Ann “Clickbait” Coulter Mocks Soccer, For No Good Reason

I try to avoid listening to Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and the rest of the people who make a living by dishing up hot plates of outrage to primed listeners. I have myself been given the job of drudging … er, I mean dredging … up scandals and political intrigues in order to interest my readers, whoever they may be. And I try to do this with some shred of conscience. There are plenty of things I could bring before you, complete with sensational headline, that would probably woo click-throughs from you more effectively than the drivel I’m usually on about.

I know this for a fact. I see how my articles do on this site. If I write a long, well-researched article that requires any effort or consideration, I will have very few readers and comments, and what comments there are will not generally stray far from what could be gleaned from the headline. I understand this.

But if I’m addled from blunt force trauma (long story), delirious from lack of sleep, or in a special hurry because of the circumstances of my life, that’s when my articles perform really well. Tons of comments, lots of shares, you know, that sort of thing. I’m not saying most readers long for sensation more than substance, have the attention spans of small hyper-active children and the intellectual capacities of pickled herring… No, I would never say that. I would also never be sarcastic either.

I understand where Ann Coulter is coming from. Clickthroughs and page views means Google Ad money. And controversy gets more clicks than discourse. So does Ann Coulter actually try to come up with inflammatory news in order to boost readership, or does she have such a large number of readers because she simply is and has always been inflammatory? I don’t know. It probably doesn’t matter.

But her latest diatribe against soccer is just stupid. Like mind-numbingly stupid and ill-informed. If there is any sincere critique in it, it is the typical strain at a gnat swallow a camel approach that has made conservatives at the same time so irritating and so ineffective.

And I don’t recommend you read Coulter’s article. Instead, read this guy’s take on it. It’s more entertaining, it will give you the gist of what Coulter was saying anyway, and it won’t contribute to her page views. Peace out.

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    • Btw we can happily co-exist. I’m not a fan of soccer but I believe we can allow for “diversity” of preferences in sports. I thoroughly enjoy Ann and that is the best common ground! 😉

  1. I like Rush because he’s gutsy, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. I’m not a fan of either Hannity or Coulter. I have heard Coulter use some pretty choice words without even batting an eyelash, and I’m not a fan of those who resort to foul language, especially with women.

  2. Ann isn’t afraid of anything except….growing old. She’s obsessed with her looks. If she stopped bobbing her head and playing with her hair, it would be easier to pay attention to what she has to say.

    • Perhaps that is YOUR obsession being transposed on her?
      Ann is not obsessed with anything but knocking down the ridiculous nonsense that is going on in our country. I have no doubt that YOU can not match her in that or say that for yourself. So like “liberals” you mock her looks and and address what you DISAGREE with. It’s lame and too LIBERAL for me.

      • She’s the one who’s obsessed with her looks. She’d be right at home with the rest of those ding bats on Fox.

        • So…continuing in the same vein (i.e., humor) calling me mentally deficient means that you’re mentally deficient? 😀

          • Not really… he was just making an observation.

            I thought the same thing. I love soccer. Many of my friends played in high school and college. Just don’t see the connection with liking soccer and being a moron or a sissy…

          • Soccer is a game played by guys who do not like hitting. What about the Renaldo guy who shaves his legs? Sissy.

          • Hey c’mon, Shane… what makes him a sissy?
            Shaving his legs? Swimmers do it all the time.

            Renaldo played into his 40s. I think it just shows what great shape those guys keep themselves in.

          • I’ve been to a number of great sporting events (Olympics, Super Bowl, NBA finals, NHL finals, World series, F1 Grand Prix’s, Indy 500, Boxing world championship fights ) but NOTHING came close to the fans going crazy as the world cup final I went to in LA when Italy lost to Brazil. In spite of the fact the match finished 0–0 after extra time & was decided on ” a penalty shoot-out”!

          • My point exactly! If even you think nothing else makes the fans go crazy like soccer, it’s gotta be crazy!!!!!!

          • I’m not a big soccer fan but I like almost ANY sport in which the stakes are so high & they don’t get any higher then the world cup. The ENTIRE plant goes crazy over it!

          • You are one of very few who gives any credence to soccer on this site. I just don’t understand it it, because soccer is so well-loved around the world. I think people just have to get used to it. 🙂

          • Most people on this site are complete idiots. It’s laughable to suggest soccer players are not “real athletes” when they are some of the highest paid athletes on the planet & make much more then football, baseball or basketball players. I can understand people like or dislike a certain sport. (I never watch soccer except for the world cup). What I don’t understand is why EVERYTHING that the right doesn’t like is either gay, socialist, or Muslim.

          • Really… did you have to pull politics into this?
            Soccer is a sport both Dems and republicans can like or dislike without ANY political repercussions. Don’t see the connection????

            Btw I can think of a lot of things I don’t like that have no connection to being gay, a socialist or a Muslim, so I guess it’s not EVERYTHING!

          • You’re an enigma wrapped in a paradox and shrouded in a conundrum & unlike the rest of the dimwitted uneducated morons on the right

          • Not at all. I just cannot figure you out. You’re young, educated, bright & traveled. I can understand your view on abortion (although I disagree with it) but what I cannot seem to grasp is WTF do you have in common with these no information idiots?

          • When you’re a conservative, it’s dangerous to have a liberal try to figure you out. Don’t bother… I can assure you I think like most conservatives. I’m just not willing to fight you on topics I don’t trust you believe. You insult my beliefs but then wonder why I’m offended???? I pretty much know what you believe (ANYTHING LIBERAL… ooh, except net neutrality!!) so I purposely don’t engage you on stupid things.

            You just like to argue!!! I think if a conservative said they liked the sun cuz it makes the world warmer, you’d come up with a point about how terrible the sun is because it causes skin cancer… or it causes blindness… or it’s the reason for global warming… You are bright, well-educated, and interesting, but you are just not a free thinker. You are overwhelmed with unimportant talking points and have lost touch with the real world. It happens! Just don’t let it keep you from knowing what really matters…

          • If you are conservative, then yes it was a slap in the face.

            If you were a liberal, I was going to suggest that you and la boobee get a room.

          • Because that is what Boobee, Mr. Bob, LabobfromNYC does.

            Jessie, Boobee is a liberal troll. Everything to him is political.

            do try and catch up.

          • yep, that is the point a lot of crazy idiots like soccer. They will even kill you to prove it.

          • I’ve got nothing, really, against soccer. Just like I have nothing really against baseball. I don’t play either, never played them, and never would. I ignore them. I feel like they’re boring, and the lack of physical contact and individuality of the sport alienates me. But I don’t care if someone else likes them. I don’t really care if others love them, and are dedicated fans.
            It’s everyone’s right to like they want, and feel how they like about whatever they like. Seems like Ann doesn’t like soccer, and chose to write about her dislike. That’s her right. Just like it was my right to make a joke about soccer players being sissies…which, compared to rugby players (even football players)…they are. 😛

          • Yeah, ok… it was fine that you called soccer players sissies, you just didn’t tell me what what sport you play so I could stick my tongue out at you… 😛

          • Wow Jessica – the ‘stick your tongue out’ smiley face – that’s hilarious! Did you find that in the list of smiley faces – good one! Let’s bring back the smiley faces! I remember the ancient Internet times when you were pretty much obligated to end every message with a smiley face – ah, the good ol’days.

          • Too bad this site doesn’t have emojis… there are a lot of times they say more than words. Like all the times I wanted to send you a frown for your GMO tirade but had to settle for a 🙁 … However, not today! 🙂

          • Jessica being old and Ignorant might I ask what GMO means! I have seen this before but glazed over it in the past not particularly wanting to sound bassackwards per say!

          • THANKS! I am still laughing I appreciate the heads up! Is Abinico a living example of one of these GMO creatures or am I imagining things?lol

          • Well, as anyone knows, REAL men play rugby (also, I’m a HUGE martial arts fanatic)…wannabe men play football. The rest? SISSIES!!!


          • Well as I said you are entitled to your opinion But many football players also play or played Baseball in College and many were and are track and field speedsters and guess what pardner there are some that excelled in Basketball and turned their talents toward football! So I do not knock any of the sports but soccer to me is a lot like basketball as for the monotany of the back and forth garbanza! I will watch some Basketball but forget soccer period!
            But to each their own!
            Never watch ruggles oops rugby either mainly because I do not quite understand the rules of the game and have no inclination to learn them as that is rarely played in USA!

          • I like Football, a little Basketball, no Baseball, and no Soccer.

            I went to a baseball game once, actually bought a ticket, and fell asleep.

          • So you’re the guy that fell asleep on my shoulder. Did you ever get your wallet back?

          • “I do not quite understand the rules of the game…”
            It’s really simple: “Don’t kill anyone.”

