Apparently It’s Okay to Be Racist If You’re Black

After Clarence Thomas sided with the majority opinion in the Supreme Court over affirmative action, many voices in the black community called him an “Uncle Tom.” Included in that number were Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson. CNN’s Dana Bash caught up with him for an interview concerning his remarks, which were considered racist, and his response was indicative of the double standard over racist remarks that prevails in this country:

Bash: When you said Clarence Thomas was an “Uncle Tom,” what did you mean by that?

Thompson: Well if you look at his decisions on the court, they have been adverse to the minority community, and the people I represent have a real issue with an African American not being sensible to those issues.

Bash: Isn’t that a racially charged term?

Thompson: For some it is, but to others it’s the truth.

Bash: Because looking at that and hearing that kind of language, that certainly wouldn’t be appropriate if it was coming from somebody who was white.

Thompson: But I’m black.

Bash: That makes it OK?

Thompson: I mean, you’re asking me the question, and I’m giving you a response. The people that I represent, for the most part, have a real issue with those decisions–voter ID, affirmative action, Affordable Care Act–all those issues are very important and for someone in the court who’s African American and not sensitive to that is a real problem.

So, it’s OK to make racist remarks as long as you’re black. That makes sense. If a white Democrat were to call Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Tom,” that would obviously be racist and out of bounds. But Rep. Thompson is black, so he can say what he wants. Because, for him, it’s just the truth.

He went on to criticize white Republicans in general for what he considered an undue amount of venom toward Obama. He implied that this opposition was based on the color of Obama’s skin, not the content of his policies.

But the fact is that it is not white Republicans who are making race the primary concern in their policies and statements. They are not necessarily considering race when they vote for or against policies. The fact is that race and “minority concerns” are most important to the very people who claim anyone who opposes their policies is racist.

And, frankly, that is racist. Literally. Race should not be important. It is racist to vote for or against legislation on the basis of race. Laws need to have general equity. They should be just and beneficial for all of the members of a community, not just one segment of that community. The opposite of racism is not ethnocentricity. Ethnocentricity is the heart of racism. If white or black Republicans vote against Obama, it is because they rightly view him as an enemy of this country. Not because he’s a black president. But because he’s a bad president.

To support him without question because he’s black is just as racist as it would be to oppose him without question because he’s black. Why is this so hard to understand?

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    • That would be correct. Despite the fact that Black unemployment doubled under Obama in 2012 they voted for unemployment checks and welfare rather than jobs.

      • They have been duped since the 60’s when the war on poverty first started…. What they do not understand is that over 20 trillion dollars have been taken from the people that actually work and given to the poor and lazy…. We who have worked all of our lives and have paid taxes all of our lives are tired of giving the lazy money…. The problem with the lazy is that they would rather live in poverty then make an attempt to lift themselves up…. They would rather blame others for their failures, then figure out away to pick themselves up…. The war on poverty is over 50 years old and it is a failure….

    • What else do you call Blacks who voted for Barack HUSSEIN Obama for no reason other than he LOOKS Black (he is not)? Are they not equally racist for casting a vote for that reason and no other?

  1. Mr Minkoff what cannot seem to understand is if you have two people from the same black community one person that has dedicated their entire life to issues that effect the black community & has massive support from the black community & another person that is despised by that community & after rising to the top he wants to burn down the bridge that took him there. It’s not difficult at all to understand why more then 97% of blacks see clearance Thomas as an “uncle Tom” after all, he’s really not much more then Scalia’s lackey & everyone knows Scalia is a racist

    • So are Farrakhan, Sharpton, Obama, Holder, and a host of others.
      When are the sanctions going to be dropped on them as they were an NBA owner?
      The fact that they never will be held to account for the same thing is racist.
      The only difference is that it originates from a color other than white.
      By the way BOB, what are some of those racist remarks, or evidence that Scalia is racist?
      Other than decisions you don’t agree with.

    • Now, there you have an example of the bigotry that’s part and parcel of those who call themselves “liberal,” but in reality, are home grown socialist tyrants.

      What LABoobE is covering up (disinformation and distortion of Marxist propaganda) is that democrats use this kind of assault all the time. If someone knows the truth, stands for the truth, progressive democrats, like their communist mentors, advise that they be destroyed (integrity is never a consideration with democrat socialists).

      • What more can you expect out of a bigoted, racist, troll that boobie proves himself to be, every time he posts. He can’t help himself, actually he is pathetic.

      • You dimwits heard some big words of Fox like Marxist, socialists & communists it’s sad you don’t know what they actually mean

        • We know what they mean. All you have to do is read the democrat platform and the progressive’s statement of beliefs and compare them to The Communist Manifesto.

          Same – Same

          There are some lefties who do know what Marxism is – they’re the professional subversives like Dear Leader, and other democrat progressives. The other lefties like LABoobE, don’t really know, but they’re used by the pros for the useful idiots they are.

          • I’m glad you know so much. So, perhaps you can explain to me why the stock market & corporate profits soared to all time highs when a Marxist/communist took over the white house AND the real estate market went through the roof while wages for working people remain at near historic lows??

