Bill De Blasio and the Nature of Parasites

The most effective parasites make you feel bad for not giving them more. They convince you that they are taking less than they deserve. For years, bleeding heart leftists have been those kinds of parasites. They pretend to be Robin Hoods, but there are crucial differences. For one, they exempt themselves from the charitable giving. Take Bill De Blasio for an example.

Bill De Blasio is the first mayor of New York in twelve years to release his tax returns. Michael Bloomberg wouldn’t do it because he was embarrassingly (for him) rich. Apparently De Blasio makes a modest enough income that he doesn’t care. That’s apparently how out of touch he is. He made nearly $200,000 last year. And he paid an effective tax rate of 8.3%. The whole time, he was railing about how the rich need to pay more taxes. Here’s a quote directly from the parasite’s mouth:

We have to be willing to tax the wealthiest among us for our school system. We need it. And any candidate—and there are even some in the Democratic Primary—any candidate scared to say they will tax the wealthy to help our kids should reconsider their label as a Democrat, in my opinion. Because it is time to acknowledge—if the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer and our school system is suffering and we’re failing thousands and thousands of kids all the time—we have to be bold enough to say, “We will tax the wealthiest New Yorkers.” I want to tax those who make a half-million or more. . . .

Oh. That is bold. So courageous. Tax those filthy rich people who make barely more than you do. Aim just above your own pay grade. That’s so very intrepid of you, Bill. It’s for the children after all. But don’t pay your own taxes. That’s totally unnecessary. You’ve already done your job after all: you’ve already collected enough for the IRS from others.

Bill De Blasio, you’re not Robin Hood. Robin Hood stole tax revenues from Prince John and his cronies to return those spoils of tyranny to the oppressed and overly taxed. That’s not you. You are the immune parasitic taxman who takes the taxes in the first place to give them to the impostor government of Prince John. You’re the Sheriff of Nottingham.

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    • I just had to Terminate a contract with a couple of liberal customers. I built an addition several hundred square feet to their home. At 98% completion they went to the City and changed the general contractor to the “wife” on the permits ! Needless to say I cancelled all sub contracts and permits not related to the building permit. They could shaft me on the building permit but not the licensed trades. I will NEVER work for a Liberal again. Yeah Liens are following so they will pay. They have tried to demand thousands of dollars of additional work in the past and demanded I pay for it. Seriously. No More

      • I have had the same experience with just a few customers over the years. I realized the common thread was that they were all three liberals, bumper stickers, yard signs and discussion with one who was bragging about voting for Obama.
        Bunch of chumps

      • I’m sorry. I don’t understand the whole permit thing. How does it get the person out of paying? I am not trying to be mean or anything, I am truly ignorant how that all works. I’m glad you are getting liens so you will get paid still. I have a friend who is a contractor and people (builders included) are always taking forever to pay him it seems. They promise a check in such and such day and it ends up finally getting to him days or weeks later. Good thing he is working for a company in addition to his side work now so at least they can count on a steady income.

  1. It is not a problem to know what a parasite is or to tell who fits the description, the problem is what can been done about the few million in politics that are running and ruining our country.

    • Vote and make sure everyone you know votes and is educated on the issues….to rid ourselves of the scum it will take time with engaged, educated citizens voting them out and holding the new crops’ feet to the fire of accountability

  2. the author sure nailed it. Gimmee gimmee gimmee! Then they waste it (on themselves).. It’s for the “children”. Check out the underlying graft. Especially in DC. Bigger budgets, bigger paydays! Then throw in Common Core, it’s for the “children”!

  3. Cap and Trade is actually to Tax the air you breath which Sir Paul McCartney is now for. John Lennon is turning in his grave

  4. Rich republicans should all move out of NY. De Blasio wants all your money and Cumo don’t want you in NY at all. Vote with your feet AND your wallet leave.

  5. I refuse to be an enabler. I have been involved with social ministry for years and I can spot an individual instantly that is gaming me for a free ride. I will help someone get on their feet, but I refuse to enable someone to sit on their butts and abuse my or others charity.

  6. He makes a lot more than me and pays a lower tax rate. I feel like Warren Buffet’s secretary except without the vacation home she owns.

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