According to Leftists, UPS Ruined Christmas

UPS was late delivering some of your packages, and some of them didn’t make it in time for Christmas. The US Postal Service and at least this one leftist consider this a win:

Some people will blame the customer for waiting until the last minute to place their order, but the problems at UPS and Fed Ex illustrate why the Republican plan to kill the USPS would be a total disaster. As private companies, UPS and Fed Ex have no incentive to make sure that they have the amount of capacity needed to handle a last minute holiday flood of orders. Their main incentive is to maximize profit, not serve the public.


Both companies are blaming the weather for their inability to deliver as promised, but the United States Postal Service was able to deliver in time for Christmas, so the weather excuse appears to be a bit flimsy. If Republicans got their way, and the Postal Service was privatized, the horror stories from UPS and Fed Ex would become the norm for every American 365 days a year.

This is exactly the kind of stupid thinking leftists will be famous for when a more clear-headed future generation looks back at our epoch of mediocrity. There are at least two brainless misconceptions here:

One, it is UPS and Fed Ex that have the highest incentive to serve the public and get packages where they need to go on time. When they fail to meet customer expectations, they lose money, and they don’t have an unlimited purse to fall back on in hard times. Serving the public is maximizing profit and keeping their businesses afloat. If the US Postal Service straight up destroys one of my packages, ((Oh, you wanted that delivered in one piece? Should’ve bought insurance.)) that doesn’t mean they are any closer to going out of business. I have to use them for first-class mail, and the civil government just won’t let them die. So who really has the incentive to serve the public?

Which leads me to my second point. People use UPS and Fed Ex (a lot) because they generally do a good job. If the US Postal Service did a better job, customers would  use them instead. But the fact is, the USPS doesn’t do a very good job. They kind of suck actually.

Why do you think the US Postal Service was able to deliver by Christmas and Fed Ex and UPS were not? Because hardly anyone was sending packages through the US Postal Service, that’s why. Do you really think the USPS would have fared any better if they had been the ones responsible to deal with all that volume? Hardly.

I’m so sick of stupid.

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  1. The U.S. Postal Service said holiday volume jumped 19 percent over the same period last year so you really should get your facts straight.

    • Oh, of the postal service says that the postal service is doing fine, I guess we can take that to the bank. I guess they don’t take three times as long to deliver to my house as the slowest UPS shipping speed.

      I hear that Obama created a billion jobs last year, too.

    • That statistic is meaningless. Just as an example, if there were 5 packages sent last year and 6 this year, that would be a 20% increase. In fact, the lower the total number the year before, the higher percentage a relatively small increase appears to be. The USPS has tremendous excess capacity because, as public employee union members, they cannot be laid off or fired when the mail volume does not justify their continued employment.

  2. As for whose service sucks the worst depends on the competency and caring of the person delivering. From many personal experiences with all three, I now use USPS for parcels purchasing insurance as well as having delivery confirmation because it is cheaper than either UPS or FedEx.

    • I tend to prefer USPS over UPS since I live in a building with three units. UPS can find the other two apartments (next door and downstairs) but our apartment (second floor) is beyond them. After playing package tag with UPS three times about five or so years ago, I now request any shipments be sent through the mail.

      The other thing that I do when ordering online from companies that have brick and mortar facilities (Walmart, Target, Bob’s, Barnes and Noble) is using their store to store service. I ordered a DVD for my son on the 18th and picked it up at a nearby Walmart on the 20th. Best of all, no shipping charges.

      • Bob, after reading your response about Rachel Maddow and now this, I am convinced you have no grasp of grammar or the English language.

        For you to call other people uneducated and then use the word choose instead of chose, you’ve disclosed yourself as an idiot!

        Get out of the delusional state of mind in which you currentlu reside and grasp reality. Please, for the sake of everyone, just do it!!!

        • So in Bob’s haste an extra ‘o” was typed. Did you notice your spelling when you typed the word(?) ‘currentlu”? Don’t be so quick to demean others with words such as “idiot”. Can you not disagree in a manner using kindness?

          • I don’t believe that was the case at all. While I was typing on a smart phone, I see that an error was made in spelling. However, to use the incorrect word is something completely different.
            And, if you would like to go see his responses on the Rachel Maddow article, you will see what I am referencing.
            Thank you for pointing this out to me.