          • Actually REAL MEN know that MEN don’t need to beat each other up to be a MAN and shouldn’t need to to entertain anyone else. As a Christian and a grandfather who watched my granddaughter play soccer for her high school for 2 years I’ll always have a soft spot for soccer because it meant something to her.

          • Well, since you used the plural throughout, you should have ended with “to be MEN.”
            That said, you don’t HAVE to beat each other up…but it is fun…

          • Shake it off petro he was trying to get you upset! He is not worth the anguish! Ignore him and continue for you have your right to your opinion! In other words f**k you steve tanton and the camel you hump!

          • I find it hard to actually get mad at words on the screen. And this whole conversation is silly, and I hope no one is taking it seriously.
            So, someone (Ann) said she didn’t like soccer, and everyone wants to get bent out of shape over it. So what, she hates the sport. It’s her right to hate it, and the right of others to love it.
            Move along, nothing to see here…LOL People need to grow up. And stop playing soccer.

          • Lol… your words were perfect!! Lighten up…
            Except, keep playing soccer if you like (it IS a great sport!!!!!)

          • Yes, keep playing…IF you like it. 😀
            Heck, the reason there are so many sports is that different people like different things, I guess.

          • Soccer is becoming more and more a favorite sport here in the US, and cities are forming its own soccer teams. What about the bumper stickers “Soccer Mom”, never saw a bumper sticker with the other sports displayed. The World Cup is exciting, reminding us of the Olympics. WC is played every four years. Hope others can put up with the WC every four years! If they don’t like it, then don’t watch or attend any Soccer games.

          • “Waschbär” = Deutsch für “Raccoon”! Wunderbar! I love raccoons! Ich bin Amerikaner der Deutsch studiert beim Universität Michigan in 1970’s. Ich hab nicht sehr oft die Gelegenheit diese Sprache zu benutzen, also mach’ Ich viele Fehler. (An diese Moment hab’ Ich kein Wörterbuch bei mir!) Ich fand Ihre Post beim Artikel über Ann Coulter. Ich glaube das Annie oftmals nicht im Ernst spricht. Sie versucht Ihre Zuhörer zu ärgern. Man soll das als “philosphische Rede” nicht nehmen. Bei Ihre andere Posten (über Deutsche vs Amerikanische Gesetzen) gibt es natürlich viel zu sagen, aber Sie mussen es nicht leiden, Fragen über den zweiten Weltkrieg zu dauren. Sie war, bestimmt, eine schreckliche Zeit, aber wir im West haben sie immer besprochen als ob es von etwas seltzam über die Deutsche hängt und könnte niemals in England, Amerika, uzw gechehen. Das, glaube Ich, ist ein sehr groß Fehler, und die wichtigsten Konzept des WWII haben wir nicht verstanden. Mit große ökonomische Problema heutzutage in jeder Land sind wir bald alle gleichzeitig in die Klemme. Eines Tages, mag sein, das die ganze Welt Deutschland sei, und wir seien alle Deutsche. Wenn so, Gott hilf uns. Alles gutes…. BC

          • Sorry… I thought I was just replying to “waschbear” in his/her comment string, but it printed into the main body. One of the earlier “waschbear” posts indicate that they’re german, and I seldom get a chance to try my minimal skill from college on a native.

          • Thanks… I must confess to being proud to have retained something of my foreign language education. I tend to the conservative side, but I think that Americans should be more willing to learn a second language. (Of course, the British might say that it wouldn’t hurt for us to learn English whilst we’re at it! 😉

          • Teehee! You’re right – having a second language is great.
            I studied French in high school and college and used it a little in Europe, but most people speak English as a first or second language. And God knows French will never mean much except in the heart of Canada. Have a great day or guten tag (?)…

          • The connection is EVERYTHING the tea party doesn’t like is either socialist, gay or Muslim!

          • Yeah I believe he meets 3 out of 4 of those named! So therefore f**k off lafag oops labob! Typo error unable to correct the spell error!

          • She has a perfect right to her opinion.
            What is wrong with people who will not tolerate someone else NOT liking a particular thing. Is this just the concept of THOUGHT CONTROL?

          • Jessica, if they don’t like it, I suggest your friends marry soccer and skeet shooting. Then let’s see if the critics think THAT’S a sissy sport.

      • before i reply are you good looking ? what the hell is the matter with people NO WIT Serious as GD heart attack and absolutely no FUN

    • I like Ann Coulter; she hits back at the vicious libs who attack her everyday, and I do the same. Futbol, is an inferior version of Ice Hockey. Ice Hockey is much faster, there’s more scoring and much more hitting. I only watch Futbol when there is a World Cup game.

  3. Soccer deserves no mention because it deserves no attention. A sport where you can’t use your hands…. Pfffft!

    It is supremely true that serious topics get little attention. Anything that requires the use of any mental energy automatically loses 90 to 99% of the audience.

    My book is a great example. Everyone says if you discovered the cure for cancer, the world would beat a path to your door. The truth is if you found a cure for Kardashian, then maybe they would, but not for cancer.

    PS. You mentioned Ann Coulter and soccer.

  4. I AGREE with Ann. Amazing how those that don’t agree have to get NASTY about it.
    This is a perfect example of the “right” decrying what the LEFT does and then does it when they don’t agree. Pssst it’s called HYPOCRISY!

    • Nasty? Right. Ann’s article is equivalent to saying “Vanilla isn’t the best, chocolate is. And anyone who says otherwise is a European imperialist.”

      Its a completely nonsensical article. She had to have meant it tongue in cheek.

      • Let’s look at that.

        If she did mean it tongue in cheek, then it’s nothing to get upset about, it was just a bit of humor and venting.

        If she was serious, and one disagrees, then it’s nothing to get upset about, it’s just someone’s opinion.

        Either way…what’s the issue?

        • Funny, she’s the Luis Saurez of journalism. Except in journalism, the kookier you are, usually the better.

        • She can poke fun at soccer and liberals all she wants.
          I will just watch and listen, realizing I an not in her league!

    • I wonder why “Last Resistance” chose to run such a liberal POS article.

      Somebody at LR got a problem with Ann?

  5. I think Anne Coulter has made a huge miscalculation. These type of snipes are the tasteless bloviating examples of the far, left wing, radical extremist, anti-everything. I don’t understand Soccer, but others do and really enjoy both playing and watching it. It is called FREEDOM. Something Anne Coulter usually professes. Perhaps she was just having a bad hair day and was in one of those places that cannot be defined with reason. She was wrong to interject her snotty, sophomoric snipe. She lost credibility with this one.

  6. Ann is right about something for once and you are giving her s***? Ok, Ok, Her endorsement of Chris Christie still has me riled, but not her criticism of soccer.

  7. Soccer is a boring sport. However, the fan passion makes it worth watching. The key here is “boring”. It is like watching “water drip”. Ann Coulter isn’t far wrong.

    • Soccer is appreciated all over the world, and it’s more exciting than other sports except ice-hockey. It takes a lot out of the players, having to run after the ball, kicking it into the goal with a goal keeper. This World Cup is internationally recognized. I also like the teams’ displaying its countries’ flags, singing the national anthem. Soccer is more and more being accepted here.

      • Perhaps instead more countries need to adopt and accept baseball? The US is just going to keep being World Series champions until they do…

      • Watching soccer is like watching paint dry. And it’s NOT more exciting than a great many sports, like rugby, hockey (as you mentioned), or even NASCAR, for crying out loud. Now, rugby…THAT is a sport. Just because a lot countries get all hot in their jeans over a sport doesn’t make it more interesting; that’s like saying that Islam must be correct since so many people believe in it. Popularity doesn’t equal quality. And Europe should definitely NOT be our yardstick, they’re so messed up it’s laughable.

        • Let me try this! No, red is a better color than yellow, because it’s not the color of cowards. So there! Nananana

          Petro, you’re a real treat to read.

          • HA HA HA HA HA!
            No. You should try thinking with your brain rather than your ass. But first you evidently need to pull the first out of the second… chump.

          • Is this an example of your “thoughts”? Pretty impressive discourse. No wonder the coultergiest appeals to you, and the Jr. High crowd.

          • No, it’s an example of MANY people’s thoughts regarding you. I’m not a big Coulter fan. But I’m even less of a fan of troll-farts like you. Go away and try to enjoy what’s left of your sad little life, jerk. Adios. (That means I’m ignoring you and anything else you vomit up.)

          • Wow, you don’t even know how to ignore someone. Hopefully barfing is something you can do on your own.

          • Yup, liberal, the only political solution for the advancement of our nation. Check into some of those “conservative” countries, like Iran. Then go there!

