Bowe Bergdahl and Family Need to Be Left Out of This

I’m really angry with the extremely uncivil way puppet pundits, talk-pieces, internet jocks, web bullies, and other idiots have been treating Bowe Bergdahl and his family. It wasn’t but a few days after his release before the entire conservative world was dumping on Bergdahl and his father for what seemed to me to be tenuously supported (at best) reasons. We did this same thing to Vietnam veterans. And for the same reasons. And they’re as rotten now as they were then.

Listen, I understand there’s real shady business in this prisoner swap as far as the Obama administration is concerned. But that doesn’t mean Bowe Bergdahl is to blame. That doesn’t mean he should be included in the general outrage over Obama’s lawlessness. Bergdahl and his family should be allowed some peace. Even if he turns out to be a traitor.

For the sake of decency, people! What has gone down is just disgusting. From commenting on Bob Bergdahl’s beard, to dredging up every ounce of anecdotal evidence that Bowe Bergdahl was a deserter, or a Muslim convert, or whatever. Some even claim that Bob Bergdahl’s little scattering of Arabic phrases was somehow a Muslim way of claiming the White House for all Islam. Sheesh, people. Please!

I frankly don’t care about any of that. None of it. It shouldn’t matter to you or me. Bob Bergdahl is not a raging militant jihadist Muslim.  He’s a father who really missed his son, and was attempting to show solidarity. The fact is that he would have gotten in more trouble (separation of church and state and all that) if he had said in English what he said in Arabic: “In the name of God, the all gracious and all merciful.” Yes, “Allah” is the Arabic word for “God.” Most Arabic Christians still use the word Allah to refer to God. Get over it. That doesn’t mean the Islamic God and the Christian God are one and the same. But the word “Allah” and the word “God” most certainly are.

Bob Bergdahl claims to be a Christian. By all accounts he is an educated, eccentric, homeschooling, hardworking, thoughtful man. And as far as his beard is concerned, I like what Jon Stewart had to say about that: “My guess is that if you gave Bob Bergdahl a bandana and a duck, you’d like him just fine.”

Is public opinion a military court of law? No. So it doesn’t really matter if you are convinced Bowe Bergdahl was a deserter. That’s not what his superiors are saying currently. They may try him for treason. That’s their business. It’s their responsibility to deal with it. Not ours. But what if Bowe isn’t guilty? What if the explanation for all of this comes out, and he was actually an American patriot much maligned by jealous co-workers who didn’t like him, or something along those lines? We have treated a returning POW and his family badly. That is the real story here.

Let’s just say you had served in the military in a terrible, interminable war with no clear goals, no clear enemies, and no clear course of action. And you get taken hostage in a place where being rich affords you fewer conveniences than being destitute in the US would.  But you’re not even with rich people. You’re with poor, brutal terrorists. You’re a prisoner/hostage—an ambassador of the one institution in the one country your captors hate with all the pith of their substance. And then you’re stuck there for five years. That sucks. And frankly, at that point, I don’t care what you you may have done beforehand or what you did or said after in order to survive. You already paid for it.

We never should have put Bowe Bergdahl or any other soldier in Afghanistan. What are they doing there? Protecting us? From whom? This is Vietnam all over again. And we’re treating our vets and POWs the same way the previous generation treated theirs. It’s tragic. We have to stop lumping our veterans in with our politicians when we vent our frustrations with the policy failures that have created such international turmoil and discord.

Give Bowe Bergdahl and his family a break. Let the proper military authorities deal with questions of treason. But let’s keep this story focused where Obama doesn’t want it focused. On his failure of leadership, on his broken promises, and on this country’s precipitous decline.

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  1. A well reasoned argument. Kudos.

    I think there is a valid debate about the prisoner swap, especially when it occurred without Congressional approval, but what does Bowe Bergdahl have to do with it?

    • If it was proven he shirked his responsibility, then it matters. The exchange would not have happened with Bowe involved. If proven he was forcibly removed from his post, then he is innocent. However, too many of his fellow troops said he walked off his post and went wondering, AWOL!