          • MainMan defends Bob the parasite.

            Check Bob’s avatar and previous posts, he is as low as one can go and still be sub-human.

    • Like all of ole barry’s Convenient Idiots who put up smoke screens to HIDE their WORST pres in history’s MESSES and FAILURES!

    • Nothing else they do or say makes any sense either, why would this be any different for these convenient idiots of ole barry and his Cronies! USPS a quasi gov’t MESS, ia typical of the MESS when gov’t gets involved where they have NO BUSINESS!!! Gov’t MESSES everything up they get involved with, look at ole barry’s MESSES, if you need proof!!

  3. UPS did not ruin anything, they are makeing there deliveries. Like Obama said about his health care. (PERIOD) they are getting there packages.just a different day so what did sonone die over this? you liberals are all the same.

      • Well, you know, they have to have sombody to look down on. Who better that the lowly, hard working delivery boy.
        They will never accept that the fact that any fault might be their own.

          • When people PAID for “Expedited Delivery before Christmas”, it was UPS’s responsibility to MAKE GOOD on such promises (or not offer the service in the first place)…. Sorry, folks– UPS DROPPED THE BALL THIS TIME!!!!

  4. My Christmas wasn’t ruined, but the fact is that UPS DID fail miserably this year. I just received a package today that was ordered in November, and my relatives are still waiting on some orders that were placed at the beginning of the month. And that’s not their only problem. A bottle of cologne that I sent to my sister earlier this year was broken in transit, and UPS denied my insurance claim because they said I didn’t pack it properly. I always thought bubble wrap was what you were supposed to use for fragile items. UPS doesn’t think so, apparently.

  5. LIke we don’t have more important matters to talk about.
    This one there are two entities at fault:
    1. People who order presents way, way too late – (common sense says they shouldn’t expect it on time).
    2. Big companies who offer last minute sales and promise delivery on time.
    Wake up to reality, we don’t live in a perfect world, shit happens. Get on with your lives, get a life.
    Quit blaming someone else when you are to blame.

    • If UPS made the promise and UPS didn’t deliver on that promise, why should it be the PURCHASER’S FAULT???? Perhaps UPS should not have made such a promise after a certain date — to knowingly take orders for which they could not deliver on is not something that any purchaser could have foreseen when they hit the “Order” button: no matter when the order was made….

      • People have to start using some common sense. It is Christmas, people order gifts. When people are stupid enough to order so close to Christmas, they get what they deserve. UPS, FedEx are run by people – they can’t predict how much mail there will be. The person ordering has to take as much responsibility for ordering TOO close to Christmas and accept the fact that if there is an overrun of mail, no entity can possibly deliver. People need to get real, quit blaming others – you are to blame. Order ahead of time and there wouldn’t be any problem. In other words quit crying you spoiled people and get on with your life and quit putting the blame on someone else when you are too blame.

  6. I suppose if the people who did the ordering would have done so earlier in the month then their packages would have been assured of arriving before Christmas. But then that would have required some planning on their part. However it is easier to blame others for your own short comings then to take responsibility. Liberals have taken blaming others to such a high level that I often stand back and marvel at the audacity of it all. And I am truly amazed at the unquestioned acceptance by others of the excuses.

  7. Go to a local usps facility and be prepared to be served by a snarky employee who would rather be doing anything else. No smile, no happy holidays (I assume they are forbidden to say Merry Christmas) and no “thank you”.

    UPS folks are usually friendly and always say thank you. Fed Ex is the Godiva Chocolate of the package business. FIVE STARS.

    • The USPS claims that they deliver to every address in the country–technically, that is true–except that there are a whole lot of address that happen to be a box in their building., About75% of them in my particular zip code.The Fed Ex guy and the UPS guy actually drive up to your house and deliver.

      • Guess usps made some BAD deals with their unions, huh? Must be a bunch of rich retired mailmen out in their bass boats now. Has usps changed over to 401K’s yet? At least for new hires? NO!

