A (Not So) New Debt Deal

Well, the Senate has finally hammered out a new debt deal to raise the debt ceiling and fund an increasingly non-essential government. So if the House passes the legislation, everything in Washington will be hunky dory. Except for one small detail overlooked by pretty much everyone in the Senate but Rand Paul: You can’t spend what you ain’t got. “Au contraire, Senator Paul,” says Washington, “we’ve been spending what we ain’t got for years.” ((Just so no one gets me wrong, I think we needed a plan to pay our debts and end the government “shutdown.” This debt deal attempts to address the latter without addressing the former. That’s stupid and irresponsible.))

This debt deal sets one thing in high relief: our political reality is quickly dispersing the illusory two-party fog. Usually we give different names to different things to distinguish them from one another. Some designations become redundant over time (like “scallions” and “green onions,” for example), while other single designations could use a few more distinctions (like “government”). In that line, Republican has become a synonym for Democrat. And both words are quickly becoming synonyms for “lying, greedy coward.” We have two names. We need only one.

And “Republican” needs to be better distinguished as well. There are maybe a handful of actual republicans left in the Republican party. Those who take the name and talk the talk but never walk the walk (the so-called RINOs) need to be called what they are. I will leave to your discretion the level of explicit language necessary for that new moniker.

Consider for a moment Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate minority leader from Kentucky (keep this state in mind), who spear-headed the most recent debt deal with Senate majority leader Harry Reid. I’m sure this is purely coincidental, but the deal ended up including an earmark worth a few billion dollars for a public works project in… wait for it… Kentucky. This Paducah dam project has been a little pet of McConnell’s for quite some time. So this debt deal smells suspiciously of bribes/compromise/selling out. In other words, this “new” debt deal smells suspiciously of Washington.

Japan has one party (the ridiculously named Liberal Democratic Party). There are factions within that party, but no one pretends that the factions are based on a disagreement of principles. These factions are all about a hierarchy of current power, and a bandwagoning to get more. Members of factions hitch their wagons to the people they think will be able to get and do more for them.

It’s beyond time we recognize that the American system is fundamentally no different. We don’t have two parties, with two platforms, operating from two distinct ideological and political frameworks. We have one party, with a couple of petty factions squabbling over who gets the biggest piece of the taxpayer’s pie.

And I for one think we should get rid of the whole lot. Don’t vote out the same for more of the same. Let’s actually say something worth saying come next election. Don’t let fear and guilt manipulation force your hand to the Republican side of the ballot box. Don’t vote for either party. Vote for men who have proven that they stand on principle and conviction.

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  1. We haven’t had a two party system since the GOP morphed from a once proud political party into a cult of religious KOOKS!

    • Of the two of us BOBBY, I’m NOT the one who thinks EVERYTHING in the Universe came from NOTHING (IMPOSSIBILITY), formed perfectly on it’s own into a masterfully designed plan (IMPOSSIBILITY), spawned DNA from inert matter (IMPOSSIBILITY) , and the evolved from primeval GOO into extremely complex life forms (IMPOSSIBILITY). All this without ONE shred of scientific FACT. For a mentally challenged individual like yourself that would mean: Something Demonstrable,Reproducible, Measurable, and Verifiable, THAT DEFINES THE WORD SCIENTIFIC.

      • Thomas, if you’re right then step up to the plate & prove ALL of science is wrong!! Fame, fortune & a Nobel prize await you if you can!

        • Through it’s own laws, science has proven the belief in Evolution to be false. Anyone ever hear of the laws of Thermodynamics? Also life has never been created in the laboratory from nothing. Nor have they been able to show that energy can come from nothing. Evolution like Creation has to be accepted by faith. As Sir Arthor Keith stated, “Evolution is unproved and unprovenable. We believe it because the only alternative is special creation.” You lose Bob but no one in the places of power in the scientific community will acknowledge it because they want people to believe a therom is a fact.

          Your choice, accept or reject.

          • Ralph, are you a complete moron? A common argument against biological evolution is that the theory contradicts the second law of thermodynamics. The second law says that disorder, or entropy, always increases or stays the same over time. How then can evolution produce more complex life forms over time? The answer is that the second law is only valid in closed systems with no external sources of energy. Since the Earth receives continual energy from the Sun, the second law does not apply. Do you sincerely believe that an uneducated dipshit like you could think of something that the brightest most educated people on the planet that have spent their entire life’s studying overlooked?

          • At the beginning of everything, there are no other sources of energy. Also where did this energy come from?

            Now where Biological evolution is concerned, there is none that would support Evolution. You cannot create life from nothing nor can life spontaneously form. Light, heat and radiation do not create life.

            Uneducated and a low word show your true IQ. As most that I’ve talked to that believe in Evolution as a fact, they do have Doctorates in science and some have several, they told me that they believe in the “fact” of Evolution because the only alternative is to believe that they are answerable to God and that God is the only alternative.

            Evolution is a Theorem not a fact. No matter which type you are talking about. Your language shows your mentality.

      • Because this nation needs an opposition party on the national level. The GOP is nothing more than a regional party that’s irrelevant in a general election.

  2. I wonder if McConnell is a member of the WHORE union? He proved he is a political whore by the buying of his support with about 3 billion dollars for his state.

    • If you mean a “total collapse” of the tea party (that’s already happened) if you man a “total collapse” of the GOP that IS inevitable & will happen in the midterms.

      • I see no evidence of your first hypothesis and no publication of your second speculation, but you can be sure the Republican Party is changing and when the young people find out what a fraud socialism is they will take a full quintile of voters from the Democratics, as they erroneously call themselves. Why don’t you tell us about your two great successes: East Germany and North Korea?

  3. It’s amazing how someone who thinks they are so smart and educated believes everything the Oblowhole says!

    Mr boob is a libeturd TROLL who was trained in a OWS camp and is probably financed by them. He obviosly formulated his views while under the influence of acid ….he is that messed up.

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    so…..your pro abortion? Go here…..


    Evolution Vs. God (For those who beleive in science)…..

    Go here to get straightened out after dealing with the twisted & delusional liberal reasoning of boob and his ilk of whom has been fed a lifetime of REVISIONIST history in Govt. schools by MARXIST teachers and a steady diet of NPR, MSNBC and worse)…..


    Both of these guys differ considerably on a NON ESSENTIAL….

    Young earth: http://www.answersingenesis.org/ (ken Ham)
    Old earth:http://www.reasons.org/ (Hugh Ross)

    For you skeptics of God as creator and those with either a “non-literal” (Gary DeMar) or a “Literal” end times eschatology a good place to start is here…..


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