recipient at this year’s commencement. She is a compelling public figure and advocate for women’s rights, and we respect and appreciate her work to protect and defend the rights of women and girls throughout the world. That said, we cannot overlook certain of her past statements that are inconsistent with Brandeis University’s core values.  For all concerned, we regret that we were not aware of these statements earlier.

First off, how could they not be “aware of these statements earlier”? Ali has been an outspoken critic of Islam her entire public life. In fact, her work as an “advocate for women’s rights” is almost entirely composed of acts and statements against Islam. They “respect and appreciate her work to protect and defend the rights of women and girls”? From whom do they think she is protecting and defending those rights? Islam.

Second, Brandeis University has given Honorary Degrees to all sorts of people. From the Dalai Lama to Steven Speilberg to Nancy Pelosi. The likelihood that someone in that group holds a few radical or unpopular ideas is inevitable. I guarantee that the majority of their honorary degree holders are “Christianophobes,” but that doesn’t bother anyone in the tolerance community.

Third, Ali may hate Islam, but she has very good reason to. She grew up in Somalia where Islamic tradition there required that she undergo female circumcision (genital mutilation). Then her Muslim father tried to force her into marrying some man she barely knew. Islamic radicals assassinated a colleague (Theo Van Gogh) with whom she co-wrote a movie, and they used his dead body as a bulletin board to post death threats to Ali. She has received numerous other death threats as a Dutch politician, and has undergone almost continual persecution from the Muslim community. She became a naturalized citizen of the United States in April of 2013, and she speaks approvingly and lovingly of the freedom and liberty allowed her in the “West.” Here is just one example of Ali’s “Islamophobic” comments:

Measured by our western standards, Muhammad is a pervert. He is against freedom of expression. If you don’t do as he says, you will be punished. It makes me think of all those megalomaniacs in the Middle East: Bin Laden, Khomeini, Saddam. Do you think it strange that there is a Saddam Hussein? Muhammad is his example. Muhammad is an example for all Muslim men. Do you think it strange that so many Muslim men are violent?

Hmmm. I love how Islam responds to its critics. Critics say, “Islam is a violent and destructive religion.” And then Islam responds, “No, we’re not. And if you say so again, we’ll strangle you with your own intestines.” Brandeis shouldn’t have caved.

Ali is an atheist, so of course I don’t agree with everything she does or says. But that’s the beauty of not being Muslim. Everyone doesn’t have to agree with me in order to receive fair treatment.

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  1. May Brandeis University fall upon hard financial times, to the point that they are forced to shut down. And if that happens, see if your few loud mouthed Muslim students will bail you out.

    • Their contributors can make that happen by withholding funding. Give your money to patriots who support free speech and honesty, not to craven cowards easily intimidated by Satan’s slaves.

      • Very little chance of that, but since as of today we cant go kill these goofballs, I prefer they just not ever be MENTIONED AGAIN !

    • Vlad the impaler found the only known method of forcing MUSLIMS to behave!

      He impaled the Bastards! Creating whole Forrest’s !

      • General Black Jack Pershing had the right idea as well. When he was Commander in the Phillipine Islands back in the early 1900’s the Muslims were carrying out all of their usual terrorist stuff. He rounded up 50 terrorists, tied them to poles in front of a firing squad, shot some pigs in front of them,and had the firing squad soak their ammo in pig’s blood before shooting 49 of them. Then he threw the bodies into a mass grave and piled the pigs on top of them. He let the 50th guy go so that he could tell what he’d seen. Problem solved-no more terrorism!

          • I think it’s past time for us to start doing the same thing here. I doubt that any Muslims are that anxious to get their 72 virgins and if they are then I think that it’s only fair for us to speed up the process!

          • They have declared WAR on us. Like it or not SO BE IT! Take the fight to the BASTARDS and if necessary destroy the entire bunch.

    • It is for that very reason, the filthy lucre, that Brandeis caved. If financial supporters had been as vocal as the nattering Islamic nabobs, it would have gone the other way. As simple as that.

  2. no one seems to have any backbone anymore. I can assure you with-holder and obumbler had their mus-slime hands in this

  3. You are kidding me right? Islam is one of the worst things against women. Women to islam is like a jew to hitler. I dont get this jump towards islam except for the fact that our president professes to be a christian but we ALL know he’s an islmaic muslim. Sad that he cannot evenm believe in his own faith enough to admit it. And ALL of these knuckleheaded women jumping on his woman hating band wagon will end up getting exactly what they deserve for -following this traitor to america.

    • He may say he is a a Christian but he also said if he had to choose between that and Muslim he would choose Muslim. That means he is not a Christian but cannot be both you must let one go and follow the other. How can he possibly be a Christian and hate JESUS CHRIST at the same time.

      • Muslims are taught that it’s good or ok to lie to infidels, so he doesn’t have to be a Christians at all. Just sayin.

