Study: Anti-Anxiety Drugs Are Killing You

Legal drugs in the land of Big Pharma are the worst. The side effects on some drugs are hilarious. I’ve seen multiple anti-depressants that cited “suicidal tendencies” as a side effect. What? “I’m not sad anymore at all, doctor. But now I want to kill myself.” Or there is the uncanny ability of anti-psychotic drugs to induce actual psychosis. I don’t get it.

Well it turns out that, according to a seven-year study, prescription anti-anxiety drugs like Valium and Xanax nearly double your risk of death. Again. That’s pretty ironic. You’re not worried about dying as much, so you can just live your life … which will end prematurely. And if you’re worried about it, have no fear! We have more anti-anxiety drugs to supplement the anti-anxiety drugs you’re already on.

According to the New York Times:

For more than seven years, researchers followed 34,727 people who filled prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications like Valium and Xanax, or sleep aids like Ambien, Sonata and Lunesta, comparing them with 69,418 controls who did not.


After adjusting for a wide variety of factors, the researchers found that people who took the drugs had more than double the risk of death.

The “wide variety of factors” included cigarette smoking, sleep disorders, age, etc. So there is litle doubt: anti-anxiety drugs are killing people. And I find it troubling what the lead doctor on this study considered to be the upshot of his research:

[The study] adds to an accumulating body of evidence that these drugs are dangerous. I prescribe these drugs, and they are difficult to come off. The less time you spend on them the better.

Umm, yeah. Wait. Did you just say you prescribe these drugs? Still?

This is the major problem with the medical industry. Big Pharma has them all in a chokehold. These drugs should never be prescribed. The only reason they are even legal is all about the money.

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  1. There is a magic number out there… I do not know the exact number, but for argument sake let say it’s 1 million. Once a drug kills 1 million people they remove it from the market. I used to get Entex LA for sinus. Everyone in my family suffers from sinus issues during the changing of the seasons. so in the fall we are all taking one or two and that usually does the trick for the season. Well I ran out and was at my sisters house and asked her for one. She said, “oh you did not hear. They are illegal now and off the market. Too many women died from taking it.” Apparently it does not kill men as often. it was always a prescription drug, but it is one that I know was removed because of the deaths related to the drug.

        • Organic food is a waste of money because we do not have true organic food in America because they are allowed leeway using stuff I won’t use in my garden, thank you. As a health consultant, I tell my patients don’t waste money on hype – this also goes for chickens and eggs.

          • You’re a health consultant and you tell people to not to buy organic? I don’t know what you mean by true organic, but in my area organic farms use chicken/cow manure and supplement the soil with a kelp based additive. And at the very least, going organic you avoid for the most part toxic residue from insecticides, and contribute to a more sustainable mode of agriculture. Are you sure you’re a health consultant and not a Monsanto shill?

          • No I am not a shill and we have a large orchard and garden and no chemicals. WE DO NOT HAVE 100% organic in spite of
            what you say. Unless the cow manure is fresh, it doesn’t work, ditto chicken and it also depends on what they have been
            fed. Get real. I have a lot of experience, knowledge, and am not to be insulted by a low life.

            Caroline and Horst Haessler

  2. After my husband died, I tried antidepressents for a year and half. I had terrible side effects when I stopped taking them. Then I was put on trazadone because I couldn’t sleep. After a year and a half, I felt like I was 90 years old. I couldn’t walk without pain and I felt like I was going crazy. After I realized it was the drug making me sick, I stopped taking it and felt better and better as the days went on. There is no way I would ever take another one of these drugs. I’ll just deal with the insomnia with benedryl!

    • Start taking a good multi-vitamin (NOT One-A-Day!) and extra calcium; during the day try to get full body sunlight; soon you’ll be able to drop the benedryl.

      • As an acupuncturist, there are many causes of insomnia and as a health consultant, if you take a calcium, it must be a dicalcium with all the adjunct minerals to be effective otherwise you don’t get any benefit from popping a calcium and why we have so much osteoporosis in this country. Some sunshine helps, but everyone needs to take natural D3 and get the range up to 80 and see marvelous happenings in the body. Check online for the best multi and you will find it is Shaklee’s.

        • I looked at Shaklee Gold – a very, very, good formulation. However what I find weird is that they use really good bio-available forms of everything except magnesium where they use the oxide form, which is basically ground rock. As to taking natural D3, did so for years then got a case of sinusitis – dragged on for about a year till one day I spent time on a beach and got full body sun; next day sinusitis was gone. Now in the winter I use sun lamps 2-3 times a week – been doing this for over 10 years ad have not even had a minor case of sniffles. Clear that oral vitamin D3 is not nearly as effective as the D3 made by your body.