      • PerplexedWisconsinite might have problems with your explanation – can you form it into a picture? Maybe something with toy blocks?

      • HEY! His responsibility? What are you…new? HE WALKED OFF HIS POST! He was RESPONSIBLE to stay put! He left his weapon! You should already know these details and more, And you ask THAT dumb question?
        NOT sufficiently redemptive!

        • Please read the entire post. I ended with him being AWOL. Read about letting the military court put him on trial, not we the people with a “knee jerk” reaction.

      • Those are called “graphic novels” now; guess.the kiddies got their feelings hurt by “comic books” sounding too juvenile.

        • Ah, graphic novels….well at least the liberals had enough sense to use DC Comics Superman, The Bizarro World as the basis for their own little world.
          Bizarro Pelosi “Me need to pass bill first so me know what in it”.
          Bizarro Susan Rice “Sergeant Bergdahl he some big hero”.

  2. Minkoff has definitely gone off the rails with this one. Howzabout this Minky…many of out here with military experience and connections had Bergdahl’s number?
    Jon Stewart is a comedian whose commentary does not exceed the depth of an ordinary rain puddle. Bergdahl’s old man would need more than a banana and a duck. But Jon meant it as comedy – Minkoff, you’re lame enough to take it to the bank and then try cashing it.

  3. The Bergdahls would have been the furthest thing from my mind except that Obama and Susan Rice decided to glorify them for political aggrandizement. And mom and dad seem to have cooperated in the in the charade.

  4. I would have to wait for actual facts before judging our soldier. But I would rather gave them some prisoners, before sending our special forces to rescue US soldier and risking loosing more lives. Israel releases by hundreds in exchange for one, and those who been release there, actually next door. Afghanistan is far from us, and we should of left that SHOLE long time ago. Our mission was to get rid off Al Qaidas camps, that mission was accomplished long time ago. Building something that resemble democracy would not work in that place.

    • But, there seems to be NO dispute that he walked off his post. That is desertion, no matter how you look at it.

      USMC 1970-1974

          • Agree, blame Obama administration, I am sure he didn’t call himself a hero. Also I think he was promoted to sergeant, while he was captured. We need to know, who did and why?

          • If I understand correctly, he was promoted automatically, which I find interesting. When I was on active duty in the USMC you earned your rank by performance. As far as I know, no US military person was automatically promoted while a POW (not sure this is Bergdahl’s case) during Viet Nam.

            As you say it would be interesting to know how and why Bergdahl was able to achieve what he did.

  5. If Berdahl is as intelligent as Minkoff says he is why didn’t he do his research about the military before he signed up. The military is a place where you learn team and self discipline. With self discipline you don’t need any other kind of discipline. You actions will speak for themselves. He obviously hadn’t learned the key lesson of the military. Self discipline. By the way, the military is not a Democracy it is quite Autocratic and for a reason. He and the family need to start acting like Americans if they want the respect of Americans.

    • Unfortunately, the average soldier seems to be as DUMB as a doornail. Thus Bowe (the son) wouldn’t have thought to do “research” before signing up. A lot of times, people learn by EXPERIENCE. It is clear that Bowe learned NOT TO TRUST THE US MILITARY (or government) by experiencing it for himself. Frankly, considering who the Commander in Chief is, I’m surprised that MORE SOLDIERS haven’t gone AWOL or changed loyalties to side with the Taliban or Al-Qaeda (or some other nation)– at least the Taliban and Al-Qaeda are more CONSISTENT with their aims, goals, and strategies than the US has been. After all, we once SUPPORTED the Taliban; now they are “enemy number one”. THEY haven’t changed, yet the US’s position on them has. People strive for consistency — the US government seems to be the height of INCONSISTENCY. No wonder we have people like Bowe Bergdahl and Edward Snowden leaving what is left of America for either the Taliban or Russia. The problem is OUR GOVERNMENT, not the Bergdahl family (father, son or mother) nor Edward Snowden.