    • It’s not that he doesn’t believe in his own faith enough. It’s that he knows on that subject as on all other issues of importance he must deceive the American people. He wasn’t for gay marriage. Then he was. Wasn’t going to take our guns. Then he tried. Wouldn’t require you to lose your insurance or doctor. Then he did. Isn’t going to raise taxes even one dime on the middle class, Then he put the biggest raise in history on the middle class by subjecting all to the template for totalitarian rule known as Obamacare. No doubt the DOJ under the thoroughly corrupt and hideously racist Eric Holder will jump in to set this Brandeis injustice right. We’re now an occupied nation. We have a despotic dictator who took over without firing a shot. The mass media was his willing facilitator and coconspirator. He intends there to be no more free elections. His goal is to bring the US down to the status of just any third rate nation, subject to the rule of bureaucrats at the UN. These universities have the same mental disorder as our president, and protecting and venerating Islam seems to be part of it. Allah is satan by another name. Our president and his red guard crew and the universities and the media are the locusts the bible spoke of. They gnaw and gnaw, destroying the tree of liberty. They are a plague.

    • Zero practices what the muzzies refer to as taqqiya, which is deceiving others for the advance of Islam. Yes, that’s right, institutionalized lying, it’s perfectly acceptable to them.

  4. So if we say something that someone else doesn’t like, they can just claim racism and destroy us. It’s been going on since the sixties so we should get used to it, we’re all racist if we have an opinion against evil. By the way, she worked for good and the muslims….well, they work for evil.

  5. Shame on Brandeis! I hope they know that God is keeping score! Liberals are going to lose, & Christians are going to win!

    • Liberals, the democrat party, has been taken over by muslims, bent on destroying the country, and they are doing it from the inside. There is good reason why they are vanquishing the 2nd amendment, to perfect their takeover of the country.

      Watch this video relative to the 2nd amendment, a speech that says it all about our present government, at least in terms of the destruction of the country.

      This is only a part of their attack on the constitution and freedom loving Americans.

  6. Brandeis University now joins the ever expanding list of universities that fail to demonstrate moral courage when confronted by radicals of nearly any stripe. When it comes to setting an example for our nation’s youth, Brandeis just produced an epic fail.

  7. Just unbelievable – we know this woman is fighting the ugly phony religion of Islam and deserves to be rewarded. We all know that there is no place in our society for any Muslim. Here you have a minority woman doing wonderful things in the world to stop some of the horrible practices of Islam and she is condemned rather than admitting the Muslims all need to be exterminated for the horror they cause to this Earth. Islam is phony and the Muslims are mere terrorists. They all need to be sent to meet their phony allah.

  8. Brandeis University, bowing and scraping to Mohammed…
    No guts. No convictions. No principals… MUST be a liberal college. Sorry for repeating myself.

  9. Maybe Brandeis U. should move to Iran. Then the female students can get their genitals mutilated. I am sick of these ultra left wing political correct scumbags like the administration at this flunky U. I suppose the whiners are there on someone else’s nickel. Tell them to go home and go to school. Maybe at the U. of Baggy-dad.

  10. I think Brandeis University are the “sick” ones after believing the B.S. label that Ali was an “Islamophobe.”

    • We are all phobes of some kind get over it be proud of your stand and go with it .most of the words used to describe us has been generated in the last ten years and were never valid words to begin with . “Killer murdering women hating child abusing SOB’s” there a new word to describe Islam , it is in their bible it states it over and over so who is picking items and using them no one, they all believe every word and follow it to a tee. If the Muslims don’t believe in radical Islam they should have been supporting Ali but instead they shut her out of the University .

  11. What is it about all of these groups, people and organizations all of a sudden taking aim at anyone with anti-muslim speech? What is causing this? Are all of these people subject to all kinds of treats? Has to be, for there is no other reason for the sudden sea of change. You wonder if it isn’t coming from higher up, instructions from someone like the president, president Obama, who claims he is not muslim while at the same time having stated that he is a muslim. Has to be coming from Obama and his goons. The only good muslim is a dead muslim.

  12. I went to Brandeis in the early 80’s–and I cannot believe how terrible a place it has become since then. It is so much worse now than when it was before. I am always ashamed to read news reports about it.

    • I am stunned. As a lover of Israel, I am mind-boggled to read in a Wikipedia intro: Brandeis was founded in 1948 as a nonsectarian Jewish community-sponsored coeducational institution on the site of the former Middlesex University. The university is named for Louis Brandeis (1856–1941), the first Jewish Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Undoubtedly you know this. How it must hurt the heart of God to see His own people succumbing to evil!!

      • As it hurt God to have them do the very same all during the old testament . constantly turning their backs on God .

  13. Having lived in the society she knows first hand how women are treated and does not agree with that life style. Her sole purpose is to protect women and children from what she went through.