        • You are absolutely incorrect about new hires and 401(k)s: ever since January 1, 1984 they have been under FERS (Federal Employment Retirement System), not the old CSRS (Civil Service Retirement System):

          “FERS applies to:
          a. Employees whose initial career appointment was January 1, 1984, or later;
          b. Employees whose initial career appointment was prior to January 1, 1984, but who subsequently had a break in service of 366 days or more and had less than 5 years of creditable civilian service prior to January 1, 1987;
          c. Career employees who elected to be covered by FERS.
          FERS does not apply to:
          a. Noncareer employees;
          b. Employees who had 5 or more years of creditable civilian service under CSRS rules as of December 31, 1986, even though none of this service was covered by CSRS deductions (such as substitute rural carriers)
          unless they elect FERS coverage;
          c. Employees previously covered by CSRS who have a break in service of 365 days or less;
          d. Employees serving under appointments limited to 1 year or less; and
          e. Employees covered by another retirement system.”

          These people are also under the Thrift Savings Plan (the Federal equivalent of a 401[k]):

          “New Career Employees
          A career employee is eligible to make an election to begin contributing to TSP beginning with the second open season after the career appointment. An employee who is hired during an open season, but before the election period, has the current open season counted as one of the required two. For example:
          a. Career employees hired from January 1 through June 30 are first eligible to make an election during the open season from the following November 15 through January 31.
          b. Career employees hired from July 1 through December 31 are first eligible to make an election during the open season from the following May 15 through July 31.”

          From, the “Employer and Labor Relations Manual, September 2013, ELM 36, section 5: “Employee Benefits”). It’s a shame that you are incredulous as to the truth….

  8. Didn’t the Postal Service unhook themselves from Uncle Sam’s teat several years ago? About the time rates started a regular rise, and they said they could get along without US’s help? If so, that makes them less than a government service and more a private sort of enterprise…like UPS & FedEx.

    • The USPS only partially disconnected from the government Teat–Unfortunately, congress didn’t let go of their part in making rules and decisions for them, so eventually, the US taxpayer is going to pick up the USPS losses.

  9. Wait – according to a Greenpeace fundraising video, Santa Claus warned children that Christmas would be canceled due to global warming.

  10. Who really Cares any more WHAT “leftists think” about Anything…..

    To them, Christmas has nothing to do with the birth of Christ or peace on earth and goodwill. Leftists just look at it as a commercial holiday……

    The commercialism of Christmas is a bad idea that went viral. It takes away from the true meaning and dilutes the purpose.

    Let the liberals have their “festivus” and leave Christmas to the Real Christians who celebrate the birth of our Lord & Saviour….

  11. OK I have an opinion & I didn’t read the article. My Granddaughter was worried her package wouldn’t arrive on time. I hold the same philosophy as I did when I was a kid. It’s GREAT Christmas lasts longer that way,. I really enjoyed it as a kid, Don’t see any reason to change now.

  12. USPS lost a 3 ft high sump pump. Never could find it and I was out what I paid. They strung me along for 6 months during which time I lost the receipt.

    • A friend of mine in California sent her X-Mas card to me this year in NY, postmarked Dec. 13th. I got it on Christmas eve! 11 days to ship a card? Another time I sent toys to her kids Dec. 14th, USPS, it arrive in southern California Dec. 27th! After that I never used USPS to ship EVER again & tell others not to also! Kids want there presents on Christmas morning, Period! UPS & FedEx screwed up, they should have saturday deliveries in December!

  13. These people need to get over themselves! What a bunch of idiots. I’d like to see these fools work one month in UPS, it’s a butt-busting job, they have no clue.

  14. Nobody mentioned that the highly-inept U S Postal Service was subtlety brought in months ago to “help” UPS with deliveries.

    Adding a near – bankrupt governmental agency to a pretty healthy company like UPS signals a planned downfall of another private American enterprise.

    Just add one bit of this government’s evil will curse any American company.

    Liberals are having a field day with our way of life, from one small part of life to the big ones.

    With the three major and monumental actions of the government this week, why is it that there are so many wusses and cowards in the country?

    So many stupid ostriches …. What are we afraid of? If you’re on the correct side of the fence, then you KNOW you have NOTHING to fear.

    Our government has done a real number on the heads of the American PEOPLE.