          • Camel, did you butt into this conversation because you had something to say? So let me read your defense of this hack’s argument. Go ahead, tell me how a sport has anything to do with making your politics substantive.

            If you don’t understand sarcasm, I’ll type slower for you too.

      • It’s fun to watch because of the pageantry. It is kind of like rooting for “paint to dry” as stated by “petroskhan”.

        • I am a US citizen, and I do like Soccer as most other countries in the world. The US also has an excellent Soccer Team in the World Cup. You might want to watch them playing Belgium on Tuesday, wishing the USTeam lots of luck. Soccer is more and more becoming popular, and the attendance is growing.

    • It is only boring to those who don’t understand the game. The vast majority of the globe loves the sport – best not to criticize what one does not understand, only say that you don’t hold the same passion. I myself converted to real football while living in California and no longer what the NFL…I knew I was right when they went gay:)

      • I like soccer. It is just tedious. The NFL has now gone berserk with all of the concussions. There is university research which suggests that the leather helmets were safer than the current variety because they weren’t weapons but offered slight protection. There is no “head hunting” in soccer just a little cannibalism.

    • I have tried watching American football and really folks!? The game has 4 quarters of 15 minutes each. However, it takes with commercials and time outs and prancing around and sucking water about an hour. So the swift game of football takes give or take 4 hours. At least with soccer they are moving and when they play a half it is a full half or 3/4 of an hour with the exception of injury and then the clock stops. But since I don’t care much for any sport if I had to choose to be tortured I’d pick soccer. As for basketball. If functions the same as American football. Long boring and full of millions of stupid commercials. And while I’m on the subject hockey is just as bad except you have show off fighting which neither enhances the game itself or contributes to a win. The only hockey game I watched that was worth my time was when the American team won against Russia at the Olympics. And surprisingly they didn’t have to resort to fighting to make it interesting. Most players of professional games are just over priced, over paid big boys and girls. Sorry if you don’t like my opinion but I suffer through endless boring (to me) hours of listening to senseless replays and what ifs. The game was played, somebody won, somebody lost. Get over it. There will be another game and another and another and another…….

      • I loved your descriptions and you’re right. Unless you really understand the sport you’re watching, it can be boring. But if you do understand the rules and the object, it can be really fun to watch.

        I think here in the U.S. we don’t like soccer because we just don’t get it. MILLIONS of Europeans and South Americans prefer soccer to any other sport because they get it!

        Just give us time…

        • Jessica, if you wanna watch men struggle to score for 90+ minutes take a few of your “redneck” friends to a bar!!! 😛

        • and because at the end of the game, they can riot, run onto the field, tear down the goal posts, and trample a few bodies.

          yep, they get it all right.

          • Are you saying you never have seen violence after any championship games except soccer?

            You must not go to many games…

      • You think that if soccer ever became a mainstream sport here in the US, they wouldn’t put in all those commercial timeouts?

        • Of course they would. But then they would be losing a lot of viewers. Besides if you’ve ever watched soccer games either US teams or foreign you will notice that you are bombarded with ads all round the soccer field. On the uniforms and in front of the stands. You can’t help but see them in the background for the entire game and not just during a commercial. Besides I don’t think it will ever be a main stream sport but I find it very unsportsmanlike to ridicule a game just because you don’t like it. I hear that some of the better kickers were soccer players. I don’t happen to care much for viewing any game and think the emphasis on sports of any kind is just a wee bit over the top. To me they are just games. No more, no less.

      • Then the fans riot, run on to the field, tear down the goal posts and trample a few bodies. That is soccer. It satisfies your blood lust.

    • Do you mean the fans who dress up in increasingly bizarre costumes, and will destroy your stadium at the drop of a hat.

      And those same fans will sit and stand there cheering and going crazy until the match ends with a 0 – 0 tie, and their teams each gets a point toward the title.

    • Soccer is actually two sports in one. It includes aquatics as well. Or it seems to by all the dives the guys on the fields are constantly taking.

    • There are a lot of Americans who like Soccer! It’s not boring, when you know the rules and regulations. Watch the US playing Belgium this coming Tuesday, wishing the US the best of luck in this lock-out game.

      • Belgium has more Americans playing than the U.S. Why do you think that Klinnsman brought in 5 American sperm donor products from Germany? It is to ingratiate himself with the African-American establishment and to reinforce single parent families as a viable winning example. Landon is an honorable guy and very talented. Klinnsman was very jealous and had to get him out of his sight. Klinnsman is a sleaze and needs the products of sleaze around him to reinforce it. I am rooting for Belgium. They have a number of Black players who are producing members of their society. Compare this to the mercenaries brought in by Klinnsman.

  8. This is such an important topic! Don’t you people get it! Don’t you know that this could mean the end of the world. My God, the humanity!

  9. Soccer deserves snark. Watching grown (?) men running up and down a field kicking the ball back and forth and resulting in very few goals being scored is not particularly entertaining—even with fake injuries and an announcer yelling “Goooooooooooooooooaal” whenever someone finally does get the ball in the net. Frankly, I rather watch paint dry.

  10. Ann is right. It is a stupid game. I’ve sat through enough games …. the only thing you can’t do is use your hands and kick a ball around. I prefer baseball. Here an INDIVIDUAL is looked at closely while they all play as a team. In contrast to soccer, you can’t say that. It’s more exciting. I’ve never been much of a football fan but the same applies there; individuals are highlighted. However I am not interested in seeing gay black guys smooch after a game or proclaim their desire for one another. That turns me OFF.

  11. Hey Michael, who cares what you think? Those people you mentioned have MILLIONS of people who trust what they say…….how many do you have? Not many. Get a sense of humor. But then, liberals don’t have a sense of humor, do they?

    • Who cares what she says anyway.

      You and the other “Liberal” fascisti whose ox she gores with such finesse, obviously.

      Can’t get your fumblefingers around the fact that most of us oppose your government-as-Santa-Claus masturbation fantasies because we’re smarter than you are, can ya?

        • “I’m not a lib you dumb a$$”

          Why not? You’re certainly showing yourself here as someone cement-headed enough to qualify for all the venereal diseases clinic group discounts, free sexual lubricants, and other benefits of belonging to the “Liberal” fascist movement.

          • What? Are you kidding? You make no sense you Dumb A$$. Coulter defended Romney Care, did you know that…Dumb A$$.

          • You are just a bunch of idiotic nonsense…sounds like you take meds. So take your meds and get back under your rock…dumb a$$. Keep being a dumb sheep.

    • Soccer: not bad condtioning for football, track and such as long as we call it conditioning for…

      Ann Rocks.

      • Truly I doubt if he said this, for he was educated for a time in England, the country that invented the game of football, referred to as soccer by Americans. As a well-educated international, Steyn would know that soccer-football is the most popular sport in the world, something that obviously passed you by. To all of you above and below who enjoy ripping on soccer, I quote Daniel Patrick Moynihan, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.”

    • Plenty of reasons to mock everything. America the home of baseball, mom and apple pie, calls their series, the World Series, despite not letting anyone else in the world participate. The NBA is a crock who goes after one owner for saying something perhaps crass, but violates his 1st Amendment rights with political correctness all the while many of the players are racist themselves. Just ask any white player who plays there or in college. Hypocrisy it the brain child of liberalism. The NFL is now gay – no wonder they wear them thar helmets:) How does that feel?

      • I can add that “soccer” is a sport where players using feet and not allowed to touch it, that’s why it call football. Calling American football a”football” is very strange, players very rare using their foot to hit the ball. Maybe we should call it “rugby with armor”.

      • Tell that World Series myth to the Toronto Bluejays, from Canada, and former winners of the World Series.

      • Actually, you morons. There is no reason to mock anything. If all you can do is bitch and complain about one thing or another just shut the hell up. The world would be a lot better off.

  12. Really? I thought it was funny and the usual acerbic wit.. This chick certainly knows how to rile liberals. You’re not a liberal are you? Only those people would be riled.

  13. Michael Minkoff it looks like YOU are playing the “click bait” game. Why not just disagree with her? Oh I forgot. You FEEL BETTER just TRASHING people because YOU have no substance. You are just another HATER.

    “I try to avoid listening to Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and the rest of the people who make a living by dishing up hot plates of outrage to primed listeners. ”

    Gee, no bias there,Michael ! LOL!! Yes, not only were you NOT content to trash Ann, you had to drag in Rush, Sean and others and INSULT the listeners. Is this TRULY the BEST you can do? No substance – just simple minded name calling? Another PARTISAN HATER?

    I am not surprised you probably love soccer. It is a SIMPLE game. No individuals are recognized and you can LOSE but still WIN and continue (Germany/US).Michael, don’t you have some COMMUNITY work to attend to? Clearly editorials are not your strong suit. It just makes you look childish and foolish.