  14. These chicken-wit universities need to realize that BO and Holder will soon be out. Things will rapidly change, and the hammer is going to come down, and all of this mooslim-caving will end. Tick tock.

  15. They sound a bit hypocritical to me by denying violence and then print
    the Islamic response. I wonder if that speaks to the level of education they

  16. If they’re an institution of learning how can thy be so ignorant. I think they’re an institution with an agenda and it indoctrinates students (victims)

    • Indoctrination is the plan of control freak Democrat run schools to make the baby libs easier to control in the future.

  17. “… her past statements that are inconsistent with Brandeis University’s core values.”

    Isn’t that a good thing??

  18. We see again that being politically correct is more important than education. We will see a time when people will once more find that moral standards are more important than any one political group or cult. The pressures are evermore prevalent on our institutions. The reason these people even have any leverage at all is because they take government funds. When one gets in bed with government one finds they determine how much of the cover you get. Because the government people are not monitored they use this power to demand many things the universities would not normally demonstrate as their own policies. The infection of these twisted beliefes have worked their way into every part of our government. Over the last thirty years We see the gradual over taking our rights and pushing the government agenda that say to all that they know what is proper and best for you to live your life. This woman worked tirelessly for years to peacefully attain rights for women. The question I have is who has the guts to stand with her or will we shrink away in fear of offending this deviant cult they call the religion of peace.

  19. Who give a +++ as these awards are nothing anyway. Stop being a shallow person and tell all these idiots to go to hell. Being 84 years in my dote age, I could care less. I played their game to my benefit and reaped the profit. In life I found that you could do what you wanted as long as you played the game and could work outside the box. Even in College (Berkley CA.) I challenged the elite professor’s. One class I remember was that this Professor, who thought his shit did not stink which it did gave a assignment to write what we learned that day from his preaching. I wrote that if I sat long enough on the cold steel chair and listen to his garbage that I would soon have Hemorrhoids and nothing else. To prove the matter I brought a 100 foot electrical cord, heating pad and a inflatable sitting tube. Then I sat comfortable while having to listen to the required garbage which was of no value and did not teach me how to teach, well maybe the garbage that they teach in school now which produce an end result of students that can not read ,write or accomplish simple math. Present at 84 years into this life I can do more that most people trained by the new system that dumbs people and is so boring that the Students want to puke. Enough said as we not now have a Government for the Bureaucrats, by the Bureaucrats and for the Bureaucrats and you rabble can go to hell. One thing, ask Why and question all the time, but maybe that will Jail you, but who cares. I know that most of the Citizen do not care.;

      • The other Students where envious of my daring. I did graduate and later found that from the Professor’s Wife that I was a student that made him laugh when reading my papers. To my credit I have been awarded with plaques from my students, not the elite to my teaching, for as I was told that when I teach they learn and can win in real life. One thing in life I found that I do not have what they call the can’t disease or what will people say. My thoughts are that if you do not like what I am doing just look away for you are nothing to me. I play the game of life and not afraid to say what I think. I despise incompetents and dishonesty. I honor those that can and do and never jealous of them. Presently at my dote age of 84, I teach free cooking classes to those that want to learn titled “How to cook healthy outside the Corrupt Government Poison Box.” Well Glad you ask, for as an old man I love to talk or write. Chef Robert who know no bounds. Make life fun and do you best to Irritate those who frown and do nothing. like Politicians and Bureaucrats.

        • Thank you, I appreciate your story and the type of teacher you were and are even now. I am copying what you wrote and sharing it with my grandchildren so they also will know how good teachers think about students who don’t do their very best. If only we had more teachers like you but that was a better time for teachers when you taught. I taught for a short while in the late ‘60s but I could never teach in the schools today. I do; however, home school two of my granddaughters.

          • Going to school I had a teacher extraordinary, a woman about 50 and Africa American. A great teacher who demanded that the students work hard and learn. Later we became great friends and it was black and white for we respected the each other and race had nothing to do with it. What I learned from her has followed me through my life of teaching, that all ways strive to do the best and work is a pleasure. To tell one more story. When I was 7 I was shipped off from Detroit Mich. to Coalton Oklahoma by bus to live with my Aunt and her 7 children. We used to swim in the Deep Fork River and there was an old Colored Gentleman who had a small shack on the banks and grew watermelon. One night we stayed too long and it was too dark to go back through the woods to home. Old Bill put us white boys up for the night. When the lamp was blown out. Old Bill said well now boys we are the same color and sleep well. I Never forgot Old Bill and he called me his Detroit Boy and saved a special watermelon for just me. That was one of my learning’s of life and a great one. I had the great fortune of living in many countries and in the culture. There I found wonderful people and not the hate of what is happening today. But, thanks for the kind words and I too wish we had more great teacher today like some I have had. Chef Robert

          • All most forgot. It is great that you are Home Schooling your Granddaughters and they will be better for it. I Thank you for doing it.

