Biden Wants Girls to Know They’re ‘As Smart As Any Boy’

Joe Biden the Pediphage is at it again. This man just loves the taste of his foot. Recently, he told a group of girls, who were “coding” on computers:

You guys do understand, by the way, you’re as smart as any boy in the world, you know that right? . . . There’s not a single solitary thing a man can do that you can’t do.

Wow. Thanks, creepy uncle Joe. I love that Biden started this statement off with “you guys.” And then talks to these young girls as if they were even thinking about competing with grown men. You can’t even script this kind of stupid. This may seem like a trivial occurrence, but it actually reveals an important reality concerning liberal tolerance and the implicit chauvinism, racism, and xenophobia at its root.

Think about it. If I were to say, you’re valuable because you are just as good as me, it becomes obvious that my standard of judgment is self-oriented. Girls are only smart if they are as smart as boys. But spread that out. Would he tell black people, “You guys do understand, by the way, you’re as smart as any white person in the world…” Actually, he probably would say that. And that’s the problem.

Joe Biden is a white man whose standard for what is good is white manhood. You might say he is better than a racist chauvinist because he thinks other people are just as good as he is. But I fail to see how that is much better. The problem is not the valuation. It’s the standard of judgment.

Racist Chauvinists: White manhood is the best, and black people and women don’t measure up.

Joe Biden and other liberals: White manhood is the best, and black people and women are just as good.

The standard of judgment is skewed. Do women have to be smart in the same way as men in order to be called smart? Women and men are very different. There are many things men can do that women can’t do. There are even more things women can do that men can’t do. Women and men have different values and they need to be esteemed on their own terms. The same goes for black people and white people. There are things that black people have to offer to society that white people generally don’t. And vice versa. Saying there isn’t any difference is stupid. But that’s liberalism for you. I guess they are, after all, “as smart as any boy.”

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