  14. Who is the idiot that wrote this article. Soccer is a commie game. Ban Soccer in America and the gnats that play this sissy game.

    And thank GOD America still has some Ann Coulter’;s that say the truth.

    • “Ban soccer in America”, you sound like a communist. Remember capitalism is a FREE MARKET, don’t like it, don’t watch it.

      • No Soccer, just Football, Baseball, Basketball, because Soccer is for sissy’s. Pansy’s running around biting each other plus Soccer is just boring and again it’s third world commie crap. Plus I’m for the Robber Baron type capitalists and love war mongering programs. LOL. Only kidding, I just don’t like Soccer. So if the pinko governments want to feed that circus maximus to the mob who really cares.

        • LAY OFF SOCCER! Some of us love it!!!!!

          Do you realize what it is like for weeks, sometimes months, during playoffs prepping for the World Series, Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, Frozen Four… endless talk about the playoff teams. Those of us who don’t eat, breathe and sleep pro sports just have to endure!!!

          So now I’m glad YOU have to endure a little soccer.
          Hold your breath… It’ll be over soon…

  15. How about because soccer is a LIBERAL sport and it sucks? Democrats would love to replace American football with soccer. You’re out of touch – the majority of Americans AGREE with Ann. You’re picking on Ann…..for no good reason. Why slam Rush and Sean while you’re at it? Me thinks you’re jealous! 🙂 Found you a way to get a little attention, Michael? lol That’s what this article is REALLY about! Shame on you.

  16. Ann Coulter is a Neo-Con but she’s right about Soccer. I don’t get why everyone is so nuts over this World Cup? Soccer is only a few steps up in boring sports viewing from Tennis, Golf, and Ping Pong.

  17. Ann did a great job on this article. I loved it. She’s a treasure.

    Michael, you write like an angry little pre-teen girl. Man up.

  18. Vanilla and chocolate. If you’re too prejudiced to see what’s to like in both, then your just non-conformist, as bad as someone who eats up slop.

  19. I mock soccer ..but not because it pisses off the author when a bigger name then him disses it… but because it SUCKS, it’s boring, and I can not watch it.. at all. Ann Coulter ROCKS!!!

  20. My daughters’ High School Tennis coach once called soccer a “communist” sport. Sounded pretty silly at first, but when you start thinking of all of the countries where it is the biggest thing going, I don’t think he was far off. Most of the European countries eat, sleep and breathe it … and most of them are Socialist (read Communist “light”). England and Canada are gaga for it and both of them are Socialist in everything but people actually saying so. And how about all of the South American countries? No need to even go there. Soccer may be “appreciated” all over the world, but the only reason it is being watched here … now … is that America needs yet another “distraction” to keep it from finding out what a total mess it is really in. It is NOT a popular game over here; people put their kids in it because it is a CHEAP investment compared to other sports such as baseball and football.

      • Silly me. How did I forget that? Wasn’t it a few years ago when someone from a South American team kicked the ball into his OWN goal … it cost them the game … and the next thing you know, they found him dead in the streets? As I said, “Communist” sport.

  21. “Ann “Clickbait” Coulter Mocks Soccer, For No Good Reason”

    Actually Michael, YOU are the click bait. She was simply expressing her opinion. You used HER NAME for attention. Michael, I hate to break it to you but you are NOT very well known. Like Ann or as in you case HATE her, she is a nationally known person; you are NOT!

    Michael if you couldn’t have conquered your HATRED for you and READ her article, you would have known what her reasons were. However you could NOT get past your FEELINGS of HATRED for Ann. Furthermore you FELT the need to spew more HATRED to others – Rush and Sean and NEVER say WHY or address WHY you disagree with any of them. You never mentioned what you disagree with Ann about soccer. You article is nothing more than a vent of HATRED. Object to her reasons – but no – you wrote this garbage that just can’t be recycled.

    I feel sorry for you Michael …. posing as a writer isn’t going to work out well for you unless you can put your EMOTIONS aside.

  22. The only soccer I liked was back in the 80’s when they had arena soccer. That had some scoring. Playing on the north 40 is no boring. And people complain about the lack of scoring in baseball????

  23. I like to watch ice hockey because a fight will always break out among the players. Soccer has the same excitement except it’s the fans who fight. There’s a lot of talk about fake injuries but, I’ll bet, that more fans have suffered debilitating injuries at soccer matches than any player.

  24. Soccer is not popular in the US for the exact reason the author states Coulter formulates headlines, advertising revenue.
    Soccer is one of the very few sports with a set clock, unlike baseball or football where you can televise 10-12 minutes on the network, then break for 5-8 minutes to play millions worth of commercial spots. It just doesn’t work in our television business model to have a non-stop game, it’s not profitable.

    The other point to this conclusion is scoring. Winning a game/not losing by way of a tie is pure insanity to about 99% of Americans. We are a competitive culture by nature, it’s how we’ve been so successful. We see a tie as nothing more than losing as bad as the other guy. Could we have ended in a tie in WW2?

    For soccer to be successful in America would probably require changes to the game significant enough no one would be interested anymore, because it would no longer be soccer.

  25. I stand with Ann! Soccer is foreign and boring!
    But so is golf boring, hate baseball, football was for high school, boxing is unnecessarily violent, wrestling…just looks strange to me, skiing…terrifying…I guess I have absolutely nothing in common with sports.

    • I agree that golf is boring, even more so than soccer in my opinion.

      As for wrestling, watch it as entertainment, perhaps comedy. Watching wrestling is a good way to pass two or three hours away and have some laughs while you do.

      USMC 1970-1974

  26. Ann is like a guy with flatulence who goes up and down
    in an elevator all day.
    She’s a parody ALREADY, of the GOP “mean girl” perfected by idiot Palin and embraced
    by Coulter, Malkin and now, the new fleshpeddling gun-totin’ dolt Dana Loesch.
    It’s all just “HEY LOOK AT ME!” schtick
    Sad, silly, immature widdle girls.

      • I almost always agree with you, Lawton…

        But not here…
        Soccer is great… very entertaining if you know what you’re watching.
        Unlike hockey (I love it too) which is most entertaining where they’re fighting…

  27. If you didn’t get the WINK WINK! racism in her PATHETICALLY OBVIOUS statement.
    You clearly don’t get this pathetic over the hill ‘bomb thrower.’

  28. I bet Ann makes more money than you do. Soccer is boring, boring as watching a redwood tree grow to be 200 feet tall. Now if your could block and tackle, that might make it more interesting and make the goal about the size of a hockey goal.

    I love Ann because she doesn’t conform to anything or anyone. She her own person …. does what she wants and gets paid well so people like me can enjoy her column.

    • Now if your could block and tackle, that might make it more interesting….

      Actually, in soccer they have something they call a “tackle,” but it involves getting the ball away from whatever opponent is fiddling with it WITHOUT hitting him.

      You getting that? In basketball, it’s popularly referred to as a “steal,” or “inducing a turnover.”

      In kickety-can-on-the-grass, it’s supposed to be a “tackle.”

      For those of us acculturated in the world of real football, a tackle involves hitting the opponent (if at all possible) hard enough to separate him from portions of his anatomy. Inducing a fumble is a bonus for the highlight reels.

      In soccer?


  29. Who cares about an article that is about someone who could care less about soccer, interpreted for us by a careless writer? But if obama was an athlete, soccer would be his game……………………..and he’d be sportin’ soccer mom-jeans.

  30. OH, what kind of a game that when you loose allows you to advance further into the playoffs …… Soccer is the liberal sport of the world. I call it the wussy, wussy, sport. The only positive I see from it is: It keeps you in good physical shape.

  31. Ann Coulter’s foot in mouth disease reminds me of a screening technique I used at singles dances.

    I am only interested in a woman that shows, “her class” not “her “asss”.

    After my divorce, I liked going out to singles dance clubs. I learned to be patient. I would listen to women talk in a group and the ones with no class at all would expose themselves quickly with loud, insulting, trashy talk and similar mannerisms. Later a while of that, I then would ask the quiet, demure and lady like women to dance and talk to.

    Ann Coulter …………..falls into the former category.

    • “…I then would ask the quiet, demure and lady like women to dance and talk to.”

      After which the ones who weren’t tranvestites would all file restraining orders against you.

      Didn’t your wife submit evidence that you hadn’t waited until after your divorce to start “going out to singles dance clubs”?

        • “…After my divorce


          It pretends marital continence, and expects anyone to believe it.

          Vicomte de Valvert: [to Cyrano] Dolt! Insolent puppy! Jabbernowl!

