Anti-Racism Produces Racism, Just Like Leftists Intended

The point of anti-racism is not to reduce racism. Just like the point of Marxist redistribution is not really to decrease income inequality. I could be generous and assume that the results of leftist ideology just happen to be different than the purported desires of leftists. But I really don’t think that’s the case.

I think leftists know that their education programs don’t educate. I think they know that their income distribution plans increase inequality. I think they know that their anti-racism programs actually increase racism. I think they’re banking on it actually.

Why, you may ask? Why would leftists want to increase racism and class warfare and ignorance? Think about that question for a second. Why would they want people pitted against each other for baseless reasons that would generally be ameliorated by a good, thorough education? Because their aim is control. Divide and conquer, play the “weak” off of the “strong,” destroy the unity of the people, and then carve up their assets.

That’s why there’s so much talk about racism and anti-racism. Talk it up enough and white people just might believe that most of their peers hate black people—even if they don’t. Black people start to believe it, and they start being rude to white people simply on the basis of their skin color, and vice versa. This pre-emptive rudeness is reciprocated, thus confirming the self-fulfilling stereotype and feeding the vicious cycle. And all the while, leftists are tallying up the votes and raking in the cash. And it’s not just race.

Think about this #YesAllWomen campaign. Again, the main point is not really to solve any problem. The majority of men don’t go on murderous rampages killing women who have jilted them. The majority of men don’t condone that either. And the ones that are murderous chauvinists obviously couldn’t care less what all women think. If there is a problem, focusing on the negatives is not going to fix it. Focus on positives. Hold up good role models. Give good examples. That sort of thing.

No one wants to talk about the fact that our first “black” president has the worst record of any president in recent history concerning race relations. And for all his rhetoric about income inequality, the poor have only gotten poorer and the rich have only gotten even richer under his careful supervision. That’s no coincidence. Like a doctor that needs you sick to sell you a cure, leftists don’t want to cure this country of racism and crony capitalism. They want the country broken. Not entirely destroyed of course. A dead patient doesn’t pay. But neither does a well patient. No, leftists want the nation to stay in a perpetual state of terminal illness.

We need to stop this cycle. We don’t need cultural sensitivity training or lessons on white privilege. No one needs Black History Month. No one needs to  hear about Donald Sterling. Ever again. There are some lowbrow racists in America. That’s just another way of saying there are some ignorant jerks in America. Who cares? They’re really not the problem. They’re not dictating things. It’s the racists in DC that are wrecking shop. The majority of us don’t need to “try not to be racist.” That just produces focus on race. Which is the root of racism. The majority of Americans aren’t racist.

So let’s speak our minds, be kind, band together, and cooperate. While we’re at it, we can take our solidarity and resist the civil government together.

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  1. Mr. Minkoff, It’s about morals. Treat others as you would want yourself treated. With racists, that doesn’t register between their ears.

    • By definition, anyone who uses skin color to make a determination is a racist. A favorable determination, or not so favorable; makes no difference. Using color as a guide, is racist by definition. No matter what race you happen to be.

  2. The lily white party of X confederate states of the south is going to teach us something about racism??? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You’re FUNNY!

    • LABobE you are an idiot.I’ve been to and lived in the south and as far as racism is concerned we could all learn a lesson about how to get along with your neighbor be they black or white or any other color for that matter.

      • I agree that we could all learn that lesson you speak of. I just don’t believe the lily white party of X confederate southern states is who should be giving the lesson.

        • I agree the Democrats, or as you call them “he lily white party of X confederate southern states” should not be giving any lessons in hate, or equality as they actively opposed it straight through the passage of the equal rights act.

          • The Dems are at a loss as to you knew it was THEM. After all, their faces were hidden under hoods!

          • Dems DID wear white sheets – and if you knew anything about me or my closet, you’d then feel as ignorant as you are.

          • I realize that people that were home schooled never learned that once upon a time the GOP was the liberal party of the North & the Dems were the conservative party of the south & they “flipped” between Nixon & Reagan

          • It’s impossible to debate with the uneducated. Let me ask you this… which party favors “states” rights today?? It obviously wasn’t the party of Lincoln when he was president!

