113th Congress Will Not Vote on Immigration Reform

There are not enough legislative days left for the 113th Congress to decide anything about immigration reform. House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy told reporters that there just isn’t enough time for Congress to decide anything concerning the 11 million illegal immigrants currently living in the United States.

Depending on how this story spins, it could have disastrous results for either Republicans or Democrats. On one hand, President Obama garnered nearly 71% of Latino votes in the 2012 election, due in part to the widely-held assumption that his administration would make immigration reform a top priority.

Instead, Obama focused on healthcare reform, which we all know has been a marked and abysmal failure to date. This failure to uphold his promises could result in a Latino voter backlash against the Democratic Party in the mid-term elections.

But let’s not hold our breath. In the past, Obama has leveraged even his failures to consolidate his fan base. There are still many people who blame the failure of Obamacare, the government shutdown, and other leadership debacles on the intransigence of the Republican Party. Many believe that the Republican Party is so obsessed with making Obama look bad, that they would even ruin the country in their quest for justification.

Because of this largely misleading popular assumption, Obama’s successes are wholly to his credit, while his failures are laid squarely at the feet of the Republican party. And the dead-in-the-water immigration reform bill may be used as another knock against the impediments of partisan Republican politics.

On a related note, I’m for immigration reform. I don’t think that should include complete amnesty to illegal immigrants, but I do think the immigration policies of this country are absurdly complicated and gummed up with red tape. It should be relatively easy for a foreigner to gain citizenship if that is his desire. Right now, the legal morass surrounding immigration almost ensures that most of the people who end up staying in the United States will be people who don’t care much about the law of the land. People with a respect for the country are being turned out, and they dutifully comply. The effect is similar to gun control. According to the oft-recited refrain: If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. Similarly, if you make legal citizenship prohibitively difficult, the only immigrants who stay will be, of necessity, not law-abiding.

And, contrary to the opinion of disappointed Latino voters, Obama actually has been working on a real solution to immigration reform, though he and his administration may not realize it. He’s “fundamentally transforming” the United States, remember? So he won’t stop until our country is just like all the countries people currently want to escape. Immigrants have traditionally flocked to the United States as a land of freedom and opportunity. But if this administration accomplishes all of its plans, we will no longer be a country of freedom or opportunity, and we will therefore no longer have an immigration problem—because no one will want to come here. Problem solved. Thanks, Obama!

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  1. There are still many people who blame the failure of Obamacare, the government shutdown, and other leadership debacles on the intransigence of the Republican Party. Many believe that the Republican Party is so obsessed with making Obama look bad, that they would even ruin the country in their quest for justification.
    Read more at http://lastresistance.com/3723/113th-congress-will-vote-immigration-reform/#2MHxpDgp2f8xmgK8.99
    There are still many people who blame the failure of Obamacare, the government shutdown, and other leadership debacles on the intransigence of the Republican Party. Many believe that the Republican Party is so obsessed with making Obama look bad, that they would even ruin the country in their quest for justification.
    Read more at http://lastresistance.com/3723/113th-congress-will-vote-immigration-reform/#2MHxpDgp2f8xmgK8.99

    • Actually you’re wrong about that & if fact it was just the opposite. Of the 10 most educated states, measured by the percentage of residents over 25 years old who have a bachelor’s degree or higher, Obama swept all 10. Conversely, among the 10 least educated states, Obama lost 9 states. Obama also carried 8 of the Nation’s 10 Wealthiest Counties. The people that DIDN’T vote for Obama are the poorest most uneducated people living in the poorest states.

          • It tells us you urinate upon the beliefs of others with whom you disagree. So much for political correctness and demanding others not cause offense, eh you hypocritical libturd?

          • I’m an atheist so I don’t believe in ANY religion but are you going to try & tell me that the Christians on this site don’t piss on the Muslim faith?

          • Who really cares about the muslim faith they are not worth the consideration you worry about them they need people like you nonbelievers.

          • I don’t know if it’s exactly urinating upon but rather is probably drinking hissown pi……

          • That’s not true. Atheists believe in things that are beyond your comprehension. Things like reason, ethics, social justice and philosophical naturalism. We just reject religious dogma, supernaturalism, pseudoscience or superstition as the basis of morality and decision making

      • It proves the old adage that formal education is not equivalent to the value of common sense and thoughtful examination of qualifications.