          Cyrano de Bergerac: [bowing, sarcastically] How do you do? And I – Cyrano Savinien Hercule de Bergerac!

          — screenplay, Cyrano de Bergerac (1950)

          • “Go bother someone else….”

            Ooh, cranky and pitiful, ain’tcha?

            As well as illiterate, odious, and a loser in love. Doubtless you’re even less competent as a stalker.

            Putzie, if’n you didn’t drop your pants in public like this, people wouldn’t point out your shortcomings.

  32. Ann Coulter’s form of witty humor requires an IQ of 120 or above to be appreciated. Apparently, Minkoff doesn’t qualify. I doubt if Anne cares whether or not stupid people find her humor amusing.

  33. If it was played in a rink and you could ck. someone against the boards it might be ok otherwise it’s a soccer moms spectator sport that you play in grammar school.

  34. soccer sucks 90% of the people in the US don’t even watch the boring so called sport. it is something the young morons can party and act like jerks for the rest of the world.

  35. Her article was hilarious. A lot of Ann haters don’t get her humor, and think that she’s serious all the time. She does, however, make some valid points. Anyway, gotta go. Going to watch a replay of the Russia – Algeria 1-1 tie! Can’t wait.

  36. The difference between soccer and say baseball or football is the difference between checkers and chess. ‘enogh said. But seeing as how we are becoming a Hispanic or European socialist country it will increase in it’s appeal.

      • Maybe you have, like so many in our culture, Attention Deficit Disorder my friend. You should have that checked.
        One thing baseball has over soccer though, the players don’t bite each other.

  37. You do not try very hard to not listen to Ann. It’s your choice. Ann is an educated conservative (Constitutional attorney – what’s your credentials?) who does not like soccer. Neither do I. Now on the other hand, football is “the” game and Ann agrees. At least you are not conceited ( irony, irony)!

  38. Ann Coulter is a total fraud! She poses as a conservative but in the last election she was first a big supporter of Chris Christie and then of Mitt Romney. Why Because she asserted the Republicans needed to support candidates that can win national elections! Really? You mean like McCain and Mitt Romne and now these RINO’s want to foist Jeb Bush upon us???

  39. Minkoff is a Liberal so you know he won’t like Rush, Ann, or Sean. Looks like he knows he is suffering from lack of sleep, and I might add not paying attention to what is really going on.

  40. This author needs a sense of humor. Coulter is clearly having some fun. But she is touching on something significant — There has been a concerted effort by many in the left-leaning media to push soccer on a reluctant American public in just the past few years. WHY is soccer now being shoved down the throats of a country that has for decades rejected it? That should be the angle this author tries to address. Obvious answer: The left has always wanted America to homogenize with the world community and stop being so proud of our world leader status. Because it is the most popular sport outside of America, soccer in many ways represents that outside world. American football on the other hand represents our defiance — we’re in effect telling the rest of the world, “we don’t want to be like you. You should try being more like us”, and the left finds that inexcusable. That’s a very important distinction, albeit in the not-so-important context of a game.

  41. Growing up in the late 40’s and 50’s I never even heard of soccer. Soccer was introduced in a big way to the kids of this county nearly nearly a half century ago. I saw it then for what I believe today was and is an attempt by globalists to negate the uniqueness of United States, and to introduce the ideals of the end game goal of globalization by the UN. We have football, basketball and baseball, volleyball, all unique to this nation. Look where we are today in terms of globalization and where we once stood. Soccer was the globalists “foot in our door” Who stands strong for globalization today in the U.S.? You got it, the Progressives. Every take over is made far easier it you can capture the children, who eventually grow up and vote, and these monsters have done a excellent job of it!!
    It’s best to use much care when you invite a stranger into your home, for his intentions my be anything but benign!

  42. I believe that you really need to getting over yourself, it is NOT how much research you do, it is about your POINT OF VIEW; and what you STAND for, because you DO NOT STAND FOR WHAT MOST AMERICANS STAND FOR, no matter what you and others like you want people to believe, Amen!

    So please do not think that true Americans do not have the intellect to deal with you or your articles.
    Mr. Evans

    • …it is NOT how much research you do….

      True, true. It also has something to do with wit and talent, none of which can be found in Minkoff’s whining above.

      Who better than a “Liberal” lunkhead to go all-in with Marx’s labor theory of value?

  43. “…For No Good Reason”

    I didn’t realize one needed a “good reason” to exercise First Amendment rights, nor did I get the memo where you were the arbiter of what a “good reason” might or might not be.
    I’ll stand with Ann on this one.

    And “Clickbait” ?
    I wouldn’t have read your inane posting if it hadn’t mentioned Ann…but then I know for you it’s not about the number of viewers of your post, right ?
    It’s about being sanctimonious and copping an elitist attitude, not unlike the posers in the Beltway do when spewing their daily drivel.

  44. Mr. Minkoff, the first three paragraphs of your
    article made less sense than the last three. Sounds to me that you
    approve of the scandals the corrupt administration has perpetrated on the
    American people.

  45. .Personally I find soccer just marginally better entertainment than golf or competition badminton. Just because the rest of the world as a massive hard on for soccer doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone should absolutely have to know how to play. It’s is ridiculous is expecting everyone to know how to play cricket.

    To many people soccer is nothing more than kickball on steroids. However I except everyone’s right to play soccer if they so choose however I do not see soccer as a viable sport to replace baseball or football. Basketball takes more skill but I’ve never really liked that game either. There are so many sports out there that are totally ludicrous that I’ve even made it into the Olympics it’s unbelievable.

    Who would’ve ever believed that ping-pong would make it as an Olympic sport and now they say they’re going to make pole dancing part of the Olympics? The question there would be with or without clothing.

    An other weird sports is rugby. That looks to be a cross between soccer, tag, and keepaway with as much violence as you can throw in.

    The whole thing is not really worth mentioning other than the fact that soccer fans seem to be much more violent than most sports fans.

    • Be on the continent when the Brits are playing but don’t go to the games. Scariest sports fans I’ve ever met are the Brits. Ever see the film,The Krays? Try to imagine a stadium full of them.

  46. Wow Must have been a really boring day if this is the best someone can come up with. I have an idea…how about getting the word out on all of Obama’s crimes or the Cochran/Establishment RINO crap as they joined with libtards to help destroy America perhaps.

  47. I played varsity soccer in both high school and college. I have Buchanan, Coulter, Hanson, Krauthammer, Steyn, and Will in my shortlist of must reads. Her point about soccer being a game which artificially prohibits use of the hands, as counter-intuitive and does not endorse the humanizing attributes of the game, is most pertinent. Your point about Google-ads revenue is most irrelevant. Why can’t you try making your ad revenues without having to put somebody else down?

  48. Michael “steerbait” Minkoff. mocks a New York Times Best Selling author. When you start writing well research articles that take effort and consideration come back and let us know because obviously this one was none of the above just a steerbait to your pseudo pen name article.

  49. Soccer (football as Europeans call it), as a few other sports and music, is rooted in a culture. Americans have, until socialism has taken root, always despised European culture that went socialist before WWII. Because of their socialist bent, Europeans needed Americans to bleed heavily for them to deliver them from the clutches of Socialist Fascism being dispensed by the Nazis.

    Socialism is what godless societies and cultures turn to to elevate the worth of most of the members of their society who have lost value to their society due to the moral decay and low-bar value-system that godlessness propagates.
    Soccer is the sport of the socialists! Just like the Europeans (French in particular) would only act with their feet as their response to Hitler, so goes their sports.

    Ann Coulter has an excellent sensitivity to the worthlessness of European culture. They have capitulated to Muzzies til they have almost completed making Europe into part of their caliphate. They lied about George W Bush and Iraq’s WMDs, and wouldn’t help stop that maniac Saddam (exception: Great Britain for a while). Their socialist healthcare programs were almost completely dependent on the US free-market health system to create medical advances. But that, too, is something that we are to admire… we are to admire and replicate their failed healthcare system! Those that admire their failures love soccer, or are children that don’t know any better.

    Those that want to keep America as the last bastion of freedom for anyone in the world to have hope in hates soccer. It is the cultural icon of failure!

  50. I agree with her. Soccer is the most ridiculous game. So boring. It is not American and most of the people who are watching it now are typical young lemmings.

  51. Who is this A-hole? The communists, with the help of Obama controlled ESPN, are trying to “third-world-ze” “US” with this boring sport! – it seems to be working, unfortunately as we are having it rammed down our throats and up our asses by the state-run, fifth column media, as for myself, I haven’t watched a second of it – too busy playing tennis!

    • The rise in popularity is being fueled by the rise in illegal immigrants here. I still haven’t met one real American who has changed their opinion on this boring sport. And to be fair – I think it’s a great sport for kids. Cheap to set up, great exercise. It’s just never going to compete for televised excitement here with American football and other sports.