          • “It’s impossible to debate with the uneducated.”

            Man, you’re so right! So you gave up on your last “fact”, huh? On to the next! This is too good!

          • Today does not matter. The slave states were run by democrats and they sure liked their slaves.

          • What you’re obviously to unintelligent to understand is that the policies of the south hasn’t changed only the name has.

          • You’ve spent a lot of time in the south, have you? Please elaborate on your experiences.

          • That only means that the “X confederate states” citizens learn and adapt. Unlike the Blue states that have doubled down on the misery.

        • And who was the party that created that racism in the south? The Democrats, the creators of the KKK and the Jim Crow Laws. You are a liar and a hypocrite, Bobbie.

        • With all the VILE you spread about the “Lily White” you MUST be one of those RACIST blacks LAboob!

    • If it wasn’t for Double Standards, morons like yourself, along with an entourage of Liberal Lunatics, Delusional Democrats and Progressive Communists wouldn’t have any Standards at all!

      It is not up to any of you self-anointed Liberal Lunatics, Delusional Democrats, Progressive Communists, Gutless Conservatives nor the federal government, to define what speech is, and is not, acceptable!

      Of course, all of you self anointed Liberal Lunatics and Progressive Communists always conveniently fail to mention or recognize the historical fact that the KKK, White Supremacy, Jim Crow laws, and Segregationist Policies are all
      associated with the Democrat party.

      After the Civil War, the Democratic Party opposed the Republican Party’s support of black civil and political rights; in fact, The
      Democratic Party identified itself as the “White Man’s Party” and demonized the Republican Party as being “The Negro Party”!

      It was the Democrats who legislated Jim Crow laws, segregating black people from the white population.

      It was the Democrats who used insurgent paramilitary groups, such as the White League and Red Shirts, to disrupt Republican Civil Rights organizing, and intimidate blacks to suppress and discourage their voting.

      It was the Democrat Party and an entourage of Democrats like Al Gore Sr., William Fulbright, Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd to mention just a few, who vehemently opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1957, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to prevent Blacks from becoming their equal!

      And now, all of you self-anointed Delusional Democrats, Liberal Lunatics and Progressive Communists intentionally ignore those historical facts and would have everyone believe that you are all now the Champions of Civil Rights!

      We have now become a country where a serious discourse regarding race has become all but impossible because the Liberal Lunatics like Yourself have set about attempting to discourage anyone who would undertake that endeavor by insisting that the freedom of speech and thought that may be necessary or required to pursue this matter is in your delusional opinion distasteful and no longer acceptable unless it conforms to your delusional Liberal sociopolitical paradigm, anything to the contrary notwithstanding lest of course the truth might be revealed!

      It comes as no surprise that all of you Delusional Democrats, Liberal Lunatics and Progressive Communists would exhibit such contemptible behavior, after all, it is your nature to lie and distort the facts; however, what is most disturbing is the fact that the
      Black community still languishes in ignorance, ignoring these historical facts and continue to allow themselves to fall prey to the lies and deceit of all of you Delusional Democrats, Liberal Lunatics and Progressive Communists!

      • Thanks for all of your facts but please don’t confuse the trolls. Facts are something that they don’t want to understand because facts get in the way of their warped worldview.

      • Thanks for stating it very well. Wow are you in for an earful from one of the vile lib here. He is gonna tell more lies in one post than Obama in a week of lying. Again, thanks for the history lessons.

        • Your welcome. I didn’t realize this discourse had continued.

          There is a disease debilitating this country and it is referred to as LIBERALISM, which shares the same basic tenets
          of Progressivism, Socialism, Marxism and Communism, and the most common and obvious symptoms of this disease is their overwhelming need to champion one ludicrous cause after the next.