        • Poor pitiful little scumbag homo TROLL, mrBlobby spends 20 hours a day on conservative blogs from down in his mommy’s basement. They had to put him down there because of the embarrasement when he would touch hisself in public when he saw, heard or heard of his god idol….obomnba

          He has often boasted of the $250K his trust fund blew on his art history certificate degree which took him 8 years at NYCC (community college). HE SOOOOSMAERT!!!! The only “economics” he knows is HOMONOMICS!!!!

      • Dear Mr Bob, sweety, you really should sit down and think about
        intelligence, knowledge, information, wisdom and common sense. Going to
        and graduating from a learning? institution only proves one can
        regurgitate that which the instructor wants you to regurgitate. It may
        in some instances indicate one has the ability to look things up in
        reference material. It rarely indicates the ability to think originally.
        What one gets in learning institutions is mostly indoctrination, and
        more frequently than not an indoctrination in left leaning doctrinaire
        and radical persuasion. The teaching of LOGIC and the application of
        same does not seem to be part of the curriculum these days. This is
        proven by your use of the black and white logic error in your
        statements. Don’t they teach syllogisms in school anymore? How to
        debate or discuss on the purely emotional level seems to be major field
        of endeavor these days.
        Back to your sitting down requirement. one
        can be intelligent, one can gain knowledge and information, but one who
        knows what is useful out of the mix is wise and the one who knows how to
        use the information and knowledge wisely so that it is successful in
        its application exhibits common sense. I never suggested education is
        bad just that it is mostly irrelevant. In business they tell you to
        forget the way of the higher institutions and do it their way and the
        results in the fields of education below college level and in social
        science prove that nothing taught in those fields works. Declining SAT
        scores and the increasing % of people who are in poverty are great
        testaments to the misuse of 15 TRILLION dollars by the experts in those
        The GOP is not anti-science never has been but it is
        anti-stupidity now take your time and mull this over slowly and rethink
        your statements. Thank you

        • If the GOP is not anti-science what would your definition of anti-science be? One hundred and thirty-one members of the Republican caucus deny the science behind climate change. A a majority of Republicans believe that “God created humans in present form within the last 10,000 years.” Potential presidents Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann see more evidence for creationism and intelligent design than they do for evolution. the Republican denial of science is the anti-intellectual populism that pervades much of the GOP.

          • Since the “GOP” is not a single person you are once again making a black-or-white logic fallacy. Many different “beliefs” make up the GOP. Beliefs are firmly held rational and non-rational value judgements resulting in positions which one can agree or disagree. In the case of religion, any religion, the only criteria of importance is whether that religion demands that all people be of the same “belief”. If it does then that religion is detrimental to peaceful pursuit of individual freedom or happiness. If it accepts other positions and beliefs that religion is in accord with the chaos called humanity. Diversity of positions is good for if we all thought and believed the exact same thing we would have a most boring and communistic life. give me diversity every time, be tolerant disagree to be sure but be tolerant we might all be created equal but we don’t evolve equally.
            As an aside don’t forget that over 70 members of the congress are card carrying members of the “Democratic Socialists of America” and are dedicated to the destruction of this Republic and its form of government, now there is a belief that is truly dangerous.

      • Thats Obamas base they all have their hands out the unions- illegals- corporations- and the poor and the -dumb and last but not least his muslim buddies.

      • Educated means nothing if you have no common sense and believe me there are hordes of educated idiots out there. Look no further than the a house and Senate. Remember the Rep. Who thought an island would tip over if we sent troops there? Just an example.

      • You just have this stupidity saved as favorites don’t you Boob. You post the same bull over and over day after day. You posted this same response verbatim to another story on thi site today and they actually pay you for this crap. Pretty good gig you got going copying and pasting the same junk over and over. Your conclusions here cannot be backed up with proof. 48% of college educated people who voted, voted for Romney and 50% for Obama. 60% of those making over $150,000.00 per year voted for Romney. That kind of blows your ignorant conclusion doesn’t it Boob?

  2. Many believe that resisting and blocking Obama’s dream programs will save this nation. I’m one of that many. The lifeboat of state is leaking and it’s already full with enough rowers and crew to move it and bail water. We don’t need any more liabilities.

