Biden Wants to “Take Back America” … From Himself?

Vice President Joe Biden, a likely 2016 Democratic candidate for president, recently said it was time to “take back America.” And one must wonder … take back America from whom? I assume he may have been talking about the filibustering House, but gaining a Democratic majority in the House wouldn’t do much to further the Democratic agenda. That would be like finishing a game of RISK at this point. Only gloaters or completion-fetishists bother.

The fact is that Obama has already made it clear he will do things with or without Congressional approval. The Republican-led House is actually doing Democrats a lot of good. Republicans aren’t actually stopping the Obama administration’s plans, but they are ideal scapegoats when things go south. Unemployment is awful and income inequality is out of control? House Republicans are to blame. Obamacare had a horrible roll-out? House Republicans. The list could go on and on.

Biden and other Democrats are going to capitalize on that. But they are actually playing a very delicate game. Think about Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Like Biden, she is in a position where an alliance with Obama could be very good in some circles. And very bad in others. How do you distance yourself from Obama’s legacy and still garner all of Obama’s support and voter base?

That’s a difficult rope to tight walk. Biden may have more success in it than Hillary. But it seems to me they are both doomed. In fact, both parties have a hard row to hoe in the coming election season. Pretty much everyone with any sense hates pretty much all of them. If it comes down to a choice between another Mitt Romney and Joe Biden, I really couldn’t care less who wins. They are both such shills.

I don’t want to take back America. America as it is is damaged beyond repair. I want to build a new America. And I offer Biden, Romney, and all their clowns free transport out of here on a ship of fools.

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