  52. You know what they say about opinions Minkyoff. If it’s the difference between watching curling vs soccer, then I might side with you. Otherwise, saddle up next to Coulter and learn how to really state an opinion.

  53. The irony is that Ann is actually built for soccer as well as basketball. Check out the legs and that bobbing head. Also, she has the “take no prisoners” attitude that helps when the big chance shows up after forty five minutes of tedium. As for the game? Ann nailed it.

  54. I don’t understand why a lot of American people hate this sport. Is that maybe we not good at it? I saw so many idiotic articles in the last couple of weeks trashing soccer from people that say they don’t understand and hate that sport. Well I don’t understand golf, but I don’t hate it. You want to play golf, go for it. I don’t think it’s a good argument “I hate that particular sport, because I don’t understand it”. Fine, don’t like it, don’t play it and dint watch it. But don’t write about something you have no clue. Leave it for our politician, to say something about they have no idea. I played soccer scenes I was a kid and loved it, it’s a great exercise BTW. One of my kids play soccer, other one chose judo. If later on they want to play golf, or baseball I will just encourage them. Same people who critisize attacks on American football, doing the same thing to other sport. In my opinion (specially for kids) any sport beats seating at home all day and play none stop video games. In regards of Coulter, she will always say something to bring attention to herself. Probably new book coming soon. I read all her book BTW, and agree with her on a lot things, just not this one.

  55. In November 2010, Eric Cantor said value-added taxes wouldn’t work in the United States … the idea of a value-added tax because it sounds too “European. Now Eric Cantor, for the time being, is history.

  56. Forcing soccer down your throat is just another sneaky little cultural diversity game -soccer is popular because its low skill and simple

    • “Low skills and simple”? Did you ever tried playing against somebody, who’s any good at it? Probably not.

        • I understand that for some people it’s not very exciting to watch, they want fast pace with lots of scores. Which is ok. But hating and saying that this sport somehow been force to anybody throat and it’s “liberal” idea? That’s just plain stupid. Don’t like it, don’t watch it, we have like 400+ other channels.

          • I don’t care for hockey mush for the same reasons. I like the structure, tactics, and steady forward grinding of the game.
            Like Roman legionaries shoulder to shoulder grinding their enemy down.
            But like you said, and I agree that. It’s to each their own, life is what you make it.

        • Compared to American football, soccer is incredibly simple. Have you seen an NFL playbook? That’s just for the offense. Even defenses have pages and pages of scheme info to learn. Scoring — soccer only has one way to score. American football has 5 ways: TD, extra point kick, 2 point conversion, safety, and FG. That difference alone increases play calling and clock management strategy exponentially. It’s fine to like soccer. But to deny its simplicity is laughable.

          • You’re talking to a major Football fan here. If anyone thinks soccer is all that simple they should try it. But yeah, compared to Football, it’s really simple.

            I’ll share a response regarding what I like about Football I had made in case you did not see it as I suspect you did not.
            “I like the structure, tactics, and steady forward grinding of the game. Like Roman legionaries shoulder to shoulder grinding their enemy down”.

            It may be a bit of romanticising but the shoulder to shoulder aspect, the tactics, are a natural draw for an ex soldier like myself.

  57. It’s her right to not like soccer and it’s her right to say that she doesn’t like soccer. I used to love baseball and hate football but since the strike some years back that hurt a lot of people I could care less about baseball. America’s favorite pastime is now all about money and I can’t stand the game and I hate the people that ruined it for me including the players. Now I watch football. If she doesn’t like soccer, so be it. Maybe one day she’ll learn to like it.

  58. I would think she’d have better things to rag on. I don’t care for soccer, it’s the sport for the folks who never had or liked sports – the liberal elites. But all the same, it just isn’t worth her steam. But if some folks get excited, fine. I was at a bar having lunch and we were playing the Rads (Germans) and there was a lot of American flags and enthusiasm out there. I mean who travels that far for soccer? Superbowl maybe but soccer? Okay. And if Ann wants to rag on it, that’s fine too; Ann is Ann and that’s what makes her special. Although I somewhat appreciate where he is coming from I don’t get Michael’s outrage. Not important enough.

      • I grew up in a very serious soccer town, and let me tell you, I tried it a few times in gym in high school, and that was NOT the game for me. Then again, no sport really is, but it’s really quite surprising just how much athletic skill is needed to play that game well.

        I always cheered my friends who played soccer. And football. And basketball, and baseball, when I was in high school. I had a lot of respect for them and their abilities to play those games well.

    • I don’t mind really, but most of the anti-soccer comments as with Ann’s are said in ignorance. Don’t like, fine…but I love it and no longer watch the gay NFL:)

      • Well, soccer is pretty gay, if you ask me. But I’m not an expert on what is or isn’t. But those cute little micro shorts and flapping jazz hands…I don’t know…
        Hey, just kidding. Enjoy soccer if you do. And don’t apologize.

  59. Don’t listen to Rush? Don’t listen to Sean? Don’t understand that Ann Coulter isn’t married because she never looses an argument… And what man can bear that? I think this metro sexual momma’ s boy lost his way on the trip to the huffing ton post. Putt putt is more exciting than soccer. What a goob!

  60. Love the comments on this blog. Just when I thought you butt wipes couldn’t celebrate stupid any better than normal, you all out perform yourselves again.

  61. Mr. Minkoff, regarding what you have written today, I will simply quote Josef Sommer’s character, Paul Schaeffer in Witness – a line he said to Harrison Ford as John Book. “I like your style.” “I’ve always liked your style.” Today you have written many of my thoughts, but I particularly enjoyed reading you lecture Ms. Coulter, because I so often agree with her politics, even her sarcasm and can handle it, but I cannot handle idiocy. She embarrass herself with this one. I can trace my heritage to the Mayflower, remember when I was ignorant, but converted to real football while living for nearly twenty years in the Bay Area. Oh, and for what it’s worth, I prefer your intellectual articles. Thank you for your continued contributions.

  62. and you are qualified to make this allegation on what basis. there is no other response to something so facile a critique. i believe this is what he is doing by indirection. She is a polemicist using parody. It may not be one’s type of humor granted but failure to understand that is its nature would appear to register him in the double digit IQ range. But thanks NO ONE has ever accused me of suffering of deficiencies of the “intellectual range” It was rather heady and amusing.

  63. Soccer?
    Let me think, , ,
    Oh YEAH!
    That’s that game that little kindergarten schoolgirls play, isn’t it?

  64. I read Ann Coulter’s article, and I found it funny. She really doesn’t like all the soccer hype; but for the most part, she was just being sarcastic. I found her comparison between soccer players and the entitlement society, where everyone gets a trophy, quite apropos. Yes, she’s a controversial person, just like Rush Limbaugh and other well known conservatives, but I wouldn’t want her to change anything about herself. She’s right, soccer sucks. The real sports are football and hockey.

      • I had a paid subscription when that happened, and I was angry with him for apologizing for his Fluke remarks; but I got over it. I still respect him.

  65. Dear Mr Minkoff: Please tell us one item in her article that was fabricated. One just one. No name calling. Was she wrong about the number of viewers, how about the gushing accolades of the MSM. Her comments on the metric system are accurate, There is no equivalent for time or angular measurements. As it was developed by a non seafaring nation, they failed to use the circumference, but equator to pole for the standard. The one real benefit is by chance, the speed of light is close to a whole number.

  66. Michael, lighten up. It was a tongue in cheek article. I don’t agree with Ann on many things, but I enjoyed her article and got a good laugh from it.

  67. Wow … an actual article that contains some actual thought … Coulter is exactly what he says, a whore for Google and the others – raise the heat and build the traffic from the “low info” crowd that another one of them (Limbaugh) always refers to.

  68. This article and subsequent discussion reminds me of Congress: screw what’s wrong in America, let’s change the name of the Redskins.

  69. I didn’t read either article, Mister Minkoff. I take that you don’t like Anne Coulter’s dislike of Soccer. That’s peculiar. I wonder if you’ve been as passionately defensive regarding American football? No? Why not? It’s been attacked quite harshly and regularly. And why do you hold soccer so sacred in the pantheon of entertainment events? Could it be the symbolic value of soccer that enthuses you, the internationalism? It certainly isn’t as exciting as equestrian sports like Grand Prix Jumpers. But that smacks of patrician participants and not third world or the sacred “proletariat.” I hate to bust your soccer balls – but you’re bustin Anne’s and you’ve declared yourself an enemy of truth in that your list of excluded reading indicates that you don’t want to face the fact that we’re now living in a totalitarian fascist police state ushered in by the Obama regime which no doubt you support.