  6. Hey minkoff, you shot your 2 cent opinion for what it was worth, boy that was a quicky just a Dull thud.

    I am sure this muslim indoctrinated Traitor and his Muslim Daddies as in (2) are really nice guys so no worries. The USA is finished so start your Eulogy and get on the O’Muslim in Chief band wagon they have a seat with your name on it ( Timid coward).

  7. Really?
    Are Army Deserters and Traitors, the “New Normal” under the Obama Imperial Government?
    Michael Minkoff must go back to the sewer hole, where he came out..
    Has the word Rape already came out while he was interrogated by the Taliban… Another excellent Liberal Democrats defense MO…
    Sgt. Bergdahl belongs in the Fort Leavenworth Prison, (KS), doing Hard Labor for life, for being such a coward that ran away on this brothers, in the middle of a War Conflit.. while other 6 other soldiers, died searching for this skunk.
    It is the likes of Minkoff that have our Great Nation, upside down!

    Politically Correct is a/k/a/, a Coward to the Core!!!


    Samper Fidelis.

  8. After reading Minkoff’s article I would say he is right in league with the Deserter/traitor Berdahl….(one in the same???)

  9. I wonder how all these mean-spirited comments posted here are justified. While I will uphold the rights of these people to have and express their opinions, I just don’t understand why they must be so caustic and mean.

      • Yes, desertion is a terrible thing, but the awful comments posted here, belittling the author of this article only make those people look weak-minded, not more informed — in my opinion.

          • I totally agree — but it is not necessary or beneficial to be on the cutting edge of irritation when stating one’s opinions. Opinionated people who can state their opinions with knowledge and care will have a far better impact than those who do it carelessly and maliciously. That’s all I’m saying.

        • Yeah, the audience can be pretty unforgiving at times. Bergdahl touches a raw nerve and for good reason. If one wishes to try and make a case for this traitor they better have their thick suit on.

          • I agree that anyone trying to make a case for Bergdhal had better have his facts straight. The same goes for those who are making a case against him. And, from the little bit I’ve read, he does look rather guilty of the things of which he has been accused. But, then again, I’m not convinced that all the facts have been presented. Like most of these types of stories, there is always something missing.

        • Tell that to the muslims in Dearborn MI about belittling people. And to some-not all-of the people that support Obama when he is tearing our country apart. Do you think he’d do it to his own country?

      • Okay, I get that. It still doesn’t justify the belittling of the author of this article. I’m sure that the people posting here view Bergdhal as uncivil. And, if that is so, they should not be uncivil themselves in their comments. One can state his opinion without being unkind.

        • But that’s the chance the author takes when he publishes his opinion. Everyone else has a right to say what they think to counter his opinion. I understand what you are saying, though

          • Yes, you are right that is the chance the author takes. And, you are right again that everyone else has his right to say what he thinks. I totally agree. Just do it in a civilized fashion.

    • So… you’re “okay” with deserting your post, not only in war time, but in an active war zone, resulting in 6 men dying while searching for you? And with another releasing 5 known terrorists, plus spending millions of dollars to retrieve a deserter, who went in search of the enemy, possibly with intentions of joining them against Americans, and wirh said deserter’s father claiming our WH for that very same enemy? You see nothing there to be upset or angry about? Let me guess…you never donned a uniform or took that oath, did you?

      • Just because I believe that people should state their opinions in a civilized manner, you’ve come to the conclusion that I would be “okay” with “someone deserting his post, not only in war time, but in an active war zone……” I don’t get the connection or understand your accusation. Do people have the right to be angry and upset about this issue of Bergdhal?Yes, of course they do. That isn’t at all to what I’m referring. It’s possible to be angry and upset and still state one’s opinions without engaging in the belittling and berating of others. Whether or not I’ve ever “donned a uniform or took that oath” has absolutely nothing to do with my opinion that I think people should be able to engage in a discussion without cutting down other people who don’t share their opinions.

        • This is a public forum for exchange of thoughts.
          I myself try to be civil, but I totally understand when people vent. Expecting others to be civil because you think it’s appropriate really is a form of censorship.