          • Hey Rube, I can tell you why, very simple even you can understand it. When the Fed buys up all the toxic assets in the market via their Quantitative Easing Program(known as QE 1, 2, & 3) and keeps Interest Rates at 0% for banks to borrow from them, Corporations are saving millions of dollars in Interest Expense which goes right to their bottom lines. Now the biggest expense any Company faces is headcount (i.e. workers, for people like you on welfare). When you keep your headcount down (can you say Ballsack Obamacare), Companies maximize profits, increase the value of their stock and pay Senior Management large Salaries and Bonuses. Go back and google the Federal Reserve and stockmarket on your Ballsack Obama Ipad. Everytime the Fed starts to talk about raising interest rates or discontinue QE, the market drops 400 to 500 points in an hour. The other problem is the Fed is printing trillions of dollars to prop up the economy which will eventually result in massive inflation. Unfortunately, the next President will have to deal with the mess Ballsack will leave him/her. That coupled with higher interest rates and higher taxes will make 2008 look like a cake walk. That is while Hillary and everyone else is hesitant about announcing their run. The good news is, this will be Ballsack Obama’s legacy and we have all you takers, leeches, layabouts and racists to thank for the coming mess.

          • Thank you sooooo much for enlightening me. I just have a couple of questions… When did the fed start printing money (I thought only the treasury department could do that)? Why is inflation under 2% if the Fed is printing trillions of dollars? If you have convictions in your beliefs why don’t you put your money where your mouth is & sell the market short? FYI (so you don’t sound like a complete idiot in the future) Quantitative Easing is an asset swap (bonds for reserves) & NOT printing money dipshit.

      • More fascist than anything else. Libs are not content to simply disagree. They must destroy those who are not part of their group-think. They must take your reputation, your livelihood, your property, and your future. Really touchy feely people aren’t they? MrMalibuBarbieLABobE just oozes with the hatred and arrogance of a fascist tyrant. You can feel it in his screed.

        • Now THAT’S FUNNY!!! Anyone that disagrees with you morons is called a gay, Muslim, Marxist, fascist, socialist, communist!!! Even though you idiots don’t know what 1/2 those words mean!!!

          • Well, BoobE, we’ve done this before. I have three times the education you do, and unlike you, I understand everyone of the words you printed.

            For the record BoobE, you are called those names on the basis of the ideology you espouse, and your use of disinformation, deceit and dishonesty in constructing your propaganda.

            Hey, how about a little flashback to the other day when you were lying about how great our so called “recovery” is. What do you think about the 1st qts. GDP = .01%, and increased unemployment claims, and median incomes going down? That’s the truth to counteract your lies (Marxist democrat spin). When are you going to acknowledge you hitched your wagon to an anti-American ideology that is a dismal failure and is destroying America?

      • Folks like him feed the dark recesses of their souls with e-venom and e-bile. They are not content with merely commenting on the issues but resort to constant name calling that in real life would cause someone to kick the assholism out of him. He serves only as Exhibit A for the mental instability of liberals and unworthy of folks feeding his voracious troll appetite for attention he has missed in his wretched life.

      • Thomas is more like an oreo (black on the outside & white on the inside) then an “uncle tom” but that’s just my opinion

        • from your writings you are no better then Sterling, Holder, Jackson or Sharpton…. Extreme racist through and through and probably will never change…. Hate will consume you….

    • Yeah BoobE, Ginsberg,Kagan, and Sotomayor are paragons of independent jurisprudence and are beholden to no one. Totally above political ideology. You are one sick puppy.

    • ALL one can say about your rants is WOW…. Do you realize that it was the democrats who fought for slavery. Wrote and enforced the Jim Crow laws? Fought and voted against de-segragation! Thought up and ran and continue to run the KKK! Do you even know that MLK was a republican because he knew what the democrats were all about? You are like the many who have been deceived and refuse to learn the real truth…. It is a shame that our public schools have become such a leftist indoctrination learning centers that do not teach the real truth anymore….

  2. This is black on black, let them handle it as they wish. From my perspective, as a non-black, will sit this discussion out.

    I have my opinion, naturally, but until asked, need not comment further.

  3. This is why we can’t have a “conversation about race” in this country: Because the Holders and Obamas and others on the left refuse to admit that you can be a racist and also non-white. How can one have a dialog with people that refuse to acknowledge reality?

    • Holder has stated that only the white man can be racist…. He made that comment when the NBPP was in trouble for voter intimadation up in Philly durning the first Obama election….

  4. I remember when blacks just wanted equal treatment; that is as in, preferential. They are their own worst enemy. If I was having everything handed to me (housing , food stamps, welfare checks, WIC coupons, Obamaphones , I would be kissing some serious butt to keep those perks of being black, coming. I realize that there are a lot of white low life’s that are living off the taxpayers too but they aren’t MFing white people like it’s our fault they are in the socio-economic condition they are in. Blacks treat those that support their sorry asses with such contempt, they don’t encourage me to support (or excuse) them!