  70. I understand where Ann Coulter is coming
    from. Clickthroughs and page views means Google Ad money. And
    controversy gets more clicks than discourse.

    And then there is:

    I’m not saying most readers long for
    sensation more than substance, have the attention spans of small
    hyper-active children and the intellectual capacities of pickled
    herring… No, I would never say that. I would also never be sarcastic

    Michael, you hit the nail right on the head. Ann Coulter used to have some relevance, but she has rapidly lost whatever credibility she had and has sold out in favor of the clicks as opposed to discourse. The comments here also affirm your second comment I copied and pasted.

    What better way to accumulate points than to say something really derogatory about a sport that is played in just about every country in the world and collectively, in terms of money made, puts the NFL to bloody shame.
    So tell me, who’s the dumb ass?

  71. Listen up, “Minkie”, Rush has the most successful and most widely heard talk show on planet earth! You don’t even rise to toilet seat dingle berry status, compared to him and his achievements, LOL. If you like soccer, fine, watch it and make sure you’re wide awake. If she or anyone else wants to rip it, see the 1st amendment. Soccer will never supplant American football. The fact it’s all the rage in nations we’d crush in manly football speaks volumes about it and them. Bottom line, in Europe and Latin America, their best athletes play soccer. In the USA they play NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL. A scant few Euros make it here to play in those leagues, the rest play frou frou “futbol”. Any questions?

  72. Soccer, in my opinion, at this point, is an….escape. An escape from the everyday news and the crap we have to endure while Obama stirs the pot….EVERY DAY…and remains President….

  73. Ann Coulter is a well recognized name. So, if writes something about soccer or libertarians I pass. I have no idea what she thinks about soccer and I don’t care.

  74. Would someone please just throw a horse-blanket over “Mrs. Ed.” This woman can’t give an interview without promoting her latest book. She’s worse than Dick Morris. As for soccer, I played it, I reffed it, and I coached it. It is one of the most difficult sports to master and one of the most physically demanding. Football requires quick bursts of energy and skill. Soccer demands 45 minute stretches of it without a break. It also requires more team effort than most sports to maintain ball possession and to score goals. If you understand the game, it is anything but boring. Most people who dismiss it, don’t understand it. I appreciate both football and futbol each for their distinctive qualities.

  75. This is just too rich. He gets upset at the queen of satire. Maybe there is just enough truth in there to bump up the old blood pressure a point or two.

  76. People, understand that the new American religion is Sports. Two men are placed in a cage to fight like dogs. Except, if you put dogs in a cage to fight the same, you will be arrested. The fight fans work themselves into a frenzy. NBA is no longer a sport but a brawl. Fouls are rare in spite of the repeated forceful contact. This has a precedence in history; Roman gladiators.

    • Hockey. Unfortunately, they diluted the talent when too many teams were created. Hockey became too much of a brawl instead of the precision skill it demands.
      Soccer? Boring. It looks like someone is trying to create a new business for profit – period. Look at how soccer is being promoted suddenly. Even MSNBC shows are talking about it. It’s obvious that someone from high up in the media is ordering the hosts to pump up publicity. One host invited 2 guests to try to convince him why he should care about soccer. Change the channel!

  77. Watch a Hockey game. That game is more deserving of criticism, but like every other sport, deserves none. Like the many people who repeatedly told me more times than I can count, “It’s just a game.”

  78. What’sa matter buddy, you jealous because she’s prettier than you? Most guys that are just guys, don’t care for soccer either so your rant about Ann falls on deaf ears.

  79. Soccer is a simpleton’s game surrounded by an anti-American, anarchist, violent, and drunken third world mob. No wonder liberals feel right at home. It is their vision for America.

  80. I don’t know a single person that likes soccer. It is SO boring. The world cup hysteria is liberal media fueled only.

    • You dimwitted idiots think EVERYTHING you don’t like is some type of liberal conspiracy. Perhaps the tea party can investigate world cub fever for the next 4 years

  81. Michael, if Ann Coulter mocked soccer, she had her personal motivation. Similarly, Michael M. had his personal motivation for mocking Ann Coulter´s mocking soccer.
    Personally, I think soccer is a genuine sport and which, perhaps, has not become as criminalized as US football. Perhaps – .

    I´m no longer sure, however, since Uli Hoeness, president of the “Bavarian home team” in Germany was found by incometax sniffers to have hidden 400 million Euro in Swiss banks. Also interesting, is the magic that the States Atty General in Munich can perform. After “they” took the case on officially, two zeroes fell from the amount. Yet, worshippers of Hoeness and the home team think it was a foul blow to sentence him to prison. Others are wondering how he acquired almost half-a-billion dollars in personal bank accounts. Other income tax defrauders wonder why two zeroes were removed from the amount that sniffers uncovered ? Legality and law-bending – ?

    Thus far, no Penn State-type, pedophile case has been uncovered in soccer. Although, a few high-level German politicians were fingered by Canadian Mounties who were tracking a Western World-wide pedophile ring. Which pedophile ring was tracked to the US White House when George H. W. Bush was vice president in the 1980s. So soccer is no longer squeeky clean ?
    Is there a major sport that has not become criminalized via gambling, and related drugging due to the “gotta win” nonsense ? Even bicycle riding – – .

    I wonder, what was Ann Coulter´s motivation ?

  82. Oh, hell, man! You totally missed it! She’s pointing out just ANOTHER symptom of the wussification & dumbed down America! These same symptoms are relevant to the ,not only to the “importation” of soccer, but the total transformation of America , land of the frees & brave, into Amerika land of loosers & politically correct, “oh-me-so-smart” sissies. The real enemies of the USA are WITHIN the USA & Ann never misses a chance to ATTEMPT to awaken the huge number of dumbasses amongst us!

  83. Hey Mikey! I’ve been mocking soccer for 50 years, so what? You must be one of those thin skinned liberal PC, don’t hurt anyone’s feelings kind of guy. I guess I could just say “Cowboy Up”, but I’m not sure what your gender preference might be, so let me just say “UP!” Mikey.

  84. Just because soccer exists is a reason to mock it. Soccer is only fun to watch when little kids are playing it, and at least one of the kids on the field are offspring.

    Mr. Minkoff, you need to acquire yourself a sense of humor and quit taking yourself so seriously. Part of the art of writing is to inform while ENTERTAINING your readers. Complaining about others who do this well, while refusing to do it yourself, misses the mark by a longshot.

  85. Coulter’s columns are always well-written and well-conceived, unlike most of what I read here. Perhaps “Last Resistance” simply failed at getting her to sign on with it and is now jealous.

  86. Let’s call it what it really is: “The Rest of the World Cup”! Ann Coulter nailed it in her article. Soccer is to Football as Figure Skating is to Ice Hockey!

  87. Minkoff….report the truth!!! Why must you alibi and ignore the wrong doings of the liberal agenda. You are nothing more then a close-minded, baby-killing shill of the Democratic party and I have read your last piece of dribble.

  88. If you want to watch men struggle to score for 90 minutes (or more) take a group of republicans to a bar!

  89. Michael Minkoff is and always will be a “Small Ball” person regardless of the size of the balls. Ann Coulter is the opposite of the “Dumb Blond”. The one of the greatest moments of my life was when my kids came to me and told me they were sick of soccer. I would rather listen to a full hour of Roseanne Barr or Rosie O’Donnell pass gas for an hour than to watch five minutes of soccer.
    May 21,a total of 74 killed after a soccer game in Egypt,
    1964May 24, Lima, Peru: more than 300 soccer fans killed and over 500 injured during riot and panic following unpopular ruling by referee in Peru vs. Argentina soccer game. It is worst soccer disaster on record.1982Oct. 20, Moscow: according to Sovietsky Sport, as many as 340 died at Lenin Stadium when exiting soccer fans collided with returning fans after final goal was scored.2012Feb. 1, Port Said, Egypt: at least 73 people were killed in a fight between fans of rival teams at a soccer match. Security at the gates was questioned as fans used knives, clubs, and other weapons in the brawl.
    This is just a smidgen of the long list of Soccer matches that resulted in violence. Where places such as Detroit an Chicago have riots over basketball and football games nothing can compared to the thuggery and barbarian acts of soccer fans all over the world.
    We do not want this in the US

  90. Outstanding points on readers of this site. I am not part of its target audience, but read articles to understand where the right is coming from. I, too, see comments from people who don’t read the article. One case in point is a headline that screamed “Government to Force Churches to Perform Gay Marriages.” Given that this site is targeted to US readers, the natural assumption is that “government” referred to “US government”. And most people didn’t read down 8 paragraphs to find the author was talking about Denmark and its official state religion.