          I’m glad we can say whatever we want. And if you really don’t “get the connection” you should think it over…

          You must not use discussion forums very often…

        • I posed it as a question in the face of your apparent inference that manners are more important than what took place, and the appropriate anger of others that it should be excused somehow. And yes, I do believe had you taken the oath and worn the uniform, you’d more likely recognize some of that anger as stemming from such a betrayal.

          • I understand that this is a public forum where people can express themselves as each person sees fit. That is what I have been doing, just as you have. We differ on how to express opinions. It isn’t my intent to suppress anyone’s freedoms. In my opinion, it can be done without ridicule, name-calling, belittling and berating — whether one is angry or not. If you think I don’t know what betrayal is, you would be wrong. Did it make me angry when I was betrayed? Yes. Did I belittle or ridicule those who disagreed with me? No. Why? Because I believe in a person’s right to his own opinion. It is never wrong to be kind, thoughtful, courteous or careful. Being vindictive is counter-productive, in my opinion.

          • Yes, in most instances it can, but many have simply reached their boiling points, and/or see civility has utterly failed. I can understand that too. If you believe they’re overstepping the rules for posting, a wiser course is to flag it, and allow the site monitors to deal with them.

          • Manners are important. Without manners folks can and have berated individuals with valid points. Sometimes we succumb to our feelings and our speech is affected. However that does not mean it is the right way to make our points. I am guilty at times and I know exactly where this guy is coming from. Leftists take these ‘explosions ‘ and shift the focus from the issue we all have feelings for and place that focus on the individual. They tend to get away with it to. Sometimes it really sucks, but it is what it is and it helps nobody.

    • it should be plain to even the mentally challenged that when a solder walks off his post in a war zone he puts the lives of the others in danger, add to that the fact that at least six others were kill looking for this deserter it should not be so hard to see why people are upset, as i said even to the mentally challenged.

  10. This article is SATIRE, right?

    Here is one fact. Bergdhal WALKED AWAY from his post. He wasn’t out for a stroll, he wasn’t a late-night aerobics guy…he LEFT his post! That is categorized as ‘Desertion’! Attempting to make excuses or concoct ‘mitigating circumstances’ Those are fancy words for “Like…Dude…he was like…really upset. He didn’t want to be there.”
    OK…his thoughts are not the issue; his ACTIONS are. Army regulations are quite specific in defining a number of issues. One must also wonder why he took off to find the bad-guys….this is where it gets twisted. BUT…our side heard the radio intercepts talk about a soldier wanting to find someone who spoke English….Couple that with the fact that he left without his Kevlar, Helmet, weapon, or any OTHER gear one might be bearing …when going outside the wire. THINK about it!

      • Not sure…maybe he was trying to make an obtuse point to confound the fools who are always on the wrong side of…..well….dam near everything!

      • Thank you SIR! Glad you enjoy my writing style. On a completely different subject: At some point in Korea, our side once asked the North Koreans what weapon it was that they were the most afraid of; their answer? “The Blue Airplanes”! That, of course , would be the Chaunce-Vought F-4U ‘Corsair!

          • The Koreans were scared to death of the F$-U because by that time the Marine Aviators were experts at close air support…and they carried a hell of a lot of ordinance; rockets under the wings, the appropriate bombs…and…if memory serves, six. Fifty Cal Machine guns! OUCH!

          • Somewhere in my bookcase is a publication called ‘Fortitudine’..a Marine Recruiting publication. That’s where I got the info. More later if I find it.

  11. He DESERTED. I cannot emphasize that enough. Desertion isn’t punishable by death because it’s a noble act. You’ve been listening Susan Rice too much.

  12. WTF? Is this tongue in cheek or is the author serious? You reap what you sow and if you are a deserter, live with the label. As for father Bob, the apple didn’t fall far from his tree. Dysfunctional America haters. Get the hell out!