  3. You dont seem to know what you are talking about. If indeed that todays Immigration Laws are “So gummed up with red tape” as you say then why is it that every foreign tom dick and harry are showing up in these United States? Youre mistaken when you state that it should be easy if a foreigner wants to gain citizenship if they want to. The part of the process that you overlook is that of assimilation — If you are accustomed to receiving everything handed to you – including citizenship why bother to come to the USA? One is less apt to shed their former flag, country, values and core beliefs and remain a foreigner in a strange land. The process of naturalizing takes time so that the country will not suffer an onslaught of loser, two faced dual citizenship turncoats such as the southern US border sees on a day to day basis.
    You want to Naturalize and become an American then one will go through the process. How many people are breaking the door s down to become Russian, Iranian, Iraqi, Mexican or Cuban citizens? Not many is my bet and that is because coming to America in spite of the a$$hat in the white house is still valuable to day to the soul and spirit – that is why folks travel here. Take your simplification of red tape to a communist country where it belongs — There are American laws and just because you have an opinion about these laws doesnt mean anyone should listen. You obviously do not have a stake in being here yourself but dont try to dilute my citizenship because of your crappy “beliefs” I didnt ask to hear what you believe and you believe very wrongly. Immigration laws are strict for a reason and if you cant respect that at least those willing to genuinely become American can! Immediate Deportation for all illegals that is the law! Dont like it lump it

  4. I agree with many experts who state there should be a moratorium placed on all immigration for a period of at least 5 years. Our entire system must be wiped out, restructured, and then implemented in a manner that includes severe consequences for anyone violating laws and outlines specific criteria for those we allow to enter based on their ability to contribute to this country.

    Currently we import poverty and the lawlessness and corruption that is rampant among elected/appointed officials is turning our country into a clone of the third world countries the illegal aliens left behind before invading ours.

  5. Why are the republicans concerned with the Hispanic vote so much that they fail to represent the largest voting block that of the lower and middle class, lead by the LIAR Rubio they are willing to turn us into third world wage earners for campaign money. They were given the gift of that vote but chose to leave it unopened and instead come up with a plan to bring an additional 33 million new workers to take our jobs and force us into even bigger pay cuts.
    The write wants reform that will allow anyone to come that is willing to take our jobs so that Soros and Zuckerberg can gain additional billions, WONDERFUL for them GOOD BYE America.
    He failed to look at the history of immigration and the effects it is having on us now. Between the years of 1890 and 1950 we allowed only 24 million immigrants, during that time we won two world wars and built the greatest economy ever a middle class was created and flourished with all prospering. In the mid sixties the limit on immigration was raised to over a million per year and we granted seven amnesties, today our labor market is so flooded with foreign workers that over 70% of new jobs are part time with no benefits forcing us to work two or three jobs just to survive with the middle class very rapidly disappearing. The CBO report that we can expect even worse if reform is passed.
    Consider that S 744 will allow at least 33 million new workers in the next ten years with amnesty and reform that will double immigrant numbers and worker visa numbers that is equal to the total population of Canada and one and a half times that of Australia, two countries similar to America in size and type of government. I have visited both countries and have friends and family in both. Both countries have a growing economy with all prospering and both have very strict immigration laws based on education and job skills with strong enforcement. Both countries seem to have people in their government who cares about their citizens and the future of their country instead of those like the LIAR Rubio who only represents those with money like his best bud Zuckerberg.
    Republicans can chose to go after the Hispanic vote or they can go for the lower and middle class vote but to get mine there will pass only security and enforcement immigration laws.

  6. The author of this article apparently thinks that anyone and everyone who wants to come to the US should be allowed to do so. Why even have immigration laws then?

  7. We have had the laws regarding immigration on record for years. My father and mothers grandparents followed the law so why can’t others? What about the student visas and the missing ones that “disappeared” after entry? What about those crossing our borders who upon the first footprint on American soil becomes a lawbreaker? What about the American citizens who gave been forced to pay them freebies that take food, money and jobs away from the law abiding populace. Logic vs emotion. Yes its sad that 11the million could be deported but logic says they should’ve thought it out with suffering the consequences of THEIR ACTIONS! And yes, of course, its all about the children who are innocent. I respond that one good law wont revoke a bad law that still is being dealt with. Abortion. Those babies who were the silent citizens of USA never had their rights defended so adamently by the House or Senate. Thank God that it is the individual states who are overthrowing that evil.

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