          • D3 depends on source and Shaklee’s is always the best. As to Magnesium – it is a mineral and for best results must be a metal
            (not a stone) in order for the body to utilize it. As a health consultant, bioresearcher and acupuncturist (and in CA we have to study western medicine as well along with all the science courses, etc.), that is why Shaklee uses what nature actually provided. With D3
            you need only get up to 80 in range. Any more can kickback on you. Sunlight helps but provides very little to be absorbed but is necessary for cholesterol to function on the bones. If you live in CA, sinusitis is always here and can be caused by cleaners, garden products, dry cleaning chemicals, laminates, etc. D3 can not be faulted for sinusitis in any way. I found by increasing mine I no
            longer am prone to catching colds, sinusitis, etc. Again, the source is the answer.

            Caroline and Horst Haessler

          • That day on the beach cleared your sinus because of salt water up the nose. Mine used to clear up only after I had been to the beach and swam under water. Also I spent two months, two times at 9,500 feet and mine were cleared for a month or two afterwards.[low humidity dried them up.(;-

    • Read my post above – get acupuncture and/or needless modalities to really get rid of the pain as drugs only make pain worse, as you have already experienced. Note some hospitals and more are now including acupuncture pain clinics in their locations because they know drugs cause more pain, not less.

        • I personally get headaches from acupressure so do not even offer it to my patients because I do not want negative
          qi of mine to pass to them. Acupressure can do some but not a lot in any case.

          Caroline and Horst Haessler

  3. The VA considers a vetern a good patient if he or she is druged up with such drugs. They will do everything you ask.

  4. Although I have no doubt that many medications are quite dangerous (I have had nasty side effects with some meds that my doctors swore up and down were impossible…including a couple that sent me to the ER), I can’t help but wonder if perhaps people who are driven to seek help for symptoms and end up being prescribed these kinds of drugs aren’t already suffering from medical problems that shorten life. In other words, how much of this effect is “chicken and egg” – which came first, medical problems that shorten life or the drugs? Again, not defending the drugs at all but it would be interesting to know since I know people (including myself) who have taken such drugs. My mom takes some of these drugs but she also suffers from severe pain (which causes insomnia) from skeletal damage caused by an accident she was in as a teen, and she has fibromyalgia and diabetes and has had cancer. So, in her case, it was the diseases and conditions that preceded the use of the drugs. But I wonder how often that is the case, and if not, what are the causes of the premature deaths in people who use those kinds of drugs?

    • You’ll never get an honest answer from the medical industry on that question. However, google ‘;medical deaths’ for some interesting info.

      • There are over 100,000 medical deaths a year by doctors, and none from supplements. Vitamin A is a necessary vitamin for so many reasons, but not toxic unless you eat raw polar liver! Yet, they preach no no no. Stupid is as stupid does, but the Big Pharma firms make big bucks and doctor do not keep up with real life and care.

    • Look for someone, usually an acupuncturist, who uses Sotai and then the patient goes home to continue because this reprograms the pain memory and the pain is gone. Neat.

  5. It is not just anti-anxiety drugs that kill; the entire medical industry is a death trap – google ‘medical deaths’ for more insight.

  6. From a true and real medical viewpoint, they know the drugs are not helping, but making you sicker. Think outside the box with acupuncture and Korean Hand Technique and Sotai to get rid of pain and help get your mind back together.

  7. 80,000 people died from VIOXX before it was quasi-withdrawn from the market. A panel of elderly physicians attest that cholesterol drugs cause rather than relieve vascular problems, Over thirty year experienced psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Breggin testified that drugs used in psychopharmacology increase mental illness and crazy behavior rather than decrease it _
    And some city, state and FED crazies send SWAT to confiscate fresh, raw milk from
    the AMISH, and arrest them for selling organic vegetables ?

  8. Don’t forget about all of the financial kickbacks from Big Pharma and their boss, David Rockerfeller, which are funneled back to politicians, bureaucrats, and some doctors. The drug industry, both legal and illegal, are big money makers for those in control of our country.

  9. I can attest to this. After a car accident at 18 I was put on Valium for pain, first suicide attempt. In My early thirty’s was depressed and put on xanax…second suicide attempt, then Ambien for sleep a couple years later …Third try. All by eating the pills they gave me for the symptoms they were to help. I no longer trust the doctors who push this stuff and tell you it will help , but only makes things worse. Marijuana helps without any of the side effects that the pharmacy drugs they give out. But with fines and prison as a penalty for usage, I cannot even think of helping myself with it, unless I uproot my life and family to move to a state I do not want to live in.

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