    It’s time to start fighting back.

  15. “The Weather”? I suppose it was all that global warming stuff.

    Meanwhile, UPS that I know of and likely FedEx took extra steps to deliver on time, including in my case using air rather than ground. Ordered for myself, not a gift, on Sunday, expecting delivery by Thursday or Friday, but on Tuesday, much earlier than his usual schedule, my regular UPS guy delivered my package and the routing information on the label showed it had come by air.

    But show me the libtard that noticed the early deliveries. Eh?

    • Order in time? it should come across the entire country in one day, and if it doesn’t, watch out, you will get a pieceof my mind, is the attitude of the socialist. The do not know nor do they care, they expect special favors, their stuff delivered before others, if necessary to get it on time. In other words, shut up and do what you have to do, and expect no thanks, either, you are there to serve.

      • Next day? Sure, if you pay extra. Goes by air and is out for delivery next day.

        Standard shipping goes by road and takes as long as 6 days. Where I am, mostly comes on the third day from most shippers.

        You want it quick? Pay extra, and don’t complain.

        • Maybe these people DID pay extra– and these “next day air” orders STILL didn’t get there by two to three days after “the next day”…. As a result, those people who were shafted by UPS have a right to complain!

          • “Maybe” – “If”

            There is no evidence of this, and the gripers have no basis to complain.

  16. Why not accept personal responsibility and not wait until the last minute to place orders? Blame yourself for your lack of foresight and “spoiling” Christmas for your kids. Quit blaming others!

  17. Lefty Marxists (never let a crises go to waste) are always cheerleading for government programs. Most Marxists don’t even believe in Christ. Besides, part of the problem with ups this year is ups employees took off thanksgiving, the following Friday then the weekend. Then the bad weather set in. No wonder they were off to a slow start.

  18. A simple fix for this – do as I do DON’T WAIT ‘TILL THE LAST MINUTE!!!!!!!! I purchased all of my gifts online, and most of them were ordered before Thanksgiving. If you wait until the last minute, I don’t care who’s doing the delivery they will be late, so don’t be stupid, use that thing on your shoulders for something besides a hat rack and think about it, you cannot get a package from New York to California in the lenght of time it takes to drive to Walmart.

  19. Some facts: USPS priority mail and priority mail express both come with free insurance. Express has a guaranteed delivery day. Priority averages 2-3 delivery days. UPS and Fedex both pay USPS to deliver some of their packages. At Chrismas, thr office I work in delivered 7- 15 pallets full of their packages each day. USPS employees bust tail to get your packages delivered. We have people that came in even on Christmas day to get your gifts to you.The biggest detriment to USPS is being required to prefund future retirees health benefits to the tune of billions per year. No other agency has that same requirement by the government. And, while I can’t speak for all window employees, I smile, wish you Merry Christmas and don’t even get rude when the customers choose to be that way.

  20. We ordered on-line two weeks before Christmas and the packages were delivered within TWO days. Living in a very rural area, we receive excellent service from UPS. Don’t these people realize there was also severe weather? Didn’t they plan ahead knowing the last minute rush for purchasing and delivering packages? The “leftists” are typical dumb and dumber people!

  21. Of course, the post office should be run as efficiently and economically as possible, but it is grossly unfair to compare a government service to a commercial enterprise. The difference is in the words “service” and “commercial.”

    The primary function of the post office, as with other government services, such as the U.S. Public Health Service, is to provide service. The primary function of a commercial enterprise is to make a profit. Either one can be fairly criticized only if it doesn’t achieve its primary function.

    Does the U.S. Public Health Service, for example, have to show a profit just because doctors in private practice earn a great deal of profit? Yet, the post office is expected to show a profit because UPS does.

    The post office has always been an easy target, a politically safe target that antagonizes no one, for politicians trying to show fiscal responsibility when they otherwise don’t blink an eye at spending billions and billions of dollars on everything else.

    The only real result of all that political facade has been repeated cuts in service to the American people. Rural people, for example, have to do without a post office because a small post office or a post-office set-up in a local store is uneconomical. Twice-a-day delivery has been cut to once a day. No Saturday delivery is a certainty in the near future. And it may come to a point where, as in many other countries, there is no local delivery, with people being required to pick up their mail at the local post office.