          It is relatively simple to diagnose as exhibited by the posts of LABobE and Woonsocket

          When an individual begins to babble on incoherently, spewing delusional drivel regarding the need for egalitarianism, or the need to deprive everyone of Rights to which they object, or the need to make someone else’s life as miserable as their own, or the need to redistribute your income, or the wonders of the Tyranny of Collectivism and a
          Marxist Socialist Dystopia, or they begin to use terms like racist, bigot, misogynist and white privilege you can be assured that individual has contracted LIBERALISM!

          Fortunately, this disease is not contagious to AMERICAN’S of moral and ethical integrity and only affects useless, mindless, weak willed mediocre freeloading reprobates, ingrates and degenerates looking for someone else to blame for the failure of their delusional sociopolitical
          ideologies and their miserable lives!

          Collective Stupidity and Lunacy are the inevitable consequence for those who allow themselves to fall prey to the abstract logic and delusional sociopolitical ideologies of Liberalism and It is not only useless but also a complete exercise in futility to attempt to logically reason with a Liberal Lunatic who believes that in his delusional and abstract reality he is somehow more intelligent than others, and with complete disregard for historical or scientific fact, will simply persist in his lunacy?”

          • Thomas Jefferson was a right wing “extremist”. If not for him and a few hundred others we would still be british colonies with not much freedom.

        • That is “LA-boob”! (i wouldn’t want anyone thinking he is from the great state of Californica). Yesterday he was LAbob from NYC! (I believe he has an identity crisis (amongst other problems)).

      • Is that your presentation for a high school debate in Alabama then you’re going to fail. Any teacher will tell you that Democrats who were segregationists were called Dixiecrats. The Dixiecrats moved to the GOP because they had too little in common with real Democrats.

      • Once upon a time the GOP was the liberal party of the north & the dems were the conservative party of the south.

    • You might just be surprised at the things a Redneck might teach you!!! (That is , IF you are teachable).

        • I am every bit as proud of my “WHITE” (German, Scottish, and Irish) heritage as the blacks (and NOT all of them Afrikaans) are of their own heritage.

  3. The race baiters have stolen the very meaning of the word “racism”. Now it’s an honor to be called a racist. It means that you have just won a debate with a progressive.

    • Haven’t you been listening to conservatives?
      Obama is exotic, he’s strange, he’s not one of us, he’s different, he’s not an American, he doesn’t understand Americans, hes’ a socialist, he’s a dictator, he’s a communist, etc.

      It’s all code for he’s black and therefore is an illegitimate President. The idea of a black leader enrages the extremists. They believe that black human beings are inferior to white human beings. It belongs to white Americans only.

      Every thing Obama and Michelle do is criticized to death. It’s petty and it’s design to remind the extremists to get rid of every black person in politics. All the criticism is designed to remind everyone that the first family is illegitimate and they have no business in The White House.

      Republican politicians exploit the racism in the GOP in order to motivate voters to get to the polls.

      • The only “code” I see in your comment (the one that was fed to you through a tube) is that you are deranged if you believe that crap! And I’m NOT a Republican – but neither am I an idiot who cannot think for myself. Let us not forget that the souls underneath those hoods, and then pushing against civil rights almost a century later, were Democrats, my misinformed friend.

        Oh, and I, too, might be considered exotic, strange and different.

        BTW – What kind of code was it when they were saying even worse things about Bush?

      • The only ones I see “exploiting racism” are all the blacks such as obama and holder and their cronies. barry is NOT an American, he is a fraud that is destroying what our forefathers gave their blood, sweat, tears, and lives to build.

      • Hey his main basic education was in Indonesia He received most of his education around socialist and communist. He is as white as he is black remember that. If he is so innocent of these charges his college entrance papers and writings will verify what you or I say. But for some reason all that is sealed WHY? He is only criticized because of all these secrets he has kept. And their elite travels and expenses that we pay for. WoonSocket how many vacations have you taken in the last 6 years. This man is out of touch with the middle class he seeks to wipe out. He has not faced any more criticism Than GW Bush. We the people have never seen so much blame put on the out going president ever. The reason we are more divided now than in the past is because we are going to use your tactics against you and your screaming louder. The Conservative republicans have been silent for many years we tried the middle of the isle. It doesn’t work. The liberals want a mile for every inch taken. We are done and were going to use your tactics hold on for the ride.