  13. Sorry, sir, but Vietnam vets were mostly drafted, so didn’t CHOOSE to go, second, they did NOT post anti-American trash then WALK AWAY from their duty posts to seek out Victor Charlie; that was Hanoi Jane who did that! Third, that little “comment” was precisely a Muslim victory “chant” effectively claiming our WH for Islam, ANOTHER thing the guys coming back from Vietnam did NOT do! So to compare the 2 is LUDICROUS! Many did come home severely disillusioned and disgusted, and turn against the government that sent them to Vietnam, but not TO Ho Chi Minh. None of those POW’s families praised Ho or offered him the WH! It’s less about a beard than the demeanor and behaviors of both father and son.

  14. When Bergdahl’s dad spoke in Arabic to his son, and what he said was enough to show us the real story, now they too are under everyone’s eye.

  15. You’re unhappy with uncivil people, Minkoff????
    Boy, have you got your priorities up your butt!
    Muslims want to ELIMINATE (or convert) any non-Muslim.
    Sound civil to you? If a Muslim had you in the sight of his AK-47,
    you’d have about one second to “convert”. Sound more civil?

    If you’d like to get a better feel for the plight of the American enlisted combatant,
    travel to a combat zone and observe firsthand.
    But if it turns out that this soldier was on watch and left his post,
    the UCMJ is clear. He put everyone else at risk.
    If he was not on watch, but walked off base without
    obtaining authorization, at the next muster he was AWOL.
    That is also a court-martial offense. In either of those cases, there would be no
    reason to elicit a “non-disclosure” contract from squad/platoon mates, as has
    been reported in this instance. Their testimony would be a requisite at trial.

    As for the father, American Christians need not speak in Arabic.
    The metaphor to a “Duck Dynasty” character is wasted.
    I have not seen the show, but would guarantee that if those characters started
    speaking in Arabic, he would not be as accepted as your metaphor suggests.

    • combdyn, you forgot to mention that at least six (6) of our men were killed, looking for Bergdahl’s sorry A$$; we do not take that very lightly.

        • cobdyn, thank you for remembering, and now I want to thank YOU for your service to this Nation, which houses many ungrateful individuals, such as those leftist pigs who spat at you and your comrades upon your return. In response to their despicable behavior, I say WELCOME HOME, BROTHER!! Thank you for your sacrifices!

  16. this article is pure boo hoo the poor traitor is so mistreated, well what about the six or more that died looking for this despicable coward, and how much of the taxpayers money was given as ransom the figure last posted said it was somewhere between 5 and 6 million dollars, along with those five terrorist who will now go back to trying to find ways to kill us.

  17. Hey minkoff, F off!!

    The man is not JUST a Deserter; but, a proven TRAITOR, just like ovomit. He came back just as health as when he was last seen at his post. Sounds to me he wasn’t treated as a prisoner. His FATHER has taken the time to learn ARABIC AND THE TENETS OF THE MUDSLIMES. Upon news of his son’s release at the White House, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s father, Bob, chose as his first words to his son an Arabic phrase: “bism allah alrahman alraheem.”
    The phrase means “in the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate,” as translated by Professor William Watson. “It is called the fatiha, the ‘opening’ and is supposed to be said before anything else is to be conveyed in Islam,” Watson explained.

    Seems the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  18. This story would have been a one or two-day thing but Republicans decided to force a scandal out of this.

    Fox was given the green light to initiate character assassination. Bill O’Reilly cast suspicion on the father’s beard being like that of a Muslim. Does Fox have to tear everyone apart in order to get to The President?

    • Oh, come on, woonie, the American people are sick and tired of the Obama Administration and all of the the illegal, traitorous BS they have forced down our throats. They are no better than the Mafia. They are the most corrupt administration in the history of the U.S. They need to be kicked out of office and destroyed. They are all traitors to our country, why can’t you understand this?

  19. “As John Kerry threw his medals over the White House fence and turned his back on all of his Vietnam brothers and sisters, that’s what Bergdahl did. Bergdahl walked away from his men, and he left them in a bad spot. People lost their lives and got hurt trying to find him. But the one real commitment that you have as a military person, especially when you’re fighting and it’s dirty and you’re tired and you’re hungry, it’s not always to your flag, it’s not always for your country, it’s for the man or the woman standing next to you. And he betrayed that and that is the most sacred trust that you have in the military, whether it’s the Marine Corps, the Army, the Navy or the Air Force. It’s that trust that you have with the person next to you. That’s what he betrayed.”