  20. Yet another American group/city/institution caves in to lying, monstrous, sand flea Muslims because they have had their feelings hurt by the TRUTH of what they are. What cowardly people Americans are – heaven forbid we should insult a Muslim. Do people in the US not know all they do is complain about our systems, cultures, whine, moan whimper and cry until they get their way. They absolutely hate us (the feeling is reciprocal for me) and we allow them to do every and anything they want. Their is no assimilation into our society because their purpose is to take over the West. How absolutely stupid Brandeis is – supposedly a center for learning, they are beyond ignorant – I hope every student walks out the door.
    America had better wake up …….it’s getting later and later; because of Obama and these filthy infidels, the US is on its knees……..if you think we are coming back – you are totally insane and unbelievably ignorant – you allowed this…….

  21. Her being black had it been for any other reason the networks and the MSM would be all over it more than flys on stink! What hypocritic both they are where is Al and Jesse? So sexual mutilation and slavery of Blacks is okay? Where are the race cards? Interesting!

  22. And just what are Brandeis University’s “core values”???? Obviously not what they should be! The Muslims are taking over! Beware!!!!

    • Yes maybe Barry Soetoro was afraid she will gain momentum and expose what African Muslims are really like, and how they really feel!

  23. We should all write to the President and Board of Brandeis to let them know that they are cowards. Islam is a cruel and violent religion. How many examples do we need to see again and again. Muslims world wide hate America. Why because it is beautiful, free, courageous, and always sacrifices its young men and women to protect the rights and freedom of others. No Muslim country can make that claim. No Muslim country comes to the aid of the downtrodden and oppressed, only America. America shares all its knowledge, inventions, medical advancements, skills, on and on to help others. We give the most money to help others. Do you see the Saudis or the Iranians or the Emirates helping, no just enriching their own pockets. Muslims demean all women. Muslims hate Jews, Christians and any other group that will not follow their line. The day of reckoning is coming and the accounts will be balanced and the world better place. We must speak up to highlight the cruel actions of Islam against all women. GOD bless Ayaan Hirsi Ali for her courage. Shame on Brandeis University .

      • Helen, good action on your part. I also sent a letter this PM. I saw Ms. Ali on the Kelly file tonight and she is quite a person. GOD BLESS HER.

        • Did you see the douchebag from CAIR who tried to out talk Megyn? She put him in his place and he needed it – she should have stood up and smacked him and order him off the set until he can act like a man! What a slime bag most Muslim men are!!

  24. Is anyone surprised that she hates the Muslim faith? Pretty obvious why she’s become an atheist. Read her book “Infidel” and you would understand who she is, why she deserves recognition and how amazing a woman she really is.

    So it doesn’t surprise me a liberal university would renege on conferring a degree to her.

  25. Muslim, Islam murder-ers of Christian men, women and children. Coming to America to cut your head off or blow you up into little pieces. Next time you see a muslim make sure you welcome them to America, congress enabling them to come to America.

    • Love to hear you atheists slam the Catholic Church whenever you can.
      Goes to show what lack of faith does to a person.

      If you truly were a good person who just didn’t believe in God, you would never be so obtuse. But you lash out whenever you can and you look like a COMPLETE MORON!

      • Where did I slam the catholic church.
        What a silly girl you are. I mean really.
        I could have inserted the name of ANY mainstream religion to make my point.
        YOU are quite dumb.

    • What does your inane comment have to do with Brandeis reneging on a purported “honor” for a remarkable woman?

  26. I define religion as the following of the teachings of an individual who has obtained enlightenment.
    Given Muhammad’s recorded history of being a warlord, murderer, slaveholder, rapist, pedophile, thief and liar, I fail to see him as ever being capable of attaining any form of enlightenment. Given that, Islam cannot qualify as a religion, according to my definition, at least. It appears to be more a method of total social control.
    As such, it has no protections, under the US Constitution.

  27. The “likelihood that some MIGHT hold an idea”, and the making of FORMAL ANNOUNCEMENTS
    are really 2 different things. What 5 year old wrote this article?

  28. This appears to be pretty consistent with what our once great nation is becoming, gutless. Afraid
    to stand up for what we know is right! The light on the hill has gone out and we appear to be afraid of our own
    shadows, can’t take an honorable or moral position. A reflection of our leaders who are a reflection of those who turn out to vote.

  29. Anyone who has read Ms Ali’s books or knows of the horrors she has endured under Islam should be in awe of this woman’s courage and brilliance. Her life is a miracle of survival and accomplishment.
    Brandeis gave an honor to Nancy Pelosi….
    PLEEEEZE….!!! Barf …
    Dear Ms Ali…you are too amazing and worthwhile a human being to want any degrees or acknowledgement from this joke of a university. Brandeis is not worthy to mention your name. They are PC fools.
    Your life , Ms Ali, will continue to inspire and amaze millions.