  5. listen to this renegade social studies teacher, in an overstuffed suit: “look at his [thomas’] decisions on the court, they have been adverse to the minority community.”

    since when does a whole block of diverse persons, a non-party community, or communities, have rights to be countenanced by a jurist in any court decision, which decision is properly made solely and specifically with respect to the factual particularities of the litigants per se?

    classic tribe mentality. the scary thing is that this wayward genius apparently would consider issues of homeland security, whose committee he chairs in the house, as likewise a simplistic matter of tribal concern, ie, what is or is not adverse to the “minority community”, as opposed to the entire country. he should recuse himself.

  6. Close. It’s okay to be a racist if you’re a democrat. Your race doesn’t matter. I still wouldn’t know who Donald Sterling is if he was a registered democrat.

  7. I beg some questions: What percentage of black leftist Demos know that M. L. King was a Republican? Seems reasonable, based of liberal reasoning, that M. L. King was an Uncle Tom based on liberal black reasoning powers! Why is it that liberal policies, more often than not, actually work against those for whom they have been crafted in the last 50 years? From slavery times until now, blacks have been dealt a losing hand, primarily by political do-gooder-Democrats. Why hate Republicans, who actually desire for poor blacks to do better in life? If most blacks want what Asians, Whites and Indians have achieved, would it not make better sense to find out what these groups do that works, instead of the never ending complaining about how bad life is?
    Take a few clues: Don’t have children outside of being ready to be married, and actually married before doing the nasty. The old saying is still true, “Your are what you eat”. Quit eating the junk that is making you fat and sick. If one gets off of the sofa and moves as well, they will also have better and longer term good health. Public schools are not in most cases going to make children ready to face the realities of life. Parents need to help their children to read, write and do math, and understand what happens to anyone who is poorly educated and does not know the fear of the Lord and their parents in their personal lives. No respect, no future. Complaining is for losers who want an easy lazy way in life. Personal trials and struggles when young help to develop everyone to become stronger and more ready to face life. Those who are lazy losers will not take good advice and apply it to their lives. This holds true for all people. Stupid can change for the better, but dumb is through and through.

  8. You are ask why are there more black in prison than whites. Because the black disrupt the public more than whites. That sounds racist but all the law inforcement officers that were ask that question had the same answer. Whites droped their standerds so the blacks would be accepted. Now every one must work to bring the standards up again. Several of my black friends lost their black to become Americans.

    • well one reason is if a “white” person gets busted with powered cocaine he doesn’t go to prison but if a “black” person gets busted with rock cocaine he does.

      • I seriously doubt what you are saying…. I work in the Jail Ministry and hear a different story then you are spouting…. But from what I have seen on this board so far I do understand that you are an extreme racist as evidenced by your own words….

          • No one is trying to suppress anyones vote…. What is being tried to do is to stop the ones who are voting more than once which the democrats love to do…. Being honest is not the democrats best feature…. Your president and his entire administration have a very bad habit of lying…. During the election of your president there were many voting districts that had over 100% voting participation rates…. Far more voters voted then had ever registered….Of course that is typical of democrats….. What is funny is at the democrat convention they have to show ID to be able to vote. Are the democrats tryint to suppress the votes there? As for Christians being in prision…. Not all Christians do what they are called to do and they have to pay a price when they don’t, and I am sad to say that there are some who call themselves Christians who always seem to end up there….

          • It’s not a crime to be gullible or stupid but do you have to make such a fuss about it? There’s wasn’t a single district in the country where either candidates got over 100% of the vote yet the low information dimwits that make up the tea party are convinced their was in spite of no evidence to support their claims & mountains of evidence proving they are wrong.


          • That just shows me how truly ignorant that you are…. Even the Lame Stream left wing media reported it…. Tis a shame that you refuse to pay attention to the details as they are being reported…. Of well what can one expect from the left….

  9. It’s all about HATING “whitey” to these Negroes. Again, it makes them irrational, even when one Negro does the white, er right thing they cannot stand it if it does not hurt or bring “whitey” down! And they call us the racist!

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  11. This individual does not remember that white supremacists used to say that black stereotypes weren’t racist if they were true.

    To even discuss this individual’s point of view dignifies it. I just wonder what his Mississippi constituency is like. I’m betting he uses this to stir the pot to get people out on election day.

    Now, I’ll also bet that this individual has done nothing of significance for his constituents except stir hatred because it purges the soul of expectations except those that come from hate. Do we expect anyone to emerge from his district that is not a hate-filled black studies student bound for tenured professorship, government appointee, or as an MSM token bobble-head?

    Hello Mr. Catharsis…

  12. Funny, race gets thrown down when they cannot compete intellectually and morally. Funny isn’t it.

  13. Why is anyone surprised that Sterling is a DemonicRat, so are the KKK always were always will be. But this went Deeper than Politics, What he did is inexcusable because Deeper Than Politics or Religion, He insulted Basket Ball , and in the So called Community, That is Unforgivable. LOL

  14. Obama is the “Step & Fetch It” for the banksters and Wall Street brokers that rob & steal every day but are never penalized.

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