    Bergdahl, should have be taken before a Military Court Martial and charged as a Deserter/Traitor, and the applicable sentence applied, as he is NO HERO, he is a deserter that converted to Islam, and that is why it was so easy for Obama to help him, as the entire family has converted to Islam and stop praising them like they deserve sympathy for what their son did! Obama is a traitor that commits Treason and tells lies on a regular basis!

    • ….And then there’s some B*$CH in Washington that said this traitor served honorably; God help us!

  20. Michael are you nuts? Seriously have the muslims gotten to you too. You sound like some kind of enemy sympathizer . Bo Bergdahl and his daddy , mama, our POTUS ever how laughable that may be and captors all have one thing in common. They hate America and are doing everything in their power to kill it. That is about all we need to know to know your article is ranting garbage.

  21. There are reports the negro administration used the father to collaborate with the enemy. Plus the father speaks some Arabic. If that is the case the father needs to be looked into. He is white afterall, but the negro??? He gets away with it because we practice racism.

  22. The last statement is unfortunately very true. Pres. Obama is the worst president this country has had the displeasure of having in the office. He should be impeached for all the crimes he has committed against this country and his disregard for our US Constituation.

    • He is not a president, he is a USURPER. Stop reminding people he is a president. He is not one but a butt-head criminal willing to play the phony for cheap rides on Air Farce One for golf games and backdoor moves with Reggie Love after. You think he has sex with that horrid husband of his???

  23. Using common sense Bergdahl’s father should have made his comments in english vs arabic. The beard didn’t help much either to sway public opinion or foster positive feelings after such a long war. The fact is, no one apparently knows where Bob Bergdhal was coming from. What we do know is that he pleased Obama and Obama is the scourge of the country. Moreover, what I do know is that people still have the freedom (so far) to make an intelligent decision about things in Washington DC. So, don’t try to tell us about forming an opinion, it is already made thanks to all the Bergdhals-until proven otherwise.

  24. I resent more the release of five top terrorist from GITMO! I wonder whose bright idea that was? Obama knew that would start a riot of both military and civilians alike! Gee, what a guy!

  25. Bob Bergdahl may not have known what the muslim jibberish he recited at the WH meant, but our muslim president sure as he!! did and he smiled when he heard it.

    Anyone who thinks obama will allow “his” army to charge Bo Bergdhal is delusional.

    But these are just distractions from the real issue and we all seem to be falling for it. Obama illegally released five hard core terrorists back to the field of battle. TWO OF THEM WERE WANTED BY THE UN for war crimes; MASS MURDER. Even if you fall for his bs that he has unilaterally pronounced the war on terror over and that it is time to release all our pows, you don’t release wanted criminals, you turn them over to the jurisdiction that has charges pending against them.
    I haven’t heard a peep from Congress about that little technicality, not a word from the UN, not the press. Obama is guilty of aiding and abetting known criminals as well as treason. Impeachment he!! he should be in prison and when we are done with him, we should turn him over to Egypt, I hear he’s wanted for war crimes over there.

  26. Bowe is a deserter and should be tried as one. He endangered his platoon, he left his gear and just took off. As for his father, what was the reason for arabic comments from the rose garden? that was reprehensible.
    The Bergdahl issue is a separate issue from what obama did, the swap was treasonous.
    Bowe went awol and others were killed looking for him. He was captured and said whatever his captors wanted him to stay alive but that didn’t matter, they still tortured him. He asked for it. He left the base! He also made anti-american statements and tweets, about how he felt about America. So Bowe does have to answer for what he did, as does obama.
    obama is shameful as a leader of the free world and has vaporized the respect this country had in the world community. He is weak and has put this country in peril either because of his stupidity or intentional desire to destroy this country.
    Americans had better wake up and soon!!!!

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