    • Isn’t Ali an amazing woman? It was unfortunate she became an atheist, but certainly understandable. She deserves all your accolades. Right on!

      • The fact that she is still alive and able to function in a positive way is beyond a miracle.
        Anyone with a brain and an ounce of humanity should have nothing to do with this third rate school.

  30. The alumni of Brandeis University continue to contribute to this stinking cesspool of political correctness, and it is they who must bear the lion’s share of the blame for Brandeis’ continuing medieval persecutions of those with whom it disagrees.

  31. Brandeis Takes Back Honorary Degree From Famous Anti-Muslim.
    Brandeis should have their accreditation taken away from them.

  32. Brandeis is just another facist institute that plays the phony political correctness game.
    Marxism and Facism has their tentacles all over this country, and you know what? They are winning, because the so-called silent majority has rolled over and finally died.

  33. Worlds foremost killers, Muslim Pigs! You Idiot’s will someday realize what you have don’t when these pig’s start cutting off heads. Stand up to these radical pigs and have some balls you worthless cesspool parasite cowards! Most students and faculty couldn’t find their way out of a forest with one tree. A waste of time and money, Universities of left winged loons and idiots!

  34. I would think by now that most Americans would know how dangerous and deceitful muslims are. Are people that ignorant? Their putting a gnose around their neck because as soon the signal is given they will break out of their “cells” that I believe they have been building across our Nation in their mosques. They have already gained a lot of control in many areas including the WH. Unless, more people are willing to turn to God for answers and pray for our country so He will be glorified again in our Nation.
    Psalm 28:5 Because they regard not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands, He shall destroy them, and not build them up.
    II Peter 3:8… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity.
    Daniel 2:21 HE changes the times and the seasons, HE removes Kings and sets up Kings, HE gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.

  35. Islamophobe – Another left wing made up word to castigate ones character. Sad thing is these lying reprobates can actually make it stick. God will bless this lady for her works and that’s all that truly matters.

    • And as near as I can tell putting “phobe” at the end of a word means you fear it—yeah I’m real scared of these various pukes — bring it !

  36. Those responsible for rescinding the degree should undergo genital mutilation while screaming that akbar phrase.

  37. This is a University that stands up for women’s Rights ? This is laughable , you stand up for all women or not at all . I don’t care if they are Liberals ,Conservatives , or Muslim women overseas . This University only stands up for LIBERAL WOMEN . PERIOD !

  38. If Ali is against slavery and genital mutilation of African girls then Brandeis must be for it which makes them severely racist.

  39. A truly sad commentary. Brandeis, named in honor of a fine jewish Supreme Court justice, founded as an equal to the anti-semetic universities of the Ivy League, Harvard Anyone? had a reputation of the highest academic ideals. G-D help it now.

    I will hope that the Brandeis alumnae take the same action as I did when Remedial Reading was instituted in my alma mater, or my self-divorce from my temple due to ‘Rabbis for Obama’, And my termination of contributions to Hadassah triggered by their pro-gay actions. Enough is enough.

  40. Brandeis would make its co eds wear hiabs if the obamaistas suggested it showed the proper diversity. Its a hopeless place with ridiculous people pretending to be educators.

  41. It is noble to speak the truth. It is best when truth is spoken in wisdom. Being a public figure, you bare responsibility for whatever you say, and how you say it to the masses. That said, universities that grant honorary degrees do so for their own glory, not so much for the recipient. If a person has an extensive track record for their humanitarian efforts towards others, but are unknown to the public, do well known universities give honorary degrees to non-public figures? If so, you usually don’t hear about it. Personally, I don’t believe many of them do. So the fact that Brandeis U retracted their honorary degree from Ayaan Hirsi Ali , she isn’t losing much. The degree didn’t make her who she is, nor be her undoing.

  42. Brandeis should change their name to Brand Ice. Where the cold thoughtless kids go, not for higher learning…but higher lemmings.

  43. I wonder how long before Brandeis removes bibles or crosses from their campus? This pathetic school is afraid of its own shadow, so why not just bring in the koran and have an iman choose their classes.

  44. These students are trash and the university faculty is crap.—this woman deserves praise —I guess it’s either p.c.or they are scared of the islamic pigs—they are on the side that will loose

  45. Any religion that preaches hate, total intolerance, genocide, jihad, and world domination deserves to be despised. Bigots? It’s the Muslims who are bigots. Tolerance, hahaha, tell that the Muslims, the gays, and the atheists. It is sad to see folks in the Great States of Texas slipping into the quicksand of very one sided so called tolerance. The most intolerant folks around are the progressive liberals, they hate everyone who disagrees with their foolishness and insanity!

  46. Cultural Marxism (PC) is insidious and incompatible with American jurisprudence and Freedom. Assigning “thought crimes”
    or “bigotry” to this women is an OUTRAGE!!!!! Shame on the fascist Brandeis! When will these Marxists “wake up” and smell the coffee! They will be the first ones killed (useful idiots) after the Brownshirts/Bolsheviks do the complete takeover of this country.

