My name is Michael Minkoff, Jr. I am an author, editor, and producer. I’ve been writing poetry, fiction, non-fiction, lyrics, or blogs since I was eleven or so, to varying degrees of success. I co-founded The Nehemiah Foundation for Cultural Renewal in 2007 and Renew the Arts in 2016 to help the church recognize the importance of artists and art in our mission.

I, my well-suited wife, and our five children compose part of a cheerful communal living experiment in suburban north Georgia. That’s a fancy way of saying we live with my parents.

I’m using this blog to consolidate all of my various scribblings. I’ll use it to post articles on politics, musings on art and philosophy, works of poetry and fiction, and random things about my life.

Why there are no ads on this blog:

I hate internet ads. I don’t care that they support the current structure of the internet or that everybody else is using them to create revenue. I won’t ever allow them on any site I control. Ever. I’m willing to offer my content for free if the only alternative is soft porn, “weird new tricks,” and miracle cures. But if you like what I write and want to support it, you can always donate to Renew the Arts.

Why there are a bunch of political articles in the archives:

From 2012 until mid-February of 2016, I was being paid to write for a few political blogs mostly on political topics. Quitting that gig was one of the best decisions of my life. The articles I have written since don’t make me any money, but at least I’m free to write what I want. And I don’t have to look at trending political news stories anymore. I am quite sure this is currently adding years to my life.

After I quit my paid writing job, I started this website, and since I still technically owned all the work I had written for the years previous, I archived the nearly 1,000 political pieces here (without filtering them) for approximately three reasons:

1) I never wrote things I didn’t agree with, though I regularly wrote on topics or stories I wouldn’t otherwise have written on — and my tone often leaves a lot to be desired.

2) I wanted a constant reminder never to prostitute my faculties for money ever again. There are few things worth less than money, after all.

3) I was really happy with some of the articles, and some of my closest friends liked other articles, so I decided to just let them all be, tares and all.