    I didn’t know that the money was made from people who clicked on these stories. I thought it was just to get e-mail addresses for fundraising. Now I understand the reasoning behind the misleading headlines.

  91. Soccer has traditionally been favored in 3rd world countries. You don’t need much in the way of equipment, and any open space can become a playing field. That being said, my youngest impressions of soccer are of Eurotrash soccer hooligans rioting, damaging property and killing each other. I’d rather my kids play baseball, croquet, basketball, just about any sport but soccer. If you’ve ever read the Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth series, you’d see a direct correlation between the sport in the books and soccer in our world. Both are a means of diversion and distraction, with addiction to the game being encouraged by those in power. I just think soccer is creepy.

  92. I hope people will get your meaning. It sounds like your complaining that you don’t get the reader response that you feel you deserve. Who cares about soccer when we are so close to meltdown in this country. A blog about a white teen girl being raped by a black man will draw more response than one about a political disection of the middle east. You insulted these readers with this. Piss off.

  93. The networks will grab onto and promote anything they can to attract followers (and their money). Since this country has a huge number of “sportsaholics” who will follow and spend huge amounts of money on anything remotely connected with sports, and they’ve discovered soccer as a pretty much untapped market, expect them to promo the hell out of it. When you break it down, almost all sports, except for baseball are basically the same game. One team is trying to get some various shape and size ball in onedirection, and the opposition is trying to go in the other. soccer, football, basketball, hockey, tennis, even badminton are essentially the same game, just in different forms. Baseball is the only one that’s different. I used to follow baseball, but after the free agent thing and the fact that about every time you watch your home team, you see a bunch of new faces and names you’ve never heard of before. Hard to maintain “team loyalty” when the team keeps changing! What will be the “next big thing”? LaCrosse?

  94. Soccer is the “game of the people” many of which have it as a National Sport; the only sport. Thus, not surprising that ALL Banana Republics and consumers, worship the sport and the guys who bite their way through it. In ancient Mexico, the Mayans played a sort of soccer wherein the losers were beheaded; NOW THAT IS A SERIOUS SPORT. Not the sort of bullshit where you play for 90 minutes and
    when you loose a game chances are you’ll still move up in the rankings. Sound like DC politics. Anne is often misunderstood; but mostly by the left wing morons that are now running the country, teaching Universities and a Media that puts PRAVDA to shame.

  95. I just went online to be sure Ann’s site got my click, and read her article. Now that was funny, and SO true! Just sayin’

  96. He state he avoids reading anything Ann Coulter writes. That probably explains why he has NO CLUE what she said. Ann’s article actually has little to do with soccer. It uses soccer as a foil to attack liberalism, because with the World Cup in progress, mentioning soccer in the headline was sure to attract attention. Now can someone tell me how to find the actual article?

  97. Boo hoo! Who cares about soccer? It is a distinctly un-American sport. The rest of the world is still trying to push it on us, but we won’t bite. Now, the progressives want us all on the soccer bandwagon in order to bring the world together under socialism. Soccer is boring. Period. The world can keep it. And they can take those dumb progressives right along with it.

  98. The love od “games” keeps us unknowlegable of the fascist who are stealing our liberty and freedoms. Focusing on these “games” does not unite us, but keeps is lacking in whom our enemies really are thereby dividing us and bringing us closer to enslavement and 0 balance bank accounts.

  99. The lady was joking, but too many of you are so invested in soccer that you end up getting your knickers in a bunch. Soccer is much less interesting than watching grass grow, because at least by watching the grass, you will see something happen. Why not try watching something more exciting, like watching turtles mate?

  100. michael minkoff is obviously a jagoff! Jealous of her noteriaty and her intellect as opposed to his liberal biased jackass type personality that reeks of need for his mental disorder meds!
    Hey jagoff minkoff get your cup of koolaid from obama drnk it with your meds and sleep it off!

  101. I clicked through to this non-article, so making a mockery must work. You say there is no good reason, then you cite one. Yep, you’re a REAL concientous journalist, unlike Coulter, Limbaugh, etc. Hahahahahaha. You biters got a lot of gall, but no stones.

  102. I’m in no way a Ann Coulter fan, but how can anyone do anything but mock “soccer”. I know lefties like it because they think it’s more international but really it has to be the only sport more boring than baseball.

  103. minkoff FU””OFF

    This is such a non-story it’s pathetic. Who really cares if someone mocks Soccer? I mock the NFL, NBA and the MLB all the time and I’m an out spoken Conservative. Where’s the HATE STORY on me? If this had been Joe Blow on the street not a single person would be discussing it. The fact that it’s Anne Coulter the leftwing nuts are up in arms. SAD TO BE YOU SH””HEADS, if this is the most important thing you have to write about. Who is stupid enough to pay you for this drivel? You’re a joke in my book!!

  104. Something else Ann Coulter knows nothing about. I suppose the soccer invasion will take the country down more easily than the invasion of illegals.

  105. Knock it off! Real men play with grenades, wrestle alligators, hunt bear with only their two hands. I invite any of you SISSIES to join me in my sports–WEENIES!

  106. I don’t think Coulter intended her comments on soccer to be taken seriously. She specializes more and more these days in “derision as entertainment”. Liberals are in favor of things European, and anything the Liberals like is the equivalent of a “Kick me!” sign to Coulter. The only trace of a serious subject I see in the whole thing is the reference to the metric system. I agree that our “English system” (which is, yes Ms. Coulter, what they call it), is easier to visualize. However, once adopted, the metrics would become easy to visualize with time. A yard is the length of a man’s belt??? Well, let’s see… when was the last time I wore a 36″ belt? 10th grade, maybe? In fact, it’s been quite awhile since a meter (approx. 40″) was the measure of my belt. An inch is 2 1/2 cm, a lb is 1/2 a kilogram minus 10%, and a kilogram is 2 lb plus 10%. So, on the metric system I must dissent from the obiter dicta of Our Lady of The Right. Otherwise, I still like tuning her in every now and then…. to quote Grandpa Simpson, she “angries up the blood”! Better than a shot of espresso!

  107. Soccer players are the “Drama Kings” of the sports world. Over the years, it’s become part of the game – a bad part of the game and I don’t watch it for that reason…

  108. The only persons, in the US, who are following soccer, are persons who’s grandfathers were Not Born in the US. It is not, nor has it ever been, of much interest to those of us who’s families have been resident American citizens for generations.

    Personally, I do not follow any kind of sports, at all. There are far too many more important things to be spending my time upon, like calling our elected representatives to task for their failures to follow our Laws, as laid out in the US Constitution.

    Games are for children.

    Just as a man becomes a man, when there is a need for him to do so, so too, will Americans, finally, give up wasting their time on games, when their whole world is crumbling about them, be wondering how it all came about so suddenly…? NOT !

  109. Ann nailed it.Its a surprise you wanted the people who read your trash to agree with you without seeing her must be a lib

  110. Soccer (football as Europeans call it), as a few other sports and music, is rooted in a culture. Americans have, until socialism has taken root, always despised European culture that went socialist before WWII. Because of their socialist bent, Europeans needed Americans to bleed heavily for them to deliver them from the clutches of Socialist Fascism being dispensed by the Nazis.

    Socialism is what godless societies and cultures turn to to elevate the worth of most of the members of their society who have lost value to their society due to the moral decay and low-bar value-system that godlessness propagates.

    Soccer is the sport of the socialists! Just like the Europeans (French in particular) would only act with their feet as their response to Hitler, so goes their sports.

    Ann Coulter has an excellent sensitivity to the worthlessness of European culture. They have capitulated to Muzzies til they have almost completed made Europe into part of their caliphate. They lied about George W Bush and Iraq’s WMDs, and wouldn’t help stop that maniac Saddam (exception: Great Britain for a while). Their socialist healthcare programs were almost completely dependent on the US free-market health system to create medical advances. But that, too, is something that we are to admire… we are to admire and replicate their failed healthcare system! Those that admire their failures love soccer, or are children that don’t know any better.

    Those that want to keep America as the last bastion of freedom for anyone in the world to have hope in hates soccer. It is the cultural icon of failure!

  111. I hate to tell you but I like Ann, Shane, and the rest of the ones on Fox News and they are the only ones who are telling the truth. I don’t think I will read what you have to say anymore. It sounds like you are becoming a Liberal. Ann Coulter probably had a reason to say about soccer. What difference does it make. I personally think what I read on your writing that you didn’t know alot about what you are talking about.

  112. I played left-in in varsity soccer for both high school and college with an overall team record of 12-3-3. I don’t play it any more. But that’s not the reason I agree with Coulter. When the lady’s got a point it’s difficult to argue with her especially one as kind to the eyes as Ann Coulter.

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