  47. When I was in college in the 1960’s, the primary purpose of higher education was exposure to and tolerance for all ideas, religions, philosophies, proven and unproven sciences, all thought, in general. Our participation in the process, as students, was to use analysis, research, comparison and facts as evidence for our argument or position. My, how the purpose of education has been diminished?

    If liberal ideology represents free expression, compassion and understanding of the human condition, global awareness, fairness and equality, it is evidently grossly misinterpreted and denied at Brandeis, as well as at many other institutions of higher learning. Depriving Ayaan Hirsen Ali of a well-deserved honor because of pressure from agitators and bullies exemplifies the degradation of education to the lowest common denominator and elevates bias to a new level. It’s no surprise that graduates today can’t think for themselves? And no surprise that journalists report the news through partisan and bias-colored glasses?

    Does Brandeis know whether Muslim organizers of the protests are even U.S. citizens or foreigners on U.S. aid grants? Surprising that NOW or other women’s rights groups didn’t agitate FOR Ayaan? Must ask yourself honestly how could principles held so dear in this country be constantly eroding due to outside pressure?

  48. I hope that all parents take their kids out of this cowardly school! Shame on Brandeis for bowing to Islamic pressure – they should tell CAIR to get the hell out of the US!

  49. HOW DARE….!!!!!!!!!!!

    BRANDEIS University (a LEFT-WING, PROGRESSIVE, HOT-BED of MARXIST Thinking & Teaching) “DENY” this FEMALE HERO of “WOMEN’s RIGHTs” ….the “HONORARY Degree” they were WILLING to BESTOW on this HEROIC Woman.


    REAL Americans….DON’T SEND their children to: Brandeis, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, UCSB or any other LIBERAL CESSPOOL !

  50. The Muslim Brotherhood.
    Who was giving US tax dollars for support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?
    Egypt revolted against the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Egypt and Syria have declared the Muslim Brothehood to be a terrorist organization.
    The current administration has yet to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.
    This may be the reason.

  51. I think the most important thing is that she will continue in her work and that God will bless her with success. The actions of this university shows what they’re really all about. And it is certainly not reflective of her character by any means. Therefore, she is better off without them. Nancy Pelosi? Yeah, she looks good getting as far away and as soon as she can, away from them.

  52. What about black rights?? Isn’t deneying her the degree discrimination aginst blacks?? Isn’t this racism??

  53. So, Brandeis University’s “core values” are that women’s’ rights rate somewhere below “honor” killing, child rape, and mass murder. “Values” down there around the level of a urine-squirting coward.

    “Islamophobia”, my shiny metal arse. “Phobia” implies fear; this ain’t fear – it is righteous hatred of the most backward batch of human scum since Muhammed raped his first goat.

    Islam – because Satan forgot to flush.

  54. Brandeis University is indeed sticking to their core vales, those being cowardice and a lack of moral fortitude. Parents should think twice about sending their offspring to a school with those kinds of values.

  55. It is not just Brandeis. The American university system is melting and dissolving in its own bile. It no longer has any values and it is not possible to learn anything of value there.

  56. Educated idiots! Educators should understand the Bible and, in today’s culture, they should understand the Koran. If any person has casually compared the two they must conclude that the Koran was authored by Satan even if they are not able to prove the Bible was authored by God.

  57. Frederick Lawrence feels Ms. Hirsi Ali’s core values don’t match up with those of Brandeis University. Does this mean that Brandeis’ University core values do align with those of Islam. I wonder if Louis Brandeis, Associate Justice of the SCOTUS and member of the Jewish faith would think the University’s core values would line up with his.

    There is no question the CULT OF ISLAM is a vile, venal, and vicious sham of a religion. The obdurate nature of Islam precludes their right to express any opinion on how they are looked upon by others. It is about time that the American public should demand that Islam be officially labeled cult and that any benefits they might receive for being a “religion” should be immediately stripped from them. Furthermore, their schools should also be closely monitored to make sure the children are being given the proper education of the “the three R’s” like every American kid and that both sexes of kids are getting an equal education, in every way.

  58. If Brandeis is reneging on their offer of an honorary degree, then they don’t have any core values in the first place.

  59. Brandeis University was named after the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice and we ALL know how much the muslimes love the Jews.

  60. I’m not surprised and neither should she be. And you can be sure that no public official will speak out in her behalf. Sad

  61. Ibrahim Hooper to Megan Kelly, “there are so many groups and sites out there that are sewers of hate and intolerance!” I guess he hasn’t read his Koran lately. It would be different if we didn’t know that the majority of Muslim males take the hate, barbarity and intolerance of Islam’s “Mein Kampf” literally. To listen to Hooper deny Ms Ali’s accusations is ludicrous.