    • “…distorted the very meaning of the word…” That is exactly how the communists work. Change the meanings and try to confuse people. They have been very successful.

    • Yes. It is an honor. Love of your own kind is he most normal, healthy, SANE thing in the world.

      Anti Racists are simply Anti WHITE.

  4. Our leftist government has distorted many words for their own use and redefine and expand the powers of government. They use the old lesson of divide and conquer and it still works.

    • Rubbish. Moderates are horrified with what has become of the GOP. The GOP is deeply divided. The extreme right is still here because of their largest corporate donors. Republicans, on their own, could never raise over $100 million on ads and propaganda against the ACA.

      • I’d be willing to bet you even have an “ObamaPhone”! Based on your representation of an Unicorn as the symbol for a Dumbocrat I would venture to say that you live in Fantasyland!

        • When all one sees are symbols and talking points, it’s hard to rally behind the DNC jackass. So of course, a unicorn; every little girl’s fantasy.

      • Where can i find that best seller “great moderates in American history” Oh yeah…..Doesn’t exist. Bring a freedom argument. The biggest most corrupt monopoly in the world is out government. Crawl back under your ignorant rock wounded socket, you add no value to the conversation except to illustrate your own ignorance. Party idolatry is the problem and you are fomenting false dichotomies with your Anti-American, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-intellectual stance projecting a morale superiority with hollow rhetoric. The article was about the great dividers and your posts focus on the negative as described in the article stop blame shifting and start focusing on the good. The only thing that is good about this is that we are all united against this stupidity.

      • In your response you believe that the republicans are the only ones who receive donations from the rich corporations.
        Will you tell me your source of information. The impression I am getting is that the right has no right to their opinion and how the country should be run.

        • Funny he doesn’t mention the hollywood crowd or George Soros. Warren buffet, Bill Gates. There are many more but seems the Koch brothers is all the left seems to come up with. And we can’t forget Michel Bloomberg 50 million just for one agenda item he has. It’s like pocket change for him. Not the mention the Union forced support from members whom do no agree with their dues being used against their belief. Not to mention the big pay offs from the green movment which is fake. I can prove my theory against many a scientist and they would be hard pressed to rebuke my theory.

          • You can opt out of the union using your funds to give to any politician you dont want them to . But they dont tell you you need to find it out on your own. Plus you need to renew it every year. So the rest of the government tells you only what they think you need to know. I thought I was the only one who thought as you do.

          • Because Michigan is a right to work state union workers here can too. I couldnt when I was working and my daughter had the same conditions even as she worked in as a home care Nurse. I have seen instances where a union has served a purpose but their time has passed. You said your Wife can, did she?

      • Where are the voting restrictions? Prove your point. We all get to work or have rides to DR appointments. And for some reason where there are hand outs. The people who have no transportation seem to get there to collect their goodies. It is just as easy to register to vote and obtain a legal ID. No Restrictions on voting let People from other countries vote, dead people to vote and many pets vote. Thus robbing the American people of the representation by a government WE THE PEOPLE deserve. Just because you work here Illegally doesn’t give you constitutional rights from this country you invaded.

    • You are confusing Race with Species. Racial difference a REAL, and profound. Detroit is the proof.

  5. Thats all they got left lies and hysteria !!! They are running in to Reality and makes them crazier then a coyote!!!

  6. The Government does not want races to unite because they fear the People.. That is their reason for pushing racism.. Truly good people do not have racism.. It usually the evil ones that have the racism problems..

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  8. “Integration” creates racism. Racial differences are REAL, and PROFOUND, Do you want Pre Cibbil Rites Detroit – model of industry, innovation, productivity, wealth created by those other things, cleanliness, and beauty – or Detroit 2014?

    Nothing replaces WHITE.

    Civilization, or Negroes.


  9. The MSM is the enabler here. They highlight cherry picked divisive boutique issues and put them center stage inducing corresponding divisive value conflicts into the American psyche.

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