Only 17% of Black Teens Live with Parents

The nuclear family has been in the midst of a core meltdown for sixty years. And it doesn’t look like it’s getting better. Just 17% of black teens (15–17) live with their parents. The number is higher for white teens, but still dismal:

— Just 17 percent of black teens live with their nuclear family, another all-time low and down from 38 percent in 1950.

— 54 percent of white kids aged 15-17 grew up with their biological family intact, a low point and down from 67 percent in 1950.

These numbers were realeased in a recent report by the Marriage and Religion Research Institute, and the main author of the report claimed to have some insight into why this has been happening:

Author Pat Fagan, director and senior fellow at MARRI, and former deputy assistant Secretary for Family and Social Policy at the Department of Health and Human Services, said traditional marriage is in trouble, and without it, kids are deprived.

“During the last century, many worked to change this by severing sexual intercourse and the begetting of children from marriage. This social experiment has failed,” he said.

Good luck reversing that. The sexual revolution has already become quite entrenched, no-fault divorce has made “working it out” less of a necessity, and perversion, porn, and self-centered, feeling-oriented definitions of love have largely destroyed the stable foundations of marriage.

But why would the situation with black teens and black families be so much worse? One of the cruelest compassions of the current system is the racist targeting of welfare disbursements. The black family has never been stronger than it was before LBJ’s Great Society began subsidizing fatherlessness, single motherhood, divorce, and sloth in the black community.

You want to save the traditional family in black communities? You have to destroy the welfare system that gives black fathers a free pass to abandon their children. And you have to get black churches to start preaching for real black liberty—divorce from the duplicitous federal government. I pray for this revolution in all of our communities.

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