    Right now Islam has gained a little ground because “they” don’t believe very many Americans have read the horrific doctrines in their book. But as awareness increases as to just what “they’re” all about their world will start to close in on them.

    Ms Ali’s shortcomings are she cannot argue from a position of faith. She has to depend upon secular humanism, which we all know is moral relativism. That doesn’t matter anyway because Muslims are allowed to lie to defend their political militant cult, and have been fairly successful thus far, with the help of the brain dead media, at playing the victim and portraying criticism as Islamophobia. I personally like the term I recently saw coined as Islamonausea!

    Enlightened scholars have got to get the courage to confront the public in the MSM to start arguing the reality that Islamic Ideology is not a true religion, it’s a cult, that is fundamentally treasonous, subversive and the antithesis of our Constitutional Republic and humanitarian, democratic religious ideals.

  62. “Good Jews don’t support Israel”, this was a newspaper headline in England. It could put their lives in danger on the streets of England. In America it is true for different reason. Many America Rabbi’s and Jews have divided minds, half of it supports Israel and other half supports the Palestinians. My question? Supporting Palestinians to do what? Kill more Jews, Israelis or their Arab brothers?

  63. Was reading her book The Infidel” and could not stop reading all night until the time I had to go work. She not only oppose female genital mutilation but also the male genital mutilation that is still in practice in USA on half the new born baby boys.

  64. I read her book. She is a very courageous woman. Female mutilation is horrendous. I don’t care who you are or what religion you are. It’s inhuman. They can keep their honorary degree. Who needs it.

  65. Islam is a religion of the culture which believes if you don’t believe in the Koran you are an infidels.
    The punishment for infidels is death.
    This is their cultural belief along with it’s imposition of Shari laws.
    Women are property and have no rights.
    Hell the poor ones who’s parents come to the US are killed if they don’t stay true to Islamic law.
    Brandies rolled over out of fear. For no other reason. You defy Islam you die. You speak against Islam you die.
    Why in the heck have these maniacs come to America other than to infiltrate its education, political system and intimidate Americans.
    We should implement Australia rules. If you don’t Obey our rules your out of here.
    Our politically correct set of morons have no idea how they are enabling this religion by fearing it or believing it has good points.
    We should stop all immigrations of those of the Islamic faith.
    They cant assimilate and respect our Bill of Rights they need to leave.

  66. The Brandeis University Motto is: “Truth Even Unto Its Innermost Parts”; its nickname is “Judges” and its mascot is “Ollie” the Owl, named for Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Well, well, well; so where’s the tolerance???

  67. Brandeis is scared and well it should be. Obama is fast tracking Muslim immigration at an unprecedented rate. Who knows how many terrorists he’s imported into the United States already.

  68. Let all those who pushed Brandeis to withdraw this honor step up and volunteer for genital mutilation, and then they can “walk in her shoes” as they criticize her. She stands head and shoulders above these cowards for all that she has accomplished after what she has gone through.

  69. ANY advocate of womens rights is going to be anti moslem! If this school is that ignorant how can they teach anyone ANYTHING?

    • They are not ignorant. They just want the “problem” to go away. Sort of like the Jews on the train to Auschwitz clinging to the fairy tale of a “resettlement move.”

  70. Oh, wait…..Isn’t she dark skinned? She COULD sue them for discrimination based on RACISM! HA HA. How poetic would that be?

  71. That sucks! I think many of your (Brandeis) Jewish Supporters will not be not be donating funds in the future!

    • I cetainly hope so. Too bad deserving students may get short changed should that happen, but it usually catches the eye of the administration.

  72. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again and again until it becomes a reality:
    Islam should be eradicated from the face of the earth for the moral/social/religious plague that it is. Since that will never likely happen, the next best thing is for all civilized nations to ban Islam from their nations and to DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS, whether imported (immigrant) or home grown (citizen). That is, all Muslims in any civilized nation, after having been given the opportunity to renounce forever, the religion of Islam and having origins in another nation should be deported to their country of origin (regardless of current citizen/resident status) If their country of origin is another civilized nation where Islam is banned, then they are to be shipped to the nearest Islamic nation. All homegrown Muslims, after having the same opportunity to renounce Islam, should, upon refusal, be stripped of their citizenship and deported to the nearest Islamic country. Again, Islam should be banned from all civilized nations, the Muslims in those nations offered the chance to remain if they renounce Islam and if they love Islam more than the nation where they live, they can go live in an Islamic nation, freeing the rest of the world from the moral and social perversion that is Islam.

  73. They just kill people who don’t agree with the Cult . their great leader is a pedophile or was he is dead now. The college must agree with stoning women to death and the hanging of Gays mmm? wonder why . The liberals are truly insane they are actually for something at the same time they are against it. Jim Jones would be proud of this one. Double speak has never been so rampant, nor has stupidity .