    What is sad is that those same insincere politicians have convinced the American people that profit, not service, is the primary and obligatory requirement of the post office.

  22. The left always has to have something to complain about and someone to blame!!! But it’s never themselves!!! To quote Hillary – what difference, at this point, does it make???

    I consider that the leftists ruined Christmas because of Obamacare and the complete incompetence of that law and its rollout!!! They have instilled so much uncertainty for the future, for jobs, for healthcare, for taxing, for insurance, etc. but will they take responsibility for that??

  23. Both companies are blaming the weather for their inability to deliver as promised, but the United States Postal Service was able to deliver in time for Christmas,?????? WTF!!! this was from the report… I had a package that was guaranteed delivery by the 23rd FROM THE USPS didn’t get delivered till yesterday 3 DAYS LATE explain that one Mr story writer

  24. The lefties want to keep the post office going because they can CONTROL the post office.
    The fact of the matter is we need all three-UPS, Fed Ex, and the post office. This is called competition. Unfortunately for the private companies it is unfair competition because they do not receive government subsidies which taxpayers like me have to pay.

  25. As it is so reliable and preferred by the customers,UPS and Fedex were given the business. And, indeed, it was poor planning by the buyer to place orders at such a late date that any natural (weather) delay or any unnatural (high delivery load) delay would prevent the gift from arriving in time.

    Yep, it’s the consumers’ fault, Period.

  26. My mother had paid extra one year to have a package sent guaranteed 2 day delivery from the US Postal Service, it took 12 days to get to me (Missouri to California).

  27. Yep! To borrow from Bill Engvals, “Here’s your sign!”…all you Regressives [sic. After all, they want to REgress to an Empirical form of government which our forebears threw off in a little spat call the American Revolution. They’re so stupid, they think that is PROgress!]

  28. Yeah, those drag-butt union workers just had too much egg nog at the Xmas party down at the local union hall. Leftists turning on those rich union workers. Hmmm …

  29. If you want something for a certain occasion, you should not wait to the last minute to make the orders and then blame the delivery people. The blame is you own. Nobody will put everything else’s order, aside to get you your order in time.

  30. Maybe they should have ordered their Christmas presents a little earlier, you think? Oh, I’m sorry, that would take some commonsense! This covers both left and right sides!

  31. Never let a good crisis go to waste, even if you have to manufacture it. The left is desperate to change the narrative away from Obamacre. Don’t fall for their chicanery.

  32. UPS was coerced into partnering with the US Postal Service, if you don’t already know this.

    UPS only drops of their packages at your local post office where it SITS for numerous days. This is through some gov’t-flanged-up program called SURE-POST. It’s to keep the USPS from going under.

    Theory works great on paper but not in reality when you consider just WHO runs the Post Office!
    Bunch of lazy you-know-whats run the POst Office.

    Complain to UPS and tell them to quit using USPS for deliveries… It’s ruining UPS’s reputation which is not as good as FedEx. FedEx may cost a little more than UPS but they always get my stuff to me ONTIME, EVERY TIME.

  33. How stupid! We had packages come on the 26th also…and they were appreciated and liked just as well as if they came before Christmas. We Celebrated the birth of Jesus, had a great meal and had a beautiful time with friends and family all together! It was wonderful…..The best part of Christmas….and it didn’t have to be delivered Fed-Ex or UPS!

  34. I was shocked for the past couple weeks watching USPS delivering packages on Sundays and on Christmas. So don’t tell me they properly prepared, rather they adjusted to the situation avoiding too many late deliveries.

  35. When I heard it on the NEWS, that an Obama package with private
    family photos were delivered to someone, and that the someone was
    going to protect their privacy, I immediately was suspicious that this
    whole thing was designed to make UPS fail and look bad. How
    difficult is it to make a high-profile “problem” happen with Obama’s
    mailing? WHO is the person that the package was “accidentally”

    delivered to? What irregularities happened? WHY was it
    “reported” on the NEWS? This whole thing is actually not news-worthy
    in a media that isn’t in bed with a president who is systematically
    destroying businesses one at a time.

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