  74. Alright guys, step up and drop your pant, specially you older man.
    How many of you are circumcised?
    And how many still do it to their new born son.
    Did anyone ask to whack a piece of you off?
    Christian male mutilation. Wow.

  75. Our nation is becoming like Animal Farm, some animals are more equal and deserving than others while others are to be shuned. Brandeis University can’t handel the truth that in the world of Islam many women have less value than a camel.

  76. The dead of the Israeli Self Defense Force are rolling in their graves. Brandeis used to be an institution I admired. It no longer qualifies in my book.

  77. Another University stuck on stupid. Hmmm! Islamic Muslims can spew hate about everyone who doesn’t believe in their views and never get called out on it or called, say, Christianphobic. But let anyone stand against the parasitic disease called Islam and their phony hate fill religion, then you are Islamophobic. Now, a phobia is an inordinate fear of something. What is to fear is the disease called Islam taking over our Universities and other great institutions and shutting people up because a “few” are offended while they “offend” others.

    Brandeis University has become part of the cesspool network of indoctrination facilities claiming to be an institution of higher education. But their actions against Ayaan just shows they have no backbone to allow others to disagree and use this opportunity to debate the issues and expose Islam for what it is!

  78. So now Muslims get preferential treatment over atheists in the liberal community? Surprising since Communism relies on religion being abolished and the government becoming god. Maybe they didn’t realize she was an atheist.

    I also wonder how the liberals will reconcile their embrace of Muslims and homosexuals. Eventually that will reach a tipping point as Muslims believe in stoning homosexuals. They certainly aren’t in favor of same-sex marriage.

  79. Brandeis university should no longer be considered an university. It has become an islamic terrorist training center. DHS should be busting down their doors. Oh thats right ostupid but a islamic terrorist in charge of the DHS.

  80. And yet it is Jesus who is the real threat in the eyes of liberals. Amazing.

    Will the born again church of Jesus ever regain it’s backbone?

  81. I am an islamaphobe. I admit that muslims scare me because they are not civilized at all. Taking someone’s head off and filming the atrocity is not my idea of civilized behavior at all. Calling for the death of anyone just because of how they believe is neither good nor honorable, and as for honor killing, there is no honor whatsoever in murdering your own family.

  82. Disgusting! Brandeis supports the Muslim extremist, and opposes those who want to keep Muslim women from being abused and mutilated. How much are they getting paid for this action by the Muslims?

  83. Sounds like to me that muslims have taken over not just the White House and the federal government but all kinds of groups, including our schools, a real disaster for America.

  84. What are we looking at in this country ? Where have all the people with character gone? Have we been living too easy a life so that we need someone do our fighting for us? Since when do Americans discontinue to stand up for what they believe? It is obvious that Brandeis U. buckled under threat of Islam’s intimidation practices. We have well over 300 million people in this country and we allow our citizens to be intimidated ? I’m livid and disgusted with my fellow Americans. Please show me I’m wrong !

  85. Bet that Ali is an atheist BECAUSE of Islam. The radical Muslims have hijacked our American educational system. Libs and radical Muslims go together…just like Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem in WW II.

  86. Whats funny is she is dead right. Muslims believe that it is ok to kill your wife, children and grand children if they offend your dignity or some how disgrace the family. Thats saying kill the kids because they didn’t bow low enough at prayer time. Seems to me that some where the muslims claimed to love God and obey him, God is love and love is God.. God did not say what the Koran says, no Mohammad wrote it , so he said it and made it up, had to at the time he was thrown out of the peoples current religion so he wrote his own,so how did God ever get involved, he not. So why worry about the whos and whats of the silly award. If this school [if that is what it is] believes and supports this perverse group, let them. She is better off with out that award, after all, whats its value when the school believes and follows these same perverse standards and beliefs.

  87. Another university gone bonkers. Their ‘core’ belief then is believing in the muslims and their mutilation and murders of innocent people. They’re just scared that they won’t get anymore of that Obama money!

  88. It’s not Honorable when its from a University of FOOLS, Ali, you have chosen the best route, you don’t need the approval of Satan’s school of fools. Keep your eye on Jesus Christ and his work, your work will follow you, you go!

  89. No loss to Ali as far as I am concerned. Since a raving LUNATIC like Pelosi was awarded a degree from Brandeis, the receipt of same is of extremely dubious value. I would, in-fact, consider it as the entrance requirement into a circle of idiots, if she is an example of who they think is worthy of the award. That lady is a blithering idiot

    As a side note, I think Judge Brandeis is tuning over in his grave on this decision, made at an institution that bears his name. Something about this is very fishy, and it smells of being made because some coward was afraid of repercussions on the part of Islamic Fundamentalists. Some people are afraid of their own shadow. They are cowards and do not deserve freedom. Sorry, Freedom isn’t free, and caving in to despots is not the answer. That is what Chamberlain did with Hitler, and we all know where that got him. His bumbershoot and tumbler are the universal